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Phcyber Gaming Champion

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Congratulations to Monay Esports Team for winning our PhCyber Gaming Mobile Legends Tournament



Monay Esports

IGN Leader: KA RL
IGN Members/ IGN ID:
1. shroud | ID: 37970557
2. (BIG BOSS) | ID: 51328646
3. @kihiro | ID: 328870599
4. Jherald Prado| ID: 180371255


They've already received their prizes:


- 1,000 Php
- 30 Days private account (each players)
- 500 C-Coins (each players)


Congratulations  as well to their supporter who vote for them




@radskie63 - will received 500 C-Coins and 30 days Premium account please kindly PM me to claim your prizes




Thank you everyone!


Stay tuned for next tournament! Live replay will be posted by @Madpro



PhCyner Admin



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