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Earn C - C O I N S - Faster & Phcyber Account Ranking Booster [repost]

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PhCyber Point System Rules:

1 Post = 1 C-Coin.

1 Config Post = 2 C-Coins.

1 Payload Post = 2 C-Coins.

1 Introduction Post = 5 C-Coins.

1 E-book Post = 5 C-Coins.

1 Scripts Inquiries Best Answer = 10 C-Coins.

1 Scripts Posts(HTML, CSS,Javascript etc..) = 2 C-Coins.

1 Source Codes Post = 20 C-Coins.

Per Reply to Source Codes Post = 5 C-Coins to Author.

1 Best Answer/Reply = 10 C-Coins.


Other C-Coins will be given to those who always contribute to our forum.


Note: Please follow the rules of our forum, if you post/reply only to spam we will deduct C-Coins in your account.


Deduction Rules:

More than 2 inappropriate reply in topic = -2 C-Coins.

Posting in wrong section = -2 C-Coins.

Posting Topic to Spam = -5 C-Coins.

Not following forum Rules = -10 C-Coins.


Note: Your Post will be deleted and it will automatically deduct 1 C-Coins from your post + Moderators will deduct according to your violation.

Example if you post in Config Section you will given 2 C-Coins, but if we found out you (Spam) your post we will delete your post and automatically ban your account.


credits to PHCYBER and to original poster/cofounder- @SoulCollect


original link here

For Members Only. Check this link for more info https://phcyber.com/topic/1703-phcyber-ranking/


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