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Demetrio Barrozo Dela Rosa Jr.

SSH ,SSL VNP config account

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VNP account ..
pamigay kasi nagkalat
sa Note apps
ang dami na di
magamit ..

May nêtflïx server na jan
XPLORE nyo nalamang ??

Host IP : ca.jetssh.com
Username : jetssh.com-aasiha
Password : baawal76
Created on : 01-April-2019
Expired on 08-April-2019.

Username SSH :

Password SSH :

Host IP Addr :

Date Created : 01-April-2019
Date Expired : 04-April-2019

Username: paanatos-freevpn.us
Password: bagangast45
Hostname: x-usa1.sshservers.us
Dropbear Port: 443, 80
Created Date: 2019-03-31
Expired Date: 2019-04-07
Your Key: IbSPIpHFA

Username : speedssh.com-paayosi
Password : palaanoi28
Host IP : us.ssl.speedssh.com
Created on : 30-March-2019
Account will expire on 06-April-2019.

Username: oowwraj-vpnssh.net
Password: banaga23
Ip Address: sg-1.vpnssh.net
Dropbear: 443
OpenSSH: 22
Squid: 80, 8080, 3128
Exp: 05-04-2019

IP: D1.goodssh.xyz 
Username: Goodssh.com-paasinu
Password: basahan74
Dropbear Port:442,80
OpenSsh Port:22/TCP1194
Expire Date->2019-04-01

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Host: sg5.serverssl.us
SSL/TLS Port: 443, 80
Support: SSL/TLS KPN
Username: freesslvpn.us-arrow
Password: arrow123

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By the way sir yong netflix ba free oh my cc point kaylangan thanks ?

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