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How To Use A Phone As Keyboard For Laptop | Easy Method

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Users can use Phone as Keyboard for laptop. You can use any type of Android Phone or any other Phone to type on Windows PC/Laptop. Users can write on their Windows 10, 8.1, 8 or any Windows OS.


Most of us have to do a lot of typing on our laptops. We have to stick our head on the keyboard. When we are done typing then our neck starts paining. Have you ever faced that? You could lay down on your bed or sit on the couch and use your mobile phone to type on your keyboard as a remote access device? Yeah, I know it is very exciting to follow up. I know it sounds very tough but trusts me that it is very easy to do so. Users can even control Android from PC remotely.


How to Use Phone as Keyboard For Laptop

In the previous paragraph, you guys heard me saying that you can use the phone as a keyboard for a laptop. But, what if I say that you can not only use the phone as a keyboard for a laptop. But, can even use your phone as a mouse, keyboard, file manager app, desktop screen and many more for the laptop. Yes, definitely it is possible to use your phone as a complete remote access device that can control your laptop. If you want to control PC from iPhone then it is also an easy method.

This can be easily done by a very famous application called Unified Remote. Almost every feature of this app is free to use. Not even that, the app is very light weighted and uses very fewer resources to make your phone remote access controller of your laptop. To help you out in order to use it here is a method for that.


        1. Get the 

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  application on your laptop and mobile phone.

        2. Now, open it on your laptop and mobile phone.

        3. Then, on the mobile phone click on the Search device.

        4. After that, click on your device name.

        5. Now, you will be able to see the screen as mentioned.



        6. Select the appropriate option which you would like to use such as mouse or keyboard.

        7. Use the instruction as stated in the app.

        8. That’s it. You are ready to go.



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