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Referral, Commission, Affiliate Links Forum Rules

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Referral, Commission, Affiliate Links Forum Rules


This section is a hub for referral, commission, or affiliate links.
All affiliate & referral links must be posted only within this section, posting them elsewhere on the forum is not permitted.


  • PhCyber is not responsible for any of the referral links posted or promoted here.
  • Users are responsible for their own safety and security on any link they choose to click on, or external site they wish to engage with.
  • Thread title/content must reflect what the referral is for.
  • Do not link to malicious, illegal, or adult/explicit/objectionable material.
  • Commission/Affiliate download link is NOT allowed.
  • Referral links posted outside this forum section will be deleted.
  • No pyramiding scheme.


Always use "REPORT" button when needed, and I'll make sure to give you C-Coins for all valid reported users.



Thank you.

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