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Sms Phone Details

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package com.smsphonedetails

import android.os.Bundle;  

import android.app.Activity;  

import android.content.Context;  

import android.telephony.TelephonyManager;  

import android.view.Menu;  

import android.widget.TextView;  


public class MainActivity extends Activity {  

   TextView textView1;  


    protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {  






        //Calling the methods of TelephonyManager the returns the information  

        String IMEINumber=tm.getDeviceId();  

        String subscriberID=tm.getDeviceId();  

        String SIMSerialNumber=tm.getSimSerialNumber();  

        String networkCountryISO=tm.getNetworkCountryIso();  

        String SIMCountryISO=tm.getSimCountryIso();  

        String softwareVersion=tm.getDeviceSoftwareVersion();  

        String voiceMailNumber=tm.getVoiceMailNumber();  



        String info="Phone Details:\n";  

        info+="\n IMEI Number:"+IMEINumber;  

        info+="\n SubscriberID:"+subscriberID;  

        info+="\n Sim Serial Number:"+SIMSerialNumber;  

        info+="\n Network Country ISO:"+networkCountryISO;  

        info+="\n SIM Country ISO:"+SIMCountryISO;  

        info+="\n Software Version:"+softwareVersion;  

        info+="\n Voice Mail Number:"+voiceMailNumber;  

        info+="\n Phone Network Type:"+strphoneType;  

        info+="\n In Roaming? :"+isRoaming;  


        textView1.setText(info);//displaying the information in the textView  










//Android Manifest

// <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE"/>   

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