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To All Youtubers: Win Prizes

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To all Youtubers: Promote PhCyber

  • Requirements:
    • more than 1k subscribers
    • Promote PhCyber VPN, Web & Tech Forum via a Youtube Video.
    • Video content must not include any other topic aside from PhCyber Forum, PhCyber tunnel and PhCyber VPN PRO.
    • Video is at least 2 minutes long.


  • What you will get:
    • 500 C-Coins
    • Free copy PhCyber VPN PRO from Playstore
    • VIP Membership for 1 Month


  • Procedures:
    • Post the Video on youtube.
    • Post a link of the video in the forum (Youtuber Lounge Section) -> link: https://phcyber.com/forum/24-youtuber-lounge/
    • Use this as the Title: "Name of Youtube Channel Here" : PhCyber Youtube Promotion
      • Example: MyChannel VPN : PhCyber Youtube Promotion
    • Message me using our message system: https://phcyber.com/profile/1-cyber using the following format:
      • Title: Youtube Promotion
        • Message: Paste link of the video from youtube and youtuber Lounge.
    • When All procedures are completed, wait for my reply to give you the prizes.


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