Avast Premier Installer With Key

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AVAST Premier Installer with Key




1. (internet connection is required..)

Proceed to the Official Avast Premier Website—



For Members Only. Check this link for more info

(TEXTBIN PASSWORD: thisisnottrue91)


Download and install the trial. If you already have the Software, you may proceed to Step 2.

2. (internet connection is still required..)


Open Avast Premier and click Menu on the upper right. Then click My licenses and select Enter valid activation code. Enter the product key you received.

To activate Avast Clean Up, under licenses tab, click Avast Clean Up - Activate and Install.


3. For problems during installation, do not hesitate to contact us here, and we will surely resolve any issues related to the software installation, product key validation, and product key activation.

Important: Avast Clean Up might not work if you do have other Cleaner/Anti Virus that is currently installed. e.g., AVG, CCleaner, etc.


4. Default Warranty: 7 Days

Activate your lifetime warranty period by support


P.S. VPN Secureline, Driver Updater is not included in the package.

Please note that don’t bother if you see any incorrect expiration date, because it should renew automatically. Kindly contact us if you encountered any problem.


-PM me for the serial key ? this is good for 5 only.



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