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Fate/stay Night: Heaven's Feel 1-2 + Extras 1080p Bluray X265 10bit

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Hello guys! esp. to all the Anime fan here, I wanted to share one of my fave movie series.. hope you guys like it ?



Fate/Stay Night Heaven's Feel I (2017) 
Movie adaptation of the third route of Fate/Stay Night.

1080p BluRay x265 10bit DUAL AUDIO 5.1 SAMPA [QxR] (2.93 GB) + Extras 




For Members Only. Register here https://phcyber.com/register



Fate/Stay Night: Heaven's Feel II (2019) 
The story focuses on the Holy Grail War and explores the relationship between Shirou Emiya and Sakura Matou, two teenagers participating in this conflict. The story continues immediately from Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel I. presage flower, following Shirou as he continues to participate in the Holy Grail War even after being eliminated as a master.

1080p BluRay x265 10bit JPN AC3 5.1 SAMPA [QxR] (2.62 GB) + EXTRAS


For Members Only. Register here https://phcyber.com/register


I'll post more soon.. so stay updated ^^



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