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Found 5 results

  1. What you’ll learn Create JSON objects Consume JSON data from server Create nested JSON objects Create JSON objects with Arrays Requirements Basics of Internet Basics of Browsers Description This course is for anyone who is interested in quickly learning JSON & it’s power to utilize it in Web Development. Currently no web site or Web Service exist which do not use the JSON. This course will give you the strong basic understanding of JSON using practical implementation on-screen & help you implement it in your web development project. I designed this course for anyone including non-technical person. SO if you are not a developer and still interested in learning about the JSOn & see how it works then this course is for you. Here we will start from zero & go to higher level very quickly. You don’t need multiple hours long course to learn JSON. This course will make you strong enough for the interviews, your college of office projects, your freelancing projects to build basic & complex Web Services & applications. Who this course is for: Anyone who wants to learn JSON Anyone who wants to learn Web development using JSON Anyone who wants to develop or consume web services using JSON
  2. This course includes 2 hours on-demand video 1 article Full lifetime access Access on mobile and TV Certificate of Completion What you'll learn Create a Shopify Store Add themes and add apps Set up dropshipping business REDEEM COUPON
  3. What you'll learn Understand the concept of programming in C Start building your C programs Printing your program on screen Perform some mathematical or arithmetical operations. Requirements A computer Must know how to use a computer Readiness to learn A compiler and editor Description C programming language is a programming language that prepares the student for other programming languages. Who this course is for: Students who want to learn programming and software development should take this course. This program is intended for students to learn to build and understand the C program REDEEM COUPON
  4. Requirements A basic understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Description If you would like to master JavaScript and get started as a full-stack web developer, you are going to LOVE this course! Learn full-stack JavaScript development working on coding projects using ReactJS, NodeJS, LoopbackJS, Redux, Material-UI and socket programming. We will work on the following 3 coding projects in this course: Calculator Application - We will go over the basics of what React is, how to create components and how to work within the React life-cycle. Weblog - We will build a feature rich blog app using React and LoopbackJS. We will begin to explore the full-stack elements of JavaScript by coding our own REST API, and how the front and back-end can communicate with each other. Chat Application - We will explore socket programming. With a web socket you can keep clients connected on the server side. We will program a chat app where you can create a user account, add other users and then message back and forth with them. This course was designed for students who have a basic understanding of front-end web development. It will be helpful if you know how to use HTML and CSS. A basic understanding of JavaScript is not required, but it will help you get up to speed with the tutorials. All of the lectures are downloadable for offline viewing. English captions are available within the course. Who this course is for: Web development students interested in mastering JavaScript. REDEEM COUPON
  5. What you’ll learn How to work with SESSIONS How to work with COOKIES How to work with GET and POST Method New user sign up User login Email verification (Confirmation) Forgot password (Password Recovery) Remember me (Keep me logged in) Security (Password Hashing, MySQL Injection) Implementing Google reCaptcha (I’M NOT A ROBOT) This link valid for 20 minutes Link expired and more Requirements A computer Little PHP knowledge Little HTML knowledge Description Welcome to “Secured Login Registration System in PHP” course. This is a course for building complete login registration system with all the basics concept. Learn how to implement login registration functionality on your working project. We will cover all the major things behind login registration system. Learn how to implement google recaptcha in your code. Section 1 : Introduction Intro and setup Section 2 : GET and POST super global Learn the basics of GET and POST super global Section 3: COOKIES and SESSIONS How to work with session and cookie Section 4: Sign Up Creating DATABASE Connection, SQL Injection, PASSWORD HASHING, regular expression (REGEX), Input field validation and more Section 5: Implementing Google reCaptcha I’M NOT A ROBOT in sign up page How to implement google reCaptcha I’m not a robot using google API Section 6: Email confirmation How to send email, email confirmation/verification Section 7: Extra feature for Sign Up User name not available, email exists Section 8: Login Login functionality Section: 9: Extra feature for login New way to verify unverified during login Section 10: Forgot password How to change user their password if they forgot or want to change Section 11: Remember me If user close/shutdown their browser after login with remember me checkbox checked, mark them as login user in the browser perspective Section 12: Conclusion Last word PHP is one of the most used language to build websites. Biggest tech company like Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia using PHP. We will be build an amazing project from complete scratch, you will learn all the things need to implement login registration system. This is a real world project. Who this course is for: Who want to learn secured login registration system Want to learn basics concept behind login registration system REDEEM COUPON
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