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  1. Good day everyone Madami na suguro marunong gumawa dito ng ehi This thread will guide all newbie or to those vpn users who are willing to learn how to create there own ehi Make this as your stepping stone ? Welcome to VPN world where everything is free Let's start Requirements: Http injector: search sa playstore Ssh account: [Hidden Content] Host to i.p: [Hidden Content] 1. Open Http Injector 2. Tap on 3 dot sign located on upper right side pane 3. Tap clear setting/data 4. Then tap on Yes 5. Create SSH account: link above 6. Once on page tap on Create account now 7. Select server (recom. Singapore) 8. Log in to facebook if you want to have 30 days active server 9. Tale note of your account details after 10. Convert host to i.p (link above) 11. Copy server: id1.sshmax.net and paste it to host name on converter website then tap on find ip adress 12. Take down note IP address ( 13. Go back to Http Injector 14. Tap on menu or the 3 horizontal line located at the upper left part of the screen then select SSH setting 15. Enter SSH host ( 16. Enter SSH port (442) 17. Enter your SSH username and Password 18. Go back to main screen tap the menu or 3 horizontal line then select payload generator 19. Check back, online, forward, keep alive 20. Enter this payload [Hidden Content] on host/url 21. Tap generate payload 22. Pwede nyo gayahin payload ko see pic below 23. Edit remote proxy to your i.p port is 8080 24. Click start button 25. Done! Questions? Comment lang sa baba Sorry guys kung hindi na ako nakakapag update ng ehi medyo busy sa pag moderator ng forum naten hehehe Wait nyo din tutorial ko for ovpn, ktr, and ssr. Don't forget to react, follow and feed back!
  2. Computer programmer plays a very important role in making Applications, Games, Operating Systems, etc related to the Software and nowadays tech companies are hiring skilled programmers to improve the technology. Becoming a computer programmer open lots of opportunity in the Job field such as Software Engineer, Programmer, Data Scientist, Web-Developer, Project Manager, etc. Since programming is a trendy and futuristic topic nowadays that’s why most people want to explore this field and want to know how to become a programmer?. So I'm sharing this article especially for those peoples who really want to become a programmer. But wait, before going to the actual topic, there are some terms like what is programming? and coding? , What is a programming language? that should be cleared out. After clearing the above terms we will understand: What does a computer programmer do? How to become a programmer? Which programming language is suitable for you? What are the opportunities for programmers? What Is Programming & Coding? Lots of programmers confused between two terms: Programming and Coding. Defining a solution to a problem (with all details) is called Programming whereas writing codes (with the help of all details) in one or more than one programming language is called coding . There are some more topics in programming like functional programming , competitive programming , etc which we will cover later. What Is A Programming Language? Since our modern digital devices such as computers, mobile phones, printers, etc which understand the only machine language which is 0,1, It becomes too much hard to write a program in machine language that’s why computer scientists designed the programming language. Unlike any other language, A programming language is a high-level language that is used to communicate with the machine level language. We write the source code in various programming languages that are compiled or interpreted into machine language. Every programming languages have some pre-defined syntaxes such as Identifier, Data-types, which is the basic building block of a programming language. There are multiples programming languages for various purposes but they have categorized in mainly two parts Compiled programming language (such as C language) and Interpreted programming language (Java, Python, C#, C++, etc). Now we’ve cleared the terms that you should know before becoming a computer programmer. The next terms are more important: What Does A Computer Programmer Do? A computer programmer does software/apps building, games building, web-designing by writing, testing and debugging the thousands of lines of codes. There are several types of programmer in computer programmer’s fields but mainly there are three types of programmers: Front-end developer Back-end developer Full-stack developer Front-end developers mainly interact with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Jquery to develop the websites. How a website looks (including layout, header, colors, sidebar, etc) from the front/user side is managed by front-end programmers. Whereas Back-end developers interact with server-side programming using C++, Java, Python, etc programming languages. And the combination of both front-end and back-end developers is called Full-stack developers . How To Become A Programmer? Since this is our main section of the article it’s going to be a little long, don’t worry it’s not going to be boring. Being a programmer is a hot job nowadays but at the learning phase, you can face difficulties that’s why it’s better to take advice and some tips and tricks to become a good programmer without facing lots of difficulties. I’m adding some steps to become a programmer in an easy way Choose A Programming Language According To Your Goal I said, choose a programming language according to your goal. It means at the first step you’ve to choose your goal among front-end, back-end or full-stack developers. If your goal is to become a web developer, you’ve to learn HTML, CSS, JavaSript, Jquery. But in case if your goal is to build apps/games, you may be confused between multiple programming languages like Java, Python, C#, swift but I would suggest you learn C# for desktop app building and choose Java to build android apps. Note: Never learn multiple programming languages at once. Stick with one programming language. Otherwise, you will be frustrated. Don’t Skip The Basic I’ve seen many beginner programmers who have skipped the basics of a programming language like functions and it’s type, how to call a function, data types, etc and they faced much trouble to create even a simple program. That’s why I am telling you don’t skip the building blocks of a programming language. Practice A Lot! This section is very important to learn a programming language completely from scratch. Practice! Practice! and more Practice! will make you a better programmer one day. Do at least 4-8 hours of coding in a day to master a programming language within a certain period. Don’t be sad when you get an error, always play with errors because once you are familiar with all types of errors it will be a lot more helpful while debugging. Do Projects You can find too many projects for yourself from Google 5. Start from basic projects like building a simple snake, tic-tac-toe games, etc. Once you’re done with basic projects, do some harder projects like participating in open source projects. Participate In Coding Bootcamps Or Online Coding Exams Always participate in coding boot camps, It will let you improve your coding skills as well check your own coding skills. If somehow you’re unable to participate in coding boot camps, use Coderbyte 7, Topcoder 3, HackerRank 4, websites. These websites provide an online coding facility in free that is really awesome for beginners. What Are The Opportunities For Programmers? Once you’ve learned a programming language, it opens lots of opportunities, jobs, offers for you. Read this article to know more. These are some great jobs for a computer programmer Software Application Developer Web developer Computer programmer Technical program manager Hacking (for this you’ve read some more) Android/iOS app developer Data scientist If you are not getting jobs after learning a programming language, I would suggest you improve yourself by learning it more. You will definitely get success one day. In case you don’t want to do a job, A programmer can earn money online without a job. these are: Design template for websites: You can design and create templates as a front-end programmer and sell it online at your own price. Open a Youtube channel: Open a Youtube channel and share the knowledge and experience. Through a website Open a Coaching center: Open coaching and teach students offline. Participate in coding contests, etc. ENJOY & HAPPY LEARNING!
  3. Para sa mga nag tatanong dyan kung papaano tayo makakaconnect sa evozi servers. (Http Injector) Panoorin nyo ang buong Video. Nasa description po ng video ang payload na ginagamit ko. Watch Here! CLICK HERE TO WATCH! Follow and subscribe me! Facebook Profile (Jan Reil Romero Daguil) [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Facebook Page (JHANZ TECH VPN) [Hidden Content] Telegram Channel (JHANZ TECH VPN) [Hidden Content] YouTube Channel (JHANZ TECH TV) [Hidden Content] [ My•PROFILE ] [Hidden Content] Download my VPN Apps! [JHANZ•TECH VPN] [Hidden Content] [JHANZ•TECH INJECT] [Hidden Content] [JHANZ•PRO SSH/SSL] [Hidden Content]
  4. We’ve been on the internet for almost 35 years, yet we still haven’t learned our lesson about online passwords. According to a recent security study, the most commonly used web passwords are things like “123456” and “password.” Sure, they’re easy to remember, but that makes them just as easy to hack. And if you use that simple password across multiple accounts—like a reported 92 percent of online users do—that puts all of your data at risk. Here are eight tips for ensuring your passwords are as strong as possible. 1. MAKE YOUR PASSWORD LONG. Hackers use multiple methods for trying to get into your accounts. The most rudimentary way is to personally target you and manually type in letters, numbers, and symbols to guess your password. The more advanced method is to use what is known as a “brute force attack.” In this technique, a computer program runs through every possible combination of letters, numbers, and symbols as fast as possible to crack your password. The longer and more complex your password is, the longer this process takes. Passwords that are three characters long take less than a second to crack. 2. MAKE YOUR PASSWORD A NONSENSE PHRASE. Long passwords are good; long passwords that include random words and phrases are better. If your letter combinations are not in the dictionary, your phrases are not in published literature, and none of it is grammatically correct, they will be harder to crack. Also do not use characters that are sequential on a keyboard such as numbers in order or the widely used “qwerty.” 3. INCLUDE NUMBERS, SYMBOLS, AND UPPERCASE AND LOWERCASE LETTERS. Randomly mix up symbols and numbers with letters. You could substitute a zero for the letter O or @ for the letter A , for example. If your password is a phrase, consider capitalizing the first letter of each new word, which will be easier for you to remember. 4. AVOID USING OBVIOUS PERSONAL INFORMATION. If there is information about you that is easily discoverable—such as your birthday, anniversary, address, city of birth, high school, and relatives’ and pets’ names—do not include them in your password. These only make your password easier to guess. On that note, if you are required to choose security questions and answers when creating an online account, select ones that are not obvious to someone browsing your social media accounts. 5. DO NOT REUSE PASSWORDS. When hackers complete large-scale hacks, as they have recently done with popular email servers, the lists of compromised email addresses and passwords are often leaked online. If your account is compromised and you use this email address and password combination across multiple sites, your information can be easily used to get into any of these other accounts. Use unique passwords for everything. 6. START USING A PASSWORD MANAGER. Password managers are services that auto-generate and store strong passwords on your behalf. These passwords are kept in an encrypted, centralized location, which you can access with a master password. (Don’t lose that one!) Many services are free to use and come with optional features such as syncing new passwords across multiple devices and auditing your password behavior to ensure you are not using the same one in too many locations. 7. KEEP YOUR PASSWORD UNDER WRAPS. Don’t give your passwords to anyone else. Don’t type your password into your device if you are within plain sight of other people. And do not plaster your password on a sticky note on your work computer. If you’re storing a list of your passwords—or even better, a password hint sheet—on your computer in a document file, name the file something random so it isn’t a dead giveaway to snoopers. 8. CHANGE YOUR PASSWORDS REGULARLY. The more sensitive your information is, the more often you should change your password. Once it is changed, do not use that password again for a very long time. Hackers could keep trying to crack your passwords no matter how strong you make them. Discover will help you to protect your identity by monitoring thousands of risky websites and alert you if they find your social security number. And it’s free for cardmembers who sign up. It won’t solve hacking issues, but it’s a good first step to putting you in the know. Terms apply.
  5. Para sa mga nag tatanong paano lagyan ng anti-remod yung mga vpn application nila! Ito muna gagawin nyo guys! Watch The Whole Video! [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Subscribe na din for more updates!
  6. Share your Android http injector internet connection to other Android smartphone. Kelangan meron ka nito: 1) http injector yung pinaka latest 2) may load o wala basta may net 3) utak Hotspot Your HTTP INJECTOR, Android to Android NET share (no need root) Next: Other Android Phone: Done.. enjoy sharing your net. PS: I do not own this tutorial. Nakita ko lang sa kabilang bakod at gusto ko i share dito dahil sharing is caring ? Kudos sa owner ng tutorial
  7. Hi Guys, Good evening phcyberians! I will share to you tricks how to get 5TB on dropbox without any card needed. Just follow steps below! 1. visit for this to get fake/generated email [Hidden Content] or you can put your real email if you want. 2. visit [Hidden Content] and fill up details. (its okay if fake) - note: put your email that you get on temp-mail for to use on verification. 3. Select advance and tick policy and start free trial. 4. verify and done! you have now 30 days free trail! -ThisIsNotTrue112391
  8. Sup mga pips sa PHCyber. Di ko na pahahabain pa. sundan lang maigi ang tut na to bago nyo umpisahan gawa muna kayo vpn account sa PHcyber panel. para coconect na lang kayo after ng tut na to. click HERE to go to VPN panel okay,ngayon punta kayo sa post ni sir Kenz at idownload nyo dun yung new ovpn configs. ito ang link . Kenz Thread kung na download nyo na configs proceed na tayo sa next step. eedit na natin ang config para maset natin kung anong server gusto natin. so open nyo lang yung config file sa notepad or notepad++(recommended) at palitan nyo lang yung remote at yung proxy ng server na napili nyo. Pili lang kayo ng server sa Server List. see screenshot para makita nyo kung alin papalitan. NOTE: Ang default config nito ay for TU50 and up. so kung gagamitin nyo sa ibang promo or network dapat nyo palitan yung payload. after nyan save lang and pwede nyo na iimport sa OpenVPN GUI nyo at makakakonek na yan. oh tapos na. easy lang diba. pwede nyo din gawin to sa android devices nyo, mag download lang kayo ng text editor para maedit nyo ovpn configs.
  9. This script is for Fedora Linux OS Distribution Only Automatic setup (wala nang config wizard kagaya sa nakasanayang ssr installer) default password: sharingnolimits expected fedora versions na gagana: 30, 29 and 28 Autoscript: export SharingNoLimits='[Hidden Content]' && curl -O "$SharingNoLimits" && chmod +x * && ./SNL-FedoraSSR-Installer Change the Default Password: sed -i 's|sharingnolimits|mypassword|g' /etc/shadowsocks.json && service shadowsocks restart Script update: change chacha20 encryption method to aes-128-cfb para gumana sa sun TU-CTC... Wag hit and run simpleng feed back lang at reach button ay isang pindot lang masaya na ako ? follow me for more updates! Thanks to my team SNL Team
  10. Paano po ba maka gawa ng open vpn na configuration? May site ba na magandang puntahan. Or kaya may master ba dito sa PhCyber na kapag post na ng tut? Help po naman para matuto ako.. Thanks sa mag reply
  11. Requirements: 1.Script 2.Termux 3.BigToken Account Bigtoken from ps direct link (kung wala kapa) Click Here And use my referral code (optional) >>EOA117A0M<< Download Script here Termux Tutorial: Open the Termux app $ pkg install update && pkg install upgrade -y $ pkg install update && pkg install upgrade -y Next type: $ apt update && apt upgrade -y $ pkg install php $ termux-setup-storage $ cd storage/downloads/(folder of the script) $php bot.php Then enter your account and start earning Online Github Tutorial kung hindi masundan ung nasa taas eto ang gawin Pag papasok kayo kay termux eto nalang type nyo. For online script user Proof na working: Happy earnings (c) Sa github na gumawa ng script
  12. Cloudflare, a very well-known company launched—world’s fastest and privacy-focused secure DNS service that not only speeds up your internet connection but also makes it harder for ISPs to track your web history. Cloudflare public DNS resolvers, and (as alternate DNS server for redundancy), support both DNS-over-TLS and DNS-over-HTTPS to ensure maximum privacy. How To Setup Privacy DNS Servers on your Device Setup DNS on Windows 1. Click on the Start menu, then click on Control Panel . 2. Click on Network and Internet . 3. Click on Change Adapter Settings . 4. Right click on the Wi-Fi network you are connected to, then click Properties . 5. Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (or Version 6 if desired). 6. Click Properties . 7. Write down any existing DNS server entries for future reference. 8. Click Use The Following DNS Server Addresses . 9. Replace those addresses with the DNS addresses: For IPv4: and For IPv6: 2606:4700:4700::1111 and 2606:4700:4700::1001 10. Click OK , then Close . 11. Restart your browser. 12. You’re all set! Your device now has faster, more private DNS servers Setup DNS Servers on Linux While these steps are for Ubuntu, most Linux distributions configure DNS settings through the Network Manager. Alternatively, your DNS settings can be specified in /etc/resolv.conf 1. Click the Applications icon on the left menu bar. 2. Click Settings , then Network . 3. Find your internet connection on the right pane, then click the gear icon. 4. Click the IPv4 or IPv6 tab to view your DNS settings. 5. Set the “Automatic” toggle on the DNS entry to Off .Provide the DNS addresses in the DNS entries field: For IPv6: 2606:4700:4700::1111,2606:4700:4700::1001 6. Click Apply , then restart your browser. 7. You’re all set! Your device now has faster, more private DNS servers Setup DNS Servers on Android Note that Android requires a static IP to use custom DNS servers. This setup requires additional setup on your router, affecting your network’s strategy for adding new devices to the network. We recommend configuring your Router’s DNS instead. This will give all devices on your network the full speed and privacy benefits of DNS. 1. Connect to your preferred wireless network. 2. Enter your router’s gateway IP address in your browser. 3. If prompted, fill in your username and password. This information may be labeled on the router. 4. In your router’s configuration page, locate the DNS server settings. 5. Write down any existing DNS server entries for future reference. 6. Replace those addresses with the DNS addresses: For IPv4: and For IPv6: 2606:4700:4700::1111 and 2606:4700:4700::1001 7. Save your settings, then restart your browser. 8. You’re all set! Your device now has faster, more private DNS servers Setup DNS Servers for iOS / iPhones 1. From your iPhone’s home screen, open the Settings app. 2. Tap Wi-Fi , then tap your preferred network in the list. 3. Tap Configure DNS , then tap Manual . 4. If there are any existing entries, tap the – button, and Delete next to each one. 5. Tap the + Add Server button, then type 6. Tap the + Add Server button again, then type . This is for redundancy. 7. Tap the Save button on the top right. 8. You’re all set! Your device now has faster, more private DNS servers Setup DNS Servers for MAC-OS 1. Open System Preferences. 2. Search for DNS Servers and select it from the dropdown. 3. Click the + button to add a DNS Server and enter 4. Click + again and enter (This is for redundancy.) 5. Click Ok , then click Apply . 6. You’re all set! Your device now has faster, more private DNS servers Setup DNS Server for Routers Your router’s configuration may vary. Consult your manual for more information. 1. Connect to your preferred wireless network. 2. Enter your router’s gateway IP address in your browser. 3. If prompted, fill in your username and password. This information may be labeled on the router. 4. In your router’s configuration page, locate the DNS server settings. 5. Write down any existing DNS server entries for future reference. 6. Replace those addresses with the DNS addresses: For IPv4: and For IPv6: 2606:4700:4700::1111 and 2606:4700:4700::1001 7. Save your settings, then restart your browser. 8. You’re all set! Your device now has faster, more private DNS servers ENJOY GUYS!
  13. The Internet comes full of productivity & entertainment solutions. Being anonymous is very difficult nowadays. Because of increasing cyber crimes & frauds online. According to ethical hacking 6 researchers of the international institute of cybersecurity, users cannot get complete anonymity online but can take some precautions for hiding true their identity. EPIC BROWSER Epic is another web browser which developed to provide anonymity online. Epic uses its own proxies & filter to block unwanted advertisements & trackers. Epic key features include:- Address Bar & Tracking Removed Epic always stays on privacy browsing mode Epic blocks comprehensive ads. Do not track is always on. Follow screenshot shows how Epic web browser blocks ads while opening facebook webpage. Above screenshot shows how epic web browser blocks ads on facebook.com on the right-hand side. Download Epic web browser: [Hidden Content] TOR (THE ONION ROUTER) We will show you the top Web browser which helps the user to hide their identity. One to a topmost anonymous web browser is TOR. TOR (The Onion Router) is designed to provide anonymity online. The most popular web browser uses the ONION network for searching for any query. Download TOR web browser: [Hidden Content] You can even share or download files online but it might reveal your actual location over the TOR network. If the internet is working slowly in your area. It will be annoying because TOR network route traffic from different relays which makes users slow to open any webpage. SRWARE IRON This browser is also developed on chromium project & similar to Google Chrome. The only difference is anonymity. Software iron does not create any session or collects any data from its users. As commented by ethical hacking 6 researcher of International Institute of Cyber Security Software has mentioned on the website that the following points do not exist in Iron web browser. Download Software Iron from [Hidden Content] Software Iron does not generate any unique Identification numbers. COMODO DRAGON BROWSER This web browser looks very similar to Google Chrome but provides secure browsing in terms of security. Comodo Web Browser works the same as TOR. This browser blocks tracking, spyware & cookies. Comodo has inbuilt feature of weak & strong SSL certificates. It also helps to protect against trojans, viruses & other malware attacks. Download Web browser: [Hidden Content] ENJOY BROWSING ANONYMOUSLY!!!
  14. Feed back kung working sa lugar nyo And message me Para sa tutorials Server Germany 1month Ayaw Dagan like pud ? GERMANYtntNoLoad.ehi
  15. Sory spoiler ko muna to hehehe ? 1. Go to 2. Create Account With New Email And Password. 3. Verify Your Email. 4. Manual Verify Your Government ID Note:-- Use Fake ID Generator From Below And Create New Fake ID Every Week And Verify To Get A New Server One click lang ang react button baka naman makalimutan nyo pa hehehe Special thanks to: SNL Team
  16. Jodeen


    Mga idol ask ko lang po lang po kung paano mag change ng certificate ng w0pw0p. Sana my makapag turo. Thank you. Newbie.
  17. Sa mga gustong malaman kung pano maka panood ng live ang GMA at ABS CBN visit - [Hidden Content]
  18. Torrent App Blocker [Hidden Content] 1. Download 2. Put the file into "libs" folder. 3. Refresh build. 4. Copy the code below. 5. - For SSH/SSL src Paste it in the HomeFragment.java, look for the "return mView;" code inside the onCreateView method of the fragment class. * if you will get an error on the "BlockApps", just long press it and fix import" - For Openvpn Connect Base src Paste it inside the onCreate method of the OpenVPNClient.java or Main.java (for BlackVPN src) 6. Refresh build. 7. Test it .. connect your vpn. After connecting, try to install any torrent app from the playstore and try to check your vpn if it will disconnect will the torrent app is installing 8. Feedback /** Copy and Pasted these codes **/ /** For SSH/SSL src **/ BlockApps b = new BlockApps(getActivity()); b.runBlocker(); b.setOnDetectedAppListener(new BlockApps.OnDetectedAppListener(){ @Override public void OnDetectedAppListener() { if (OreoService.isRunning) { startStop(false); } } }); /** For OpenVPN Connect Base src **/ BlockApps b = new BlockApps(this); b.runBlocker(); b.setOnDetectedAppListener(new BlockApps.OnDetectedAppListener(){ @Override public void OnDetectedAppListener() { submitDisconnectIntent(RETAIN_AUTH); } });
  19. Hello share lang nako setup for TNTNOLOAD So Mao rato .. Ayaw Dagan Like pud ? tntnoload®™.ehi
  20. Full video: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Features: The Repeater boosts cell phone signals for voice and text for all major carriers work on 850MHz. It captures the reliable cellular signal you have outdoors and rebroadcasts it indoors, up to 2,500 square feet, so you can enjoy clearer, faster and more reliable service without interruption. Coverage in adjoining rooms will be reduced by walls and ceiling/floors. Greatly reduces disconnects and drops call, significantly improves voice and data quality. Works wirelessly with multiple cell phones and data cards simultaneously. Easy to install and operation. Descriptions: Frequency Range: 824-849MHz 869-894MHz Standard Supported: CDMA, GSM, 2G/3G etc. Max. Gain (dB): Gp≥60 Gp≥62 I/O Port: N-Female on both ends Impedance: 50Ω Power Supply: AC100~240V 50/60Hz Plug type: US, EU, UK Specifications: Material: metal Size: 126*190*26mm Color: blue Package included: 1 x Signal Amplifier 1 x Power Adapter 1 x Mounting Screw Kit 1 x Outdoor Aerial with 10m Cable 1 x User Manual Mic: BM800 /BOYA BYMM1 CAmera: Canon EOS M10 Audio Editor: Audacity Video Editor: Filmora 9 Thumbnail Editor: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 Subscribe na para maging ka-tweaks! [Hidden Content] ================================= Social Media Accounts : Facebook Page: [Hidden Content] Twitter: [Hidden Content] Instagram: @thetweakster =======================
  21. Hotspot using http injector to pc/laptop
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