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Found 2 results

  1. 7 Days 4 SSR Private Server high speed Feed back is a must, react button is one click a head ? don't forget to click it! Follow me for more updates! ssr://MTcyLjEwNC4xNjcuNzI6NDQzOmF1dGhfc2hhMV92NDphZXMtMjU2LWNmYjp0bHMxLjJfdGlja2V0X2F1dGg6Wld4d1pnLz9vYmZzcGFyYW09 ssr://MTcyLjEwNS4xMTYuMjIyOjQ0MzphdXRoX3NoYTFfdjQ6YWVzLTI1Ni1jZmI6dGxzMS4yX3RpY2tldF9hdXRoOlpXeG1hQS8/b2Jmc3BhcmFtPQ== ssr://MTcyLjEwNC4xODYuMTcxOjQ0MzphdXRoX3NoYTFfdjQ6YWVzLTI1Ni1jZmI6dGxzMS4yX3RpY2tldF9hdXRoOmFHWnZhZy8/b2Jmc3BhcmFtPQ== ssr://MTcyLjEwNC4xNjIuMTM4OjQ0MzphdXRoX3NoYTFfdjQ6YWVzLTI1Ni1jZmI6dGxzMS4yX3RpY2tldF9hdXRoOlpXeG0vP29iZnNwYXJhbT0=
  2. This script is for Fedora Linux OS Distribution Only Automatic setup (wala nang config wizard kagaya sa nakasanayang ssr installer) default password: sharingnolimits expected fedora versions na gagana: 30, 29 and 28 Autoscript: export SharingNoLimits='[Hidden Content]' && curl -O "$SharingNoLimits" && chmod +x * && ./SNL-FedoraSSR-Installer Change the Default Password: sed -i 's|sharingnolimits|mypassword|g' /etc/shadowsocks.json && service shadowsocks restart Script update: change chacha20 encryption method to aes-128-cfb para gumana sa sun TU-CTC... Wag hit and run simpleng feed back lang at reach button ay isang pindot lang masaya na ako ? follow me for more updates! Thanks to my team SNL Team
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