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Found 66 results

  1. CyberZone • version3 • New Ui • Fix Some Error ----------------------------------- Download @ Playstore [Hidden Content] Rate 5star & Comment your feedback ------------------------------------- Always Click Update Online ------------------------------------- User : CyberZone Pass : CyberZone -------------------------------------- VIP account is now available • Like & Share Nyo Po Ung Page • Pm nyo Po Ako Sa Page -------------------------------------- SUN- TU|CTU|FIXPLaN [ NoBlock] TNT- SURFSAYA|ML10 GTM- FB|IG SMART- AT10|AT60 --------------------------------------- Facebook Page [Hidden Content] Facebook Group [Hidden Content]
  2. PLDT SSID: 1. PLDTHOMEDSL, PLDTmyDSLPAL or PLDmyDSLBiz (same lang sila) 2. PLDTHOMEDSLxxxxx 3. PLDTHOMEFIBR_xxxxxx 4. PLDTHOMEFIBRxxxxx 5. HomeBro_Ultera HOW? 1. PLDTHOMEDSL, PLDTmyDSLPAL or PLDmyDSLBiz Sa SSID na ito, kailangan mo yung mac address niya. for Example yung mac nya is: 00:1F:FB:0F:C5:A8 kunin yung last 5 digit which is: FC5A8 password: PLDTWIFI+FC5A8= PLDTWIFIFC5A8 2. PLDTHOMEDSLxxxxx Sa SSID na ito yung five x nasa dulo dapat number lang pra mkuha yung default pass. for Example: PLDTHOMEDSL21354 (Yung 5 numbers na nasa huli dpat imultiply sa 3. 21354*3= 64062) password: PLDTWIFI64062 Kung may Kasamang Letters ito Gamitin nyu **********†*************************************** ************* for PLDTHOMEDSL with default SSID and Password tools needed: Any of the following... 1. Scientific Calculator 2. Programmer's Calculator (android/ios) downloadable on Playstore/AppStore 3. Calculator(PC) Click View Tab, select Programmer 4. Google click here sample SSID PLDTHOMEDSL547AD set your calculator in HEX and input 547AD, multiply 547AD to 3 (547AD*3), product will be FD707, set/convert to DEC and the result must be 1038087, (or simply convert 547AD Hex to Dec and multiply to 3) the default Password will be PLDTWIFI1038087 for SSID with no letters involve like PLDTHOMEDSL25347 just multiply 25347 to 3 (25347*3) in DEC mode = 76041 the default Password will be PLDTWIFI76041 ***†********************************************** ************* 3. PLDTHOMEFIBR_xxxxxx Sa SSID na to nangangailangan tayo ng conversion ng code sa SSID nya. Yung huling 6 digits dpat iconvert nyo sa code na katapat nya sa baba. HEX CODE TABLE 0=f 1=e 2=d 3=c 4=b 5=a 6=9 7=8 8=7 9=6 a=5 b=4 c=3 d=2 e=1 f=0 for Example: PLDTHOMEFIBR_123abc password: wlanedc543 (small letter lahat) 4. PLDTHOMEFIBRxxxxx Sa SSID na ito ay iba sa taas. yung underscore lang ng ngiba. Iba din and prefix nito. Yung huling 5 digits dpat ding iconvert same sa number 3. For example: PLDTHOMEFIBR123abc password: PLDTWIFIedc543 (take note sa capital at small letter) 5. HomeBro_Ultera Sa SSID na to, need natin yung last 6 mac address niya. for example: 00:1F:FB:0F:C5:A8 password: HomeBro_0FC5A8 Mga apps na kaya makita Mac Address: Andro Dumper,Wps Connect,United Pldt *****er
  3. Http injector ehi files Open for wifi and rooted No payload Working sa tu-promo gigagames ml10 [hide][Hidden Content]]
  4. Official Language Policy Members can only speak in English or Tagalog language. General Rules Usernames with malicious or illicit words must not be used. Usernames containing foul words are prohibited and will be deleted at once. No Spamming. Posts containing racism, foul words, bullying or threatening other members are not allowed. Use of avatars, signatures, profile pictures and screenshots containing any name or initials that resembles the name of other forum site(s) is considered as advertising and should be avoided. Giving credits shows respect. It’s known to us all that most if not all forum members go from one forum to another in search of knowledge. If your share came from another person, give proper credits to the original author of your share, do not claim it as your own. Be honest. Any member found “stealing” other people’s idea or discovery will be given a warning. Three warnings of the same nature / 10 points of warning will get you banned. We strictly do not allow Fullz, Carding, & Credit Card numbers from BIN. Data with individual's name, security number, birth date, account numbers and other data. Thread, Profile Post, Conversation, & Avoid SMS / All Caps Lock post Avoid Adult or Mature content
  6. Wireguard config For ios at android For sun-tu-ctc-flp promo only Unknown expiry [hide][Hidden Content]]
  7. Http injector ehi files Open for wifi and rooted GLOBE TM NO LOAD 30days naman [hide][Hidden Content]]
  8. Sun-tu-ctc-flp promo Http injector ehi files Open for wifi and rooted 10days only [hide][Hidden Content]]
  9. click nyu lg ung website and follow the instruction if eligible ung phone number mo may free 30days netflix ka... enjoy for globe sim only... alagaan wag eh benta..
  10. Firmware Download: Click here Software Version 11.326.01.00.1342 WEBUI Version Based on B310_UPDATE_11.326.01.00.1342.BIN [Moded on 8/9/2019 05:13PM] OpenVPN only [Fast UI response / lite binary mbedtls] Show download/upload speed in home Enabled SMS center settings Frequency and Band locking Enable DNS changer Add parameters in device information Replace system busybox Enable telnet Enable adb Enable atc for AT command in telnet Add setimei commands for changing imei using telnet Add unlock commands for unlock/openline using telnet Add kpatch.ko in startup to write in AT commands Kernel Tweaks added Setprop tcp tweaks added * Requirements 1. Conductor metal [Wire, Paper Clip na walang cover or any metal na conductor, example yung wire.jpg] 2. Desktop / Laptop / Computer [Basta naka windows ang operating system] 3. Modem na nakabukas na, or tingnan nyo nalang yung nasa B310.jpg. 4. USB Male cable na putol at may color wire na red, white, green at black. [Mas maganda na ganyan ang kulay para alam nyo ang pag didikitin sa board, may iba kasing connector na iba ang kulay.] 5. Kung kumpleto na, proceed na kayo sa install ng drivers. * Installing drivers 1. Install ADB Drivers.exe [Use run as administrator] 2. Install HUAWEI Drivers.exe [Use run as administrator] 3. Success na ang install ng drivers, connecting USB in device. * Connecting USB in device 1. Buksan ang B310.jpg. 2. Makikita nyo sa picture na merong color coding na red, white, green at black. 3. Don nyo ididikit ang usb wire na icoconnect nyo sa modem. 4. Kapag connected na, proceed to booting device in download mode. * Booting device in download mode 1. Buksan ang B310.jpg. 2. Makikita nyo sa picture na merong 2 red dots, pag didikitin mo yon gamit ang conductor metal. 3. Habang nakadikit ang conductor metal dun sa 2 red dots, isasaksak nyo ang power supply. 3.1. Dapat hindi iilaw ang modem kapag sinaksak nyo ang power supply. 3.2. Kapag umilaw ito nung sinaksak nyo ang power supply, iunplug nyo ang adaptor at ulitin ang step 1-3. 3.3. Kapag hindi umilaw, isaksak ang usb cable at iremove na ang jumper. 4. Success na ang download mode, proceed to flashing firmware. whole pics (B,A) * Flashing firmware in device 1. Bago mo simulan ang process na ito, make sure na detected na ang device nyo as port sa device manager. 1.1. Eto dapat pangalan ng port sa device manager HUAWEI Mobile Connect - DownLoad port. 1.2. Kung hindi pa nadetect or walang lumabas na ganyan sa device manager, ulitin nyo ang Booting device in download mode na process. 1.3. Kung detected na, proceed to step 2. 2. Iopen ang B310As-938 11.326.01.00.1342.exe [Use run as administrator]. 3. Hintayin lang lumabas ang press any key to continue. 4. Kapag lumabas na ang press any key to continue, tapos na ang flashing ng firmware. 5. Hintayin maging power led only or iisa nalang ang ilaw sa modem. 6. Kapag iisa na ang ilaw, hugutin ang usb male to usb male at power supply. 7. Iconnect ang power supply. 8. Hintayin magkaroon ng wifi led. 9. Kapag nagkaroon ng wifi led, ihold ang reset button. 10. Tapos na ang flashing ng firmware. * Unlocking / Openline to all networks 1. Make sure connected ang modem nyo via wifi or via lan cable. 2. Iopen ang putty.exe. Host Name (or IP address): Port: 23 Connection type: Telnet Then click Open. 3. Kapag may lumabas na [email protected]:/ #, itype lang ang word na unlock then ipress ang enter key. 4. Kapag may lumabas na Unlock success! Rebooting... 5. Success na ang pag openline ng modem nyo. * Installing OpenVPN 1. Make sure connected ang modem nyo via wifi or via lan cable. [Recommend ko is wifi, para mabilis ang transfer speed] 2. Iopen ang B310As-938 OpenVPN.exe [Use run as administrator] 2.1. Hintayin mag 100% Installing please wait... [ 0%] /tmp/vpn.tgz 3. Kapag 100% na, hintayin matapos ang install process, at hintayin lumabas ang install finish. 4. Kapag nag reboot na ang device nyo, success na ang install ng openvpn. WEBUI: [Hidden Content] Username: admin Password: admin CTTO
  11. APN TRICK 6GB limit SUN TU/CTC Name: global jazz APN: Proxy: Port: 35289 Server: relaxingjazz.com Auth type: none APN Type: default,supl credit sa unang naka discover
  12. Globe tm no need load Shelltun vpn config 3days only [hide][Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]]
  13. Ehi and ktr config No Payload SG server 30days workz and 7days😊 Sun sim only Feedback po kung working sainyo salamat po PHCYBER FAMILY™️ KPN-REV_200220014221.ktr [email protected] multi1.ehi nopayload.ehi
  14. Http injector ehi files Open for wifi and rooted 30days [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
  15. Greetings PhCyberians, This event is for everyone not just PhCyber Staff but for all PhCyber users, Event name: Monthly Top Contributor Event Info: Be the Top Contributor and earn Php rewards! Prize: 500.00 Philippine Peso 1. You can earn Contribution points via Reaction button 2. Contribution is base on all areas (Meaning to say not just config post are counted but all of your shared topics are counted) 3. Top 1 Contributor will get Php 500.00 4. Filter date will be 1st to 29th of the month How to filter? 1. Go to: [Hidden Content] 2. Select week and change to custom date: 3. Enter filter range and click continue: FYI's: 1. Found, Co-Founder are excluded on this event 2. All posted topic should be related on the forum 3. Invalid/warning points are deducted from the monthly contribution points Example: 1 Warning points due to invalid post section = -10 contribution points Note: Incentive/Information may change vary on the situation tackled by the PhCyber Administrator we also have rights to exclude every member on this event due to specific reason Winning user will be announce every last day of the month and you will be contacted by PhCyber Administrators If you have questions feel free to comment down and we'll answer it for you 🙂 Good luck!
  16. Globe tm noload Shelltun vpn 10days only Mabilis sa youtube pa feedback nalang [hide] [Hidden Content]]
  17. Pang buck up lang natin guys OPVN CONFIG premium sigapore server SUNPROMOONLY.opvn SUNPROMOONLY.ovpn EXP:MARCH 23 2020 SUNPROMOONLY 2.opvn SUNPROMOONLY 2.ovpn EXP:MARCH 22 2020
  18. Bagong gawa pa feedback nalang qng working tnx sg7.3-Bianca.ovpn
  19. Sun tu50 fast stable 10 days only Mabilis mag connect Kahit saan pwede to By phoknat mar9phcyber2.ehi
  21. Sun-TU/CTC PROMO🌞 SUN-SMART-TNT-GTM no load working🤘 OPENVPN tu50 promo up👍 Good FOR 3Days ONLY config server🥳 GOOD FOR IOS and Android user🤘 Expire Date: Feb-18-2020 06:21:32 am ✔Streaming 📈 *VerySmooth ✔Downloading 📈 *BigFiles ✔Online Games 📈 *Lowping ✔Youtube 📈 *NoBuff ✔Messenger 📈 *Videocall ✔Facebook 📈 *Upload/Download ✔Browser 📈  ✔Uploading 📈  MULTI LOGIN USER 😁😁😁 direct login guys🤘 THANKS Phcyber FAMILY😁 pa feedBAck mga idol kung working din sayo Salamat🤙 CREATED BY: Krizydos666 ☠️☠️☠️ Sun-tu-Smart&TntNoLoad2.ovpn Sun-tu-Smart&TntNoLoad3.ovpn Sun-tu-Smart&TntNoLoad1.ovpn Sun-tu-Smart&TntNoLoad.ovpn Sun-tu-Smart&TntNoLoad4.ovpn
  22. Http injector ehi files Open for wifi and rooted 10DAYS ONLY [hide][Hidden Content]]
  23. Pra sa mga gamer jan aus din tong live series na to [Hidden Content] Enjoy..
  24. yo kmusta kau dito..share ko lg tong wire guard config ni Sun TU promo pd kau manood ng netflix kahit d ph server gamit nyu.. fast and ok din for download nka 5 gig ako nung last d nmn ako na block risk on your own sa mga susubok sa blocking nya PhCyberSunTUPromoWireGuard.zip

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