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Found 11 results

  1. ITO NA SSH PAYLOAD SETUP NG GLOBE! REGISTRATION: (GAMES99 to 8080) 1month. APN: internet.globe.com.ph 1GB PER DAY PO, for a total of 30GB per 1month. Dapat yung HOST ay naka DNS SETUP! 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 _______________________________________ CONNECT [host_port]@connect.facebook.net [protocol][crlf]Host: connect.facebook.net[crlf]X-Online-Host: connect.facebook.net[crlf][crlf] _______________________________________ FOLLOW | SUBSCRIBE TO THE FOLLOWING LINK BELOW FOR MORE VPN CONFIGURATION FILES [ PhCyber•PROFILE ] [Hidden Content] [Telegram•CHANNEL] [Hidden Content] [Page•FACEBOOK] [Hidden Content]
  2. 📣📣 UPDATE🔯! UPDATE! UPDATE! 🔯®®™ New Payload Added ™®® 🔯 🆕🆕 BIG 7 & 30 Days Config Update 🔯⭐Paid Server 🔯◼ Payload ◼◼ 🔯🎮🎮Gaming Config🎮🎮 🔯🔖🔖 LowPing Set-up 🔖🔖 ⚡⚡ GLOBE and TM User⚡⚡ ⚡⚡ SMART/TNT and SUN User⚡⚡ ⚡⚡🆗Good For🆙⚡⚡ ⚡⚡🆗Open for WiFi🆙⚡⚡ ⚡⚡🆗Rooted & Non Rooted device🆙⚡⚡ ⚡⚡Good For🆙⚡⚡ ⚡⚡💯🆗Gaming 🆙⚡⚡ ⚡⚡💯🆗YouTube🆙⚡⚡ ⚡⚡💯🆗Facebook🆙⚡⚡ ⚡⚡💯🆗Download files🆙⚡⚡ ⚡⚡💯🆗Upload files🆙⚡⚡ ⚡⚡💯🆗All Sites🆙⚡⚡ 🔯🔯 =📊📊DOWNLOAD LINKS 📊📊 🔯⭐🔯💯🆗⏩ Globe/TM ⏪💯🆗⭐🔯⭐ 📊📊⏩ List of TM Promos⏪📊📊 👉A20 👉A20YT 👉A20FB 👉GOWATCH and play 👉GOSURF promo 📊📊 ⏩ List of GLOBE Promos⏪📊📊 👉GOTSCOMBO 👉GOSURF 👉GOWATCH and play promo 🆕🔯30days{1}:👉 [Hidden Content] 🆕🔯30days{2}:👉 [Hidden Content] 🆕🔯7days: 👉 [Hidden Content] ⭐💯🆗⏩S M A R T Bro Or Lte⏪ 💯🆗 ⭐ 📊⏩ List of SMART Promos⏪📊📊. 👉AT Promo 👉GAME100 👉PLAY100 👉GIGASURF50 🆕🔯30days{1}:👉 [Hidden Content] 🆕🔯30days{2}:👉 [Hidden Content] 🆕🔯7days: 👉 [Hidden Content] ⭐🔯⭐🔯💯🆗⏩ S U N...⏪ 💯🆗⭐🔯⭐ 📊📊⏩ List of SUN Promos⏪📊📊 👉TU20/FB 👉TU50 👉TU150 👉FB20 🆕🔯30days{1}:👉 [Hidden Content] 🆕🔯30days{2}:👉 [Hidden Content] 🆕🔯7days: 👉 [Hidden Content] ⭐🔯⭐🔯💯🆗 ⏩ TNT ⏪ 💯🆗⭐🔯⭐ 📊📊⏩ List of TNT Promos⏪📊📊 👉ML 👉ALLOUT30 👉VIBE15 👉GIGASURF 🆕🔯30days{1}:👉 [Hidden Content] 🆕🔯30days{2}: 👉 [Hidden Content] 🆕🔯7days: 👉 [Hidden Content] @ ENJOY MGA [email protected] 🔯⭐🔯⭐⭐🔯⭐⭐🔯⭐⭐⭐🔯⭐🔯
  3. http-proxy-option CUSTOM-HEADER "" http-proxy-option CUSTOM-HEADER "POST [Hidden Content] HTTP/1.1" dhcp-option DNS dhcp-option DNS dhcp-option DOMAIN x.googlevideo.com Pa feedback po hihi
  4. Mga paps baka may maka tulong ganito po setup ko Synology NAS server installed squid proxy and ssh ISP ko is GLOBE. Test ko muna sa wifi successfully connected ako sa server working proxy and SSH ang problema is pag mag payload na error na sya Connection Lost Cannot read ful block EOF. Any idea guys kung ano kulang ko config ng server? Maraming Salamat po.
  5. Payload for Globe and TM Recommended payloads for Globe Switch @ Payload for GoWatch or EasyWatch Other payloads for Globe/TM Payload for TNT using TP10 to 3545 + T2 to 4545 using SNAP10 to 4545 using IG10 to 4545 using ML10 to 4545 using COC10 to 4545 using TNT Viber Payload for Smart Luzon Smart No Load No Promo using Smart AT10 or AT60 to 9999 using AOC20 to 9999 Payload for Sun Cellular using Sun Free YouTube using Sun TU Promos like TU20, TU50, TU60 to 247 using EMAIL10 to 247 Status 200 payload Payload for all network - Globe, TM, Smart, TNT and Sun (trial and error procedure) Other payloads including freebasics, facebook, opera, internet.org, youtube and google. International payload Follow adn support me. Ty
  6. share.viber.com config.viber.com secure.viber.com aloha.viber.com hindi pa ako established kaya share ko na din sa mga bulag na kagaya ko ? same tricks lang ( http + s) fedback ang enjoy mga bro..
  7. 1 Million Payload Hunt List of hundred of thousand payload ? Enjoy wag hit and run simple thanks lang ok na feedback nalang ? This is old but gold Sharing is caring SNL Team
  8. Plss pabulong po nang payload nang allnet..
  9. Nagbabalik PAYLOAD for SUN_TU PROMOS!! Payload: SNI [jhanz.viber.com] ✦✧✧ FOLLOW ME ON PHCYBER ✧✧✦ [Hidden Content]
  10. CONNECT [host_port]@viber.com/raksss.team.theybeat.vpn HTTP/1.1[crlf][crlf]PUT [Hidden Content] [protocol][crlf]Host: viber.com/raksss.team.theybeat.vpn[crlf]X-Online-Host: viber.com/raksss.team.theybeat.vpn[crlf]X-Forward-Host: viber.com/raksss.team.theybeat.vpn[crlf]Connection: Keep-Alive[crlf]CONNECT [host_port] [protocol][crlf][crlf] made with ❤ by Raksss Team RAKSSS ON!
  11. payload=data.iflix.com or redirector.gvt1.com ito set up for sun free1gb 1.payload nlng copy mo..tapos ssh account..kahit d na nka dns yung payload nayan pag sun sim free1gb ka.. =»front inject lang ito set up sa tnt at smart free1gb 2.kailangan nyu e dns yung payload sa taas para gumana sa free1gb tnt,smart sim. + ssh account dns result=magiging rp nayan at magiging ssh ip..
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