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Found 67 results

  1. OPENVPN SMART TNT NO LOAD NMAN TAYO MGA MASTER 100% Working [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] user: syntaxx pass: syntaxx Dl nyo lahat at Feedback kayo kung connected at pra ganawan gumawa ng kasunod salamat at enjoy
  2. PH OVPN SERVER VALID FOR 30 DAYS *username -private *password -private GLOBE-TM GOSURF50 ( FB+iG ) GAMES99- ANY PROMO W/ MB Valid for 30 days Date created: jan 11,2020 Date expired: feb 5,2020 SUN-SMART-TNT ) FREE YOUTUBE ) ANY GIGA50 UP / (ANY PROMO W/ all ctc tu50 up flp300.ovpn [Hidden Content] GTM.ovpn [Hidden Content] TALK N TEXT ML 10 ML10.ovpn [Hidden Content]
  3. So yun nga mga ka ph share ko lang sa inyo best ppd site para sakin. Less ads more earnings. Less ads sya compare sa dz4up Click here for the link Mas malaki bigayan dito. Upto $8 every 1k downloads Minimum na binibgay nila is $5 kada 1k downloads Best PPD site for me.
  4. Updated : 11/22/2019 Ito po ay mga payload/ovpn-header/script para sa ovpn files nyo. nakolekta ko lang po itong mga ito sa matagal na pagtambay sa mga forums. hindi ako nakadiscover nito. kaya credits na sayo kung sino ka man talaga haha. mix na to ng mga luma at bagong working payload. Sana makatulong lalo sa mga baguhan sa pag configure ng ovpn files. try ko dagdagan to pag may bago akong nalaman. hit like na lang kung nakatulong Sun Postpaid Sun TU/CTC/CTU Sun Free YT Smart GigaGames TNT ML10 GTM Games99 GTM Free FB/IG
  5. ================================= 🚫N̶O̶ ̶T̶O̶R̶R̶E̶N̶T̶❌ 🚫N̶O̶ ̶I̶L̶L̶E̶G̶A̶L̶ ̶C̶O̶N̶T̶E̶N̶T̶❌ 🚫N̶O̶ ̶H̶A̶C̶K̶I̶N̶G̶❌ 🚫N̶O̶ ̶D̶D̶O̶S̶❌ 🚫̶N̶O̶ ̶c̶a̶r̶d̶i̶n̶g̶❌ 🚫̶N̶O̶ ̶S̶P̶A̶M̶M̶I̶N̶G̶❌ ================================= 3 Days SG Server⚡ Open Wifi [Block Rooted]⚡ Date Created: Jan 18 Valid Until: Jan 21 👇 [Hidden Content] Ovpn👇 -Register and get 50php 👉[Hidden Content] Made by: Solus✔️
  6. Hi mga ka PhCyberians Another tutorial on how to make your own open vpn files This is much easier than creating your own Ehi Requirements: 1. Text Editor 2. Winrar 3. Ssh account 4. Utak 5. Pang unawa Let's begin 1. First we will be creating free SSH account link: Click here 2. Select Create Account then enter your desire Username and Password simple lang para hindi nyo makalimutan alam kong dizzy kayo ? 3. Take note your SSH account details then select Download Config then click Show I.P para ma convert ung host into I.P 4. Once downloaded extract the file anywhere on your device (make sure you know where you extracted it!) 5. Open the folder and open .ovpn files using Notepad or Text Editor 6. Copy and paste your payload http-proxy jewelcarreon.ignorelist.com 8080 http-proxy-option CUSTOM-HEADER CONNECT HTTP/1.1 http-proxy-option CUSTOM-HEADER Host rex.wx.qq.com.support.weixin.qq.com http-proxy-option CUSTOM-HEADER X-Forward-Host rex.wx.qq.com.support.weixin.qq.com http-proxy-option CUSTOM-HEADER Connection: Keep-Alive 7. Get your Host I.P 8. Dahil naka TCP tayo (Port 443) hanap kayo ng RP na may Port na 80,8080,8000 Dito kayo maghanap: Remote Proxy 9. Open OpenVPN client then import then START! Sarilihin nyo nalang ung nagawa nyong config wag nyo na ishare para hindi kayo nag CDC Pa like naman jan at feedback hirap gumawa ng TUTS with screenshot! Abangan nyo din Youtube channel ko mag bloblog na ako about VPN ? More power! -Mod Vynxz PHCyber
  7. [Hidden Content] feedback naman po please para malaman kung may natangkilik ng config ku :(
  8. ================================= 🚫N̶O̶ ̶T̶O̶R̶R̶E̶N̶T̶❌ 🚫N̶O̶ ̶I̶L̶L̶E̶G̶A̶L̶ ̶C̶O̶N̶T̶E̶N̶T̶❌ 🚫N̶O̶ ̶H̶A̶C̶K̶I̶N̶G̶❌ 🚫N̶O̶ ̶D̶D̶O̶S̶❌ 🚫̶N̶O̶ ̶c̶a̶r̶d̶i̶n̶g̶❌ 🚫̶N̶O̶ ̶S̶P̶A̶M̶M̶I̶N̶G̶❌ ================================= 30 Days SG Server⚡ Open Wifi [Block Rooted]⚡ 👇 5Days OVPN SG Server 👇 ✔️Register and get 50pesos here 👉[Hidden Content] Made by: Solus✔️ Promo: Ez50 and Games99 Try other promo .
  9. ★PITCHBL∆CK ALLNETWORK ★ JANUARY 12, 2020 UPDATE GOOD FOR: 🌐Browsing 📄Downloading 🎧Streaming 📱Facebook 🎬Youtube 🎮Online Games etc. 📌GLOBE/TM - WORKING ON ALL PROMOS WITH MB OR GB 📌SMART - GIGA PROMOS/ALLOUT PROMOS 📌TNT - GIGASURF PROMOS/U20/TC20/ML10 📌SUN - TU PROMOS/CU30/CTC30-50/CTU30-50/VIDEO EVERYDAY/FIX PLAN―NO CAPPING 💯💯💯💯 100% WORKING 💯💯💯💯 🔰HTTP Injector Config 🔰KPN Tunnel Rev Config 🔰OpenVPN Config 🔔GTM, SUN, SMART, TNT Link ⬇ CLICK HERE ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ 💉Created By:💉 [◆] P ¡ † C H B L ∆ C K [◆] ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂
  10. Openvpn Config Singapore Server Avoid Torrent No Illegal Activities username - private password - private Sun - Tu50 Up Ctc30 Ctu50 > [Hidden Content] > [Hidden Content] > [Hidden Content] Globe Tm - Gosurf50 GAMES50-99/ ( FB+iG ) Any Promo w/ Mb > [Hidden Content] > [Hidden Content] Smart Tnt Sun - Free Youtube Giga50 UP / Any Promo w/Mb > [Hidden Content] > [Hidden Content] Tnt ML10 > [Hidden Content] > [Hidden Content] Enjoy :)
  11. Hello Ka-PhCyber dyan, Ito ay para sa Lahat not only PhCyber Members but sa Lahat.....Papamigay ko na mga Premium accounts sa inyo..Basta e Message nyo lang ako Directly.. JHANZ TECH VPN & PHCYBER VPN ACCOUNTS PREMIUM EXTENDED NA RIN. WORKING "ANDROID" "IOS" SUN_TU, CTC, CTU, FLP PLEASE WATCH FIRST NG MAKITA NYO KUNG PAANO KO GINAWA, EXPECTING FOR THE POSITIVE FEEDBACKS! RESPECT! [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] DETAILS NASA DESCRIPTION! Pa Subscribe, Like & Follow na din for more Videos, Especially Updates related sa VPN, and also Tutorials. #Thanks You #Happy Freenet, Premnet, Vipnet #😘😉😘😉😘😉
  12. ☀Sun CTC50/TU50 UP☀ ☀PREMIUM & Netflix OVPN☀ ☀PHCYBER SERVER☀ ⚠WARNING⚠ 👿 👿 👿 ➡NO DDOS ➡NO FRAUD ➡NO HACKING ➡NO TORRENT ➡NO SPAMMING ➡NO ILLEGAL ACTIVITES Both Acc Date Expired: Jan 17, 2020 Premium OVPN 1 Premium OVPN 2 Premium Netflix OVPN 3
  13. COMPATIBLE FOR ANDROID IOS MODEM PC LAPTOP NETBOOK Sg Server 30days Sun Postpaid Fixed Load Plan SUN TU50-200 CTC30 & UP > [Hidden Content] > [Hidden Content] Smart / Tnt Giga50 & UP Free Video Everyday > [Hidden Content] > [Hidden Content] Tnt ML10 > [Hidden Content] > [Hidden Content] Gtm Gowatch / Games50/99 Any Promo w/mb > [Hidden Content] > [Hidden Content] Username: 23file Password: 23file ENJOY :)
  14. Good day mga ka phcyber . Update po tayo ng config as of Jan 10, 2020. Click here for the link Feedback naman dyan or follow me para ganahan gumawa ng configs salamat . Godbless :D
  15. Good day mga ka ph . Update po tayo ng config as of Jan 9, 2020. Lahat po ng info ay nasa link and nasa config. Pasensya na sa post ko kahapon nakalimutan ko ilagay ung username at password sa ovpn. Pero ngayon naka indicate na sa link. Link Godbless all Link.txt
  16. Openvpn COnfig Vip 30Days Sg Server January 10 update Vip Sg Server 30days Sun Postpaid Fixed Load Plan SUN TU50-200 CTC30 & UP > [Hidden Content] > [Hidden Content] Smart / Tnt Giga50 & UP Free Video Everyday > [Hidden Content] > [Hidden Content] Tnt ML10 > [Hidden Content] > [Hidden Content] Gtm Gowatch / Games50/99 Any Promo w/mb > [Hidden Content] > [Hidden Content] Username: 23file Password: 23file
  17. Ovpn Sun Promos! Update Jan 07 2020! 𝐇𝐮𝐰𝐚𝐠 𝐤𝐚𝐥𝐢𝐦𝐮𝐭𝐚𝐧 𝐦𝐚𝐠-𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐜𝐭, 𝐟𝐞𝐞𝐝𝐛𝐚𝐜𝐤 𝐚𝐭 '𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐤 𝐲𝐨𝐮'. ↢FAST PREMIUM SGDO OVPN SERVER - 5 DAYS↣ D O W N L O A D H E R E : [Hidden Content] FOLLOW ME PO FOR MORE UPDATES : [Hidden Content]
  18. [ EHI ↔️ OVPN ] Good for 30days TU'CTC'CTU'FLP & GAMES99 ito na 30 days lahat subrang bilis mga boss munting handog ko 😇 ehi [Hidden Content] ovpn [Hidden Content] LOGIN: username: x3free password: x3free naka zip po yan mga boss extract nyo nalang 😉
  19. Vip Gaming Sg Server Sun -TU50-200 -CTC30 & UP -FIXED LOAD PLAN [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Tnt Ml10 [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Tnt/Smart/Sun -GIGA50 & UP -FREE VIDEO EVERYDAY [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Gtm -ANY PROMO W/MB -GAMES PROMO W/FREE 1GB FB/IG [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Smart Prepaid -AT10/AT60/SAKTO20/SAKTO30 Smartbro -AT10/AT60 9999 [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] USERNAME: vip123 PASSWORD: vip123
  20. Ovpn Files Sun TU50-200 CTC30 & UP FIXED LOAD PLAN - [Hidden Content] - [Hidden Content] Tnt Ml10 - [Hidden Content] - [Hidden Content] Tnt/Smart/Sun GIGA50 & UP FREE VIDEO EVERYDAY - [Hidden Content] - [Hidden Content] Gtm ANY PROMO W/MB GAMES PROMO W/FREE 1GB FB/IG - [Hidden Content] - [Hidden Content] Smart Prepaid AT10/AT60/SAKTO20/SAKTO30 Smartbro AT10/AT60 9999 - [Hidden Content] - [Hidden Content] USERNAME: vip123 PASSWORD: vip123
  21. Ugaliin mag basa pra iwas tanung nanjan na lahat ng detalye Shadowsocks Sun no load ⚠️Disclaimer⚠️ Sun NoLoad Pang emergency lang sya pero pwede mo pa din sya magamit pang browse sa google at pang youtube low quality ok sya. Minsan di sya nag loload sa FB at lalong di sya pwede pang gaming at download Shadowsocks (SUN NO LOAD ) (Edited) CONFIG FILE Pag nag reset pass mag lapag nalang ulit ako new config SG Reset Password: Every Monday 1. [Hidden Content] 2. [Hidden Content] 3. [Hidden Content] 4. [Hidden Content] 5. [Hidden Content] Shadowsocks Application [Hidden Content] Shadowsocks Sun No Load Tutorial and How to import config file [Hidden Content] ______________________________________________________________ OpenVpn (Sun no load cdc) good for browsing and youtube 360p, 240p Quality para kung mag cdc nakapag advance loading na :D UK Server user: tcpvpn.com-tugashaspak1 pass: tugashaspak1 1. [Hidden Content] 2. [Hidden Content] 3. [Hidden Content] Africa Server user: tcpvpn.com-haspak123 pass: haspak123 1. [Hidden Content] 2. [Hidden Content] 3. [Hidden Content] Search (OpenVPN for Android) sa playstore hndi ung openvpn connect ha or click nlang yang link [Hidden Content] Watch nyo sa youtube pra mas maintindihan nyo ito yung link: [Hidden Content] Last na paalala ingat sa blocking hndi ko p sya ntest umabot ng 1gb dhil hndi pwde sa DL, tested YT 500mb Enjoy :)
  22. Debian SoftEther-OpenVPN+L2TP with Privoxy paid server SoftEther Admin Password: encinaynol SoftEther Ports: 443, 992, 5555, 110 and 1194(OpenVPN) Virtual Hub Name: ahnounhymou Virtual Hub Pass: encinaynol IPSec Pre-Shared Key: encinaynol Your Account # This account can be use as OpenVPN Account or L2TP Account Username: ahnounhymou Password: encinaynol Expiry: 2020/04/15 09:20:13 OpenVPN Configs For SUN TU/CTC Promo: [Hidden Content] For Globe/TM GAMES99 Promo: [Hidden Content] For Sun Noload/Nopromo(For Modems only): [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
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