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  1. What you'll learn Install Python on your PC/Laptop Python REPL Variables, Values and Objects Proper use of dir() Operators Keyboard input and Console output Using conditional statements Using while loop Using for loop Using range() User defined functions Recursion THIS COURSE IS BEING CONSTANTLY UPDATED WITH NEW LECTURES EVERY WEEK. This is the most simple, yet very powerful course for the Python programming language on Udemy! Whether you have never programmed before, already know basic syntax, or want to learn about the advanced features of Python, this course is for you! In this course we will teach you Python 3. (Note, official support for Python 2 will not be available from Jan 2020). This Python course is a more hands-on training, with every lecture comes a full coding screencast and all of the examples I code live is accessible for you to download and use! Learn in whatever manner is best for you! You have access to this course for your lifetime on Udemy, and that includes my offline support too. Feel free to get back to me for any clarifications over the messaging platform provided by Udemy. We will start by helping you get Python installed on your computer, regardless of your operating system, whether its Linux, MacOS, or Windows, we've got you covered! REDEEM COUPON
  2. What you'll learn How to read, write and understand JavaScript How to confidently work in JavaScript How to use conditional statements in JavaScript How to write loops in JavaScript Have a strong understanding of JavaScript fundamentals Learn core programming fundamentals that can be used in other coding languages How to write functions in JavaScript How to write object oriented code (OOP) in JavaScript How the strange quirks like hoisting and closures work in JavaScript How to write and understand data types and data structures in JavaScript How to make web pages completely dynamic using JavaScript How to write JavaScript events and event listeners Here's what you'll be learning in this course In this JavaScript for Beginners course you will learn everything you need to become a confident JavaScript developer. Some courses only teach you the programming side of JavaScript, and other courses only show you the interactive side of JavaScript. But the truth is: JavaScript is an interactive programming language and you need to know both sides of JavaScript. JavaScript fundamentals - You'll learn how to write JavaScript, where it's applied, and how to execute it. We'll be looking at JavaScript syntax (the funny looking curly brackets). We'll also look at ways to easily debug your JavaScript code so you aren't wasting your valuable time staring at broken code. Variables - A variable is a tiny piece of memory that's allocated in your computer. It's used for storing a tiny piece of data, like your name, a number, or several lines of code it should execute. Web page interactivity - The #1 reason why JavaScript is so popular is because of its ability to interact with a web page. You'll learn how to accept user input, change what your page looks like, and take an action based on the users action. This is what make websites truly interactive. Data types & data structures - Unlike other courses, in this JavaScript for Beginners course you'll learn the different data types and how to use them. You'll learn about numbers, strings, floats, functions, objects, undefined, null and more... and why they are important to know. Conditional statements - These are the little checkpoints in a program that make a computer actually do something. For example, if you're 18 or older you're allowed to vote. This is a real life "conditional statement". It reads like this: if age > 18: do something. This is exactly how computers know what to do and you'll learn how to write these. Functions - When you write enough code you'll eventually end up copying and pasting the exact same code over and over again. A function lets you write a piece of code one time and use it over and over. You'll learn about regular functions, immediately invoked functioned, anonymous functions and arrow functions! Loops - One of the most powerful concepts in computer science is the idea of a "loop". Basically it lets you do one action over and over again until it's told to stop. You'll learn about for loop, foreach loops and while loops! JavaScript quirks - JavaScript has some strange functionality that other programming languages don't have. We'll cover several "quirks" together in this course and you'll learn about things like hoisting, closures, promises, and block scoping. Objects, Classes and OOP - In JavaScript there's a special data type called an object. It lets you store named data points for easy access along with functions. In modern JavaScript we can write a class, much like other languages such as Python. Classes are a nicer way to write JavaScript objects. You can extend them, over write pieces of them, and re-use entire chunks of code — they're like functions but much bigger. And you'll learn all about these! API's and Ajax requests - API's are inevitable in web development. It's important to know how they theoretically work, and how to work with them. You'll get hands on experience with a real life API and an Ajax request. Redeem Coupon
  3. What you'll learn Better understanding of jQuery Better understanding of javascript relationship between JavaScript and jquery how to use jquery on your website how to animate with jquery better understand DOM and jquery Requirements basic knowledge of HTML basic knowledge of CSS basic knowledge of JavaScript Description Learn web development with JavaScript. JavaScript is an essential part of creating websites and JQuery helps you speed up you JavaScript programming. jQuery is a JavaScript library that simplifies JavaScript programming. Learning jQuery will help you create amazing JavaScript functionality within your code. This course will walk you through step by step about everything you need to know to use jQuery on your applications. We provide a comprehensive, course which will get you familiar with what jQuery has to offer and what you can do with jQuery. jQuery is easy to learn and will save you time when coding. 20 source files included no wasted time watching code typed code is explained with visual examples 30 day money back guarantee Regular updates downloadable resource PDF If you haven't used jQuery before or are curious about it, or just want to learn more about it this is the course for you. We provide regular updates, challenges within the course and resource links to download the best resources for web development. We provide a unique learning environment, that provides all the source files discussed in the course, links to resources and online code editors. Watch, learn and practice, is proven to be the best way to learn coding. With many years of experience in teaching and code creation let us help you learn. JavaScript for beginners to JavaScript advanced users, this course also includes lots of coding examples. This course will show you how to Master JavaScript, learning dynamic web design using JavaScript. JavaScript is a crucial part to become a Complete Web Developer. Learn and master JavaScript from Scratch. Check out our other JavaScript courses to learn even more advanced JavaScript included with our of web developer courses. Comprehensive JavaScript Programming, learn by making and working with examples. Build dynamic websites with JavaScript. javascript web javascript design javascript complete javascript for programmers javascript tutorial javascript basics This course is perfect whether you are an Absolute Beginner, who wants to learn about JavaScript Programming or whether you are a web developer who wants to learn more about JavaScript. Who this course is for: Anyone who wants to get familiar with jquery anyone who needs to learn jquery anyone who wants to expand their JavaScript knowledge anyone who wants to learn how to use jquery Redeem Coupon
  4. What you'll learn Setup Creative Cloud Account Download & Install Creative Cloud App Download & Install Photoshop Learn Photoshop Tools Move Tool Rectangular Marquee Tool Lasso Tool Quick Selection Tool Crop Tool Frame Tool Eyedropper Tool Spot Healing Brush Tool Brush Tool Clone Stamp Tool History Brush Tool Eraser Tool Gradient Tool Blur Tool Dodge Tool Pen Tool Horizontal Type Tool Path Selection Tool Rectangle Tool Hand Tool Zoom Tool Description If your goal is to become a user of Photoshop Tools, then this course is perfect for you. It will get you started on the right path and give you the knowledge and skills you need to Photoshop Tools... Learning Photoshop Tools is Not only for Experienced users, but also everyone else. Because when you have master Photoshop Tools, you can get around photoshop quickly! In short, a good understanding of Photoshop Tools is tremendously beneficial. Now, in this course, we'll go far beyond that. By the end of it, you'll have gained complete proficiency in Photoshop Tools even if you're currently a complete beginner! Redeem Coupon
  5. What you'll learn Setup Creative Cloud Account Download & Install Creative Cloud App Download & Install Photoshop Learn Photoshop Automate Batch PDF Presentation Create Droplet Crop and Straighten Photos Contact Sheet II Conditional Mode Change Fit Image Lens Correction Merge to HDR Pro Photomerge LEARN BASIC PHOTOSHOP AUTOMATE BY DOING! (LEARN TO INSTALL PHOTOSHOP AUTOMATE FROM SCRATCH!) We will go step by step and cover Photoshop Automate. The goal here is to help you A) Setup an Account with a 14 Day Free Trial which after is Paid B) Be able to Download and Install Photoshop Here’s what we’ll cover in the course: 1. We’ll start from the very beginning and explain what Photoshop Automate is, why & how it’s used. 2. Install some of the software we’ll be using all throughout the course. 3. Introduce you to Photoshop Automate Redeem Coupon
  6. What you'll learn Setup Creative Cloud Account Download & Install Creative Cloud App Download & Install Photoshop Learn Photoshop Workspaces Learn all these tool to work with workspaces! Essentials 3D Motion Painting Photography Reset Workspace New Workspace Delete Workspace LEARN BASIC PHOTOSHOP WORKSPACES BY DOING! (LEARN TO INSTALL PHOTOSHOP WORKSPACES FROM SCRATCH!) We will go step by step and cover Photoshop Workspaces. The goal here is to help you A) Setup an Account with a 14 Day Free Trial which after is Paid B) Be able to Download and Install Photoshop Here’s what we’ll cover in the course: 1. We’ll start from the very beginning and explain what Photoshop Workspaces is, why & how it’s used. 2. Install some of the software we’ll be using all throughout the course. 3. Introduce you to Photoshop Workspaces Redeem Coupon
  7. What you'll learn PHP Programming SQL Programming Database Coding Application Programming Cross Platform Development Web Development Semantics of General Programming The Format of Coding Applications Web Design All The Features of PHP & MySQL Object Oriented Programming Requirements Passion For Learning Web Development Basic Computer Knowledge and Skills Passion For Learning PHP Programming Basic Knowledge of Computer Science Is Optional To summarise this is what you get: • Lifetime access to HD quality videos. No monthly subscription. Learn at your own pace, whenever you want. • All videos are downloadable. Learn wherever you want, even without an internet connection! • Downloadable starter code and final code for each section. • Free helpful support in the course Q&A when you have questions or get stuck. • Multiple coding challenges to practice your new skills (solutions included). REDEEM COUPON
  8. What you'll learn Modern UI Layout Object oriented programming PHP Custom Libraries Responsive Email Template Email Confirmation Forgot Password Complete Registration Form with Dashboard Settings Requirements Basic PHP Knowledge is required You don't need any experience with object oriented programming Description Registration Form is a compulsory part of any dynamic website, in this course we are going to create a PHP registration form with email confirmation, forgot password and responsive email template. this course is PHP beginners students you just have the basic knowledge of PHP and we will cover Object Oriented Programming fundamentals in this course we have a separate section for oops. REDEEM COUPON

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