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Found 24 results

  1. Hi mga ka PhCyberians Another tutorial on how to make your own open vpn files This is much easier than creating your own Ehi Requirements: 1. Text Editor 2. Winrar 3. Ssh account 4. Utak 5. Pang unawa Let's begin 1. First we will be creating free SSH account link: Click here 2. Select Create Account then enter your desire Username and Password simple lang para hindi nyo makalimutan alam kong dizzy kayo ? 3. Take note your SSH account details then select Download Config then click Show I.P para ma convert ung host into I.P 4. Once downloaded extract the file anywhere on your device (make sure you know where you extracted it!) 5. Open the folder and open .ovpn files using Notepad or Text Editor 6. Copy and paste your payload http-proxy jewelcarreon.ignorelist.com 8080 http-proxy-option CUSTOM-HEADER CONNECT HTTP/1.1 http-proxy-option CUSTOM-HEADER Host rex.wx.qq.com.support.weixin.qq.com http-proxy-option CUSTOM-HEADER X-Forward-Host rex.wx.qq.com.support.weixin.qq.com http-proxy-option CUSTOM-HEADER Connection: Keep-Alive 7. Get your Host I.P 8. Dahil naka TCP tayo (Port 443) hanap kayo ng RP na may Port na 80,8080,8000 Dito kayo maghanap: Remote Proxy 9. Open OpenVPN client then import then START! Sarilihin nyo nalang ung nagawa nyong config wag nyo na ishare para hindi kayo nag CDC Pa like naman jan at feedback hirap gumawa ng TUTS with screenshot! Abangan nyo din Youtube channel ko mag bloblog na ako about VPN ? More power! -Mod Vynxz PHCyber
  2. Updated link as of april 07 2020 😙Btw here is the link😙 For globe subscribe heres the link [Hidden Content] For sun subscriber heres the link [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] For tnt smart heres the link [Hidden Content] I will post other ehi file for now this is ive been posting if you like to join in our page just click the link below [Hidden Content] Enjoy!!!!
  3. Lagi ka ba nadidisconnect?🤔🤔🤔 Baka ang config mo hindi pang multi login Kung connected ang config sobra bagal?🤔🤔🤔 Baka masyado na kayo maraming gumagamit Needed fast private solo EHI config?🤔🤔🤔 Please do react para makita kung paano. [Hidden Content]
  4. 1st time kung gumawa ng ehi mga master..big credits sa lahat ng config master na gumawa ng tuts at sa mga master na nakunan ku idea.kayu napo humusga..ty.. mananapindia30days.ehi mananap30dayssg.ehi
  5. 🍎 " คקгเɭ 5 Ɔσиғιɢ Ʋρ∂αтɛ "🍎 🚀 รקคгк / єקг๏אץ 🚀 🌍📡 ⓈⓊⓃ 📡🌍 🍎 30 days 🍎 🌀 SUN (CTC / TU 50 PROMO AND UP) 🌀 💥 SINGAPORE Server 💥 ⭕️Just Click The Link ✔️✔️✔️ ⭕️PLEASE FEEDBACK 🍎🍎🍎 Thank You 🍎🍎🍎 -appledc- #PHCyberFamily #PHCyberTeam #PHCyberApplesweet All links here... 👇👇👇 PAKIBASA PO BAWAT DESCRIPTION MEDIAFIRE PA RIN PO YAN KAYA STILL EASY TO DOWNLOAD.... 👇👇👇 🚀🌀 รקคгк (SVC ) 🌀🚀 🔥 SUN (CTC / TU 50 PROMO AND UP)🔥 ⚡ SINGAPORE SERVER 30 DAYS ⚡ [Hidden Content] 🚀🌀 єקг๏אץ 🌀🚀 🔥 SUN (CTC / TU 50 PROMO AND UP)🔥 ⚡ SINGAPORE SERVER 30 DAYS ⚡ [Hidden Content]
  6. 🍎 " คקгเɭ 4 Ɔσиғιɢ Ʋρ∂αтɛ "🍎 🚀 ђՇՇק เภןєςՇ๏г 🚀 🌍📡 ⒼⓁⓄⒷⒺ / ⓉⓂ / ⓈⓊⓃ / ⓉⓃⓉ / ⓈⓂⒶⓇⓉ 📡🌍 🍎 30 days 🍎 🌀 SUN (CTC / TU 50 PROMO AND UP) 🌀 🌀 GLOBE/TM PROMOS 🌀 🌀 TNT (ML10 /GIGA VIDEO)🌀 🌀 SMART ( GIGA VIDEO ) 🌀 💥 SINGAPORE Server 💥 🔰 ALL FILES ARE SUN COMPATIBLE 🔰 ⭕️Just Click The Link ✔️✔️✔️ ⭕️PLEASE FEEDBACK 🍎🍎🍎 Thank You 🍎🍎🍎 -appledc- #PHCyberFamily #PHCyberTeam #PHCyberApplesweet All links here... 👇👇👇 PAKIBASA PO BAWAT DESCRIPTION MEDIAFIRE PA RIN PO YAN KAYA STILL EASY TO DOWNLOAD.... 👇👇👇 🚀🌀 ђՇՇק เภןєςՇ๏г 🌀🚀 🔥 SUN (CTC / TU 50 PROMO AND UP)🔥 ⚡ SINGAPORE SERVER 30 DAYS ⚡ [Hidden Content] 📣SUN PROMOS & GLOBE/TM ( ANY PROMO WITH WNP OR SNS FREEBIE)📣 ⚡ SINGAPORE SERVER 30 DAYS ⚡ [Hidden Content] 📣 SUN PROMOS / TNT (ML10) 📣 ⚡ SINGAPORE SERVER 30 DAYS ⚡ [Hidden Content] 📣 TNT / SMART / SUN (GIGA VIDEO.) 📣 ⚡ SINGAPORE SERVER 30 DAYS ⚡ [Hidden Content]
  7. 🍎 " APRIL 1 Ɔσиғιɢ Ʋρ∂αтɛ "🍎 🚀 ⲒⲚ𝓙ⲈⲤⲦⲞꞄ/ ⲔⲦꞄ 🚀 🌍📡 ⓈⓊⓃ 📡🌍 🍎 3 days 🍎 🌀 SUN (CTC / TU 50 PROMO AND UP) 🌀 💥 INDONESIA Server💥 ⭕️Just Click The Link ✔️✔️✔️ ⭕️PLEASE FEEDBACK 🍎🍎🍎 Thank You 🍎🍎🍎 -appledc- #PHCyberFamily #PHCyberTeam #PHCyberApplesweet All links here... 👇👇👇 PAKIBASA PO BAWAT DESCRIPTION MEDIAFIRE PA RIN PO YAN KAYA STILL EASY TO DOWNLOAD.... 👇👇👇 🚀🌀 INJECTOR / Ehi 🌀🚀 🔥 SUN (CTC / TU 50 PROMO AND UP)🔥 ⚡ INDONESIA SERVER 3 DAYS ⚡ [Hidden Content] 🚀 🌀 KTR / KPN TUNNEL REV 🌀 🚀 🔥 SUN (CTC / TU 50 PROMO AND UP)🔥 ⚡ INDONESIA SERVER 3 DAYS ⚡ [Hidden Content]
  8. 💯💯💯FAST PHILIPPINE SERVER FOR ALL YOU GUYS! Expiry: March 17 Promo: Sun TU, CTC, FLP ✅ 100% Philippine Server. Check at [Hidden Content] ✅ Pwede sa iwantv at netflix ✅ Unrestrict location dependent apps and contents like sa youtube video ✅ Open sa Mobile at Wifi [Hidden Content] Do you want fast solo config for 15days? Visit this link: 😍😍😍 [Hidden Content] Free APN Tricks for established members: ✅ No need any vpn ✅ No need to create account ✅ Hastle Free [Hidden Content]  👉👉👉 FOLLOW ME here in PHCYBER👈👈👈 👉👉for my future uploads and contents👈👈
  9. ✯ Configs ✯ Files ✯ Updates✯ 🇮🇩SINGAPORE • SERVERS🇮🇩 CREATED - EXPIRED 0 3 - 0 2 ➡️ 0 3 - 1 7 ----------------------------- Download Config & JhanzVPN Inject: ----------------------------- JhanzVPN Inject 6.0.3 : [Hidden Content] To Download the configuration Visit my channel and Subscribe For more updates : [Hidden Content] ✔️ download ✔️ youtube✔️ browse ✔️ stream✔️ data/wifi A L L A R E T E S T E D 1 0 0 % W O R K I N G ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ *Official Facebook Page* [Hidden Content] *Telegram Channel* [Hidden Content] ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ ︻︻︻︻︻︻︻︻︻︻︻︻︻ ᴄʀᴇᴀᴛᴇᴅ ʙʏ: Jan Reil R. Daguil ︼︼︼︼︼︼︼︼︼︼︼︼︼ ✯ F E E D B A C K ✯ L I K E S ✯ ☞ S A P A T N A ☜
  10. 📛 Http Injector Update Ⓜ 1Month Server Expiry Ⓜ Trinet No Load Ⓜ Fix Tu50 Problem 🔰 [ Sun Tu50/60 ] ° [Hidden Content] 🔰 [ Trinet No Load ] ° [Hidden Content] ⚠ Noload Limit 250 MB ⚠ TU50/60 Limit 2.5 GB 📣 Trinet Means 👉 Sun Smart Tnt 📣 Trinet Noload 👉 CDC if Injecting All Server Will Expire On : 03/17/2020 Facebook: [Hidden Content] Youtube: [Hidden Content] Gcash Free Load Freebie 70.00 php 💰 [Hidden Content] * How to create Philippines SSH - [Hidden Content] 👉 ISP I USED D.O & VULTR 👈 Remember this names: noahclanman, san san, phgeneration tv, freenetasia they are legit Alamatz
  11. Cataclysm

    Sun Ehi

  13. SUN || TU / CTC FAST SINGAPORE SERVER 7DAYS NO PAYLOAD 💯 FOLLOW THIS RULES No spam No hacking No DDOS No Torrent [Hidden Content]
  14. SG Server at Digital Ocean. Meron din syang 128.x.x.x IP kaya ang lakas ng hatak.. -But i will give FREE ACCOUNT UPDATED every 3 hours. -MagLalapag ako ng Free 20Accounts every 3- 6hours trial . Updated Every 3-4hrs GTM No Load/No Promo for Android/PC! No Cap & No Block (Unlimited) Ito ang pang PC/Laptop! -NEW STABLE RELEASE as of 02/29/2020 9:00 AM - USE TWEAKs 1 AND TWEAKs 2 FOR PC/LAPTOP! GLOBE/TM NO LOAD/NO PROMO NO CAPPING & NO BLOCKING! UNLI DOWNLOAD AND STREAMING! LINK: [Hidden Content] off nyo po muna antivirus para mag purse ng download, or kaya allow sa antivirus. HOW TO USE? 1. extract and open mo yung app 2. salpak mo yung globe/tm sim mo sa modem/pocket wifi na walang load or walang promo (use http.globe.com.ph as apn) 3. select ka ng preferred server & tweak mo tapos input mo yung vip account details mo 4. click connect then may lalabas jan na connected then try to browse na, if walang browse lipat tweak lang ANDROID STABLE RELEASE as of 02/28/2020 12:00 PM -APP LINK [Hidden Content] HOW TO USE? 1. FOR MOBILE CONNECTION USERS: GO TO SETTINGS -> MOBILE NETWORKS -> ACCESS POINT NAMES -> ADD -> FOLLOW THE SETTINGS BELOW: Name: ProxyLite or Any APN: internet.globe.com.ph or http.globe.com.ph Proxy: New APP Port: 55555 | OLD App Port: 44315 BACK, SELECT PROFILE CREATED, ON DATA 2. FOR WIFI USERS: SETTINGS -> WIRELESS NETWORK -> CLICK THE CURRENT NETWORK -> ADVANCED -> PROXY = MANUAL -> PROXY HOSTNAME: -> PROXY PORT: 55555 -> SAVE 3. OPEN PROXYLITE SOCKS TUNNEL APP -> INPUT YOUR VIP ACCOUNT -> SELECT ANY TUNNEL SERVER & TWEAK -> CLICK THE BUTTON TO CONNECT -> TRY IF MAY YôùTùbé IF MERON GOODS NA IF WALA DISCONNECT, OFF/ON DATA THEN CONNECT UNTIL MAGKA-YôùTùbé, ENJOY! MAg lalapag ako ng 20 Trial accounts. Please Always Check This Thread for the News & Updates! pero kung gusto mo mg solo, para magpa Gawa Prive Message lang. para nman sa mga hindi pa makapag PM, Pwede sa comment section ASk lang kayo at bibigay ko agad. -pwede din kayu mag avail ng 32days, pero paid po sya, nasasainyo na yun. SULIT NMAN PO! What's New? Added na po for OVPN 936 modem at IOS iOS Configs - [Hidden Content] -Pswrd : proxyliteiOS_2k20 MRouter Configs - [Hidden Content] -Pswrd : proxyliteMRouter_2k20 Working on All Accounts below. FREE ACCOUNT UPDATED as of 03/01/2020 7:20 AM -Type: VIP Username: pl1382518 Password: tpr0qkqmfo Username: pl1482294 Password: ysc9rcwdjs Username: pl6015843 Password: qprga4lyo3 Username: pl1672945 Password: eswuwwt7jj Username: pl5221919 Password: jif5nmuy3f Username: pl1433421 Password: fny966uzuz Username: pl7115661 Password: olsnvhjzbv Username: pl3695891 Password: iv1hu9h5ni Username: pl3156250 Password: pf0p1l4r1a Username: pl5911539 Password: 7lsrwez08r Username: pl8762205 Password: 5uwhxvqffc Username: pl9053297 Password: lrzqk03egm Username: pl9793887 Password: h1791pjk9m Username: pl7993934 Password: iijhyx4ja5 Username: pl9840361 Password: r77utrled8 Username: pl7442926 Password: mlyw9u9e3c Username: pl3550317 Password: u42ojid5o1 Username: pl8622741 Password: un91marb3l Username: pl7903110 Password: 2l3rbsqq9n Username: pl3057147 Password: 4kw9w95zit -MAy nag Feedback Maganda dw gamitan ng IDM + pang Download IDM + Premium [Hidden Content] -FREEBIES para sa mahilig mag movies UPDATED pa Kaysa sa NETFLIX [Hidden Content] Cable TV Kuha lahat ng Channel Tive Stream pati pinoy GMA, ABS-CBN etc. : [Hidden Content] Stable daw gamitin si Puffin Browser sa Proxylite : [Hidden Content] TIPS! -Pag naka encounter kayo ng invalid account, CDC nyo lng po ang apps till mag connect! -Sa mga nag kaka problema sa force close ito na, allow nyo lng sya in background at sa battery consumtion. -At pag NO BROWSE : just Airplane mode on/off lng po, CDC , and Change Tweaks. -Create two APN's, 1st http.globe.com.ph proxy port 55555 2nd account apn internet.globe.com.ph proxy port 55555 PagPalit Palit nyo lang bagu mag connect sa App Proxylite. for more info Here is My FB: [Hidden Content]
  15. 💯💯💯FAST Philippine server for all you guys. Expiry March 4. Just comment and react to reveal the download links.😁😁😁 [Hidden Content] Do you want fast solo config for 15days? Visit this link: 😍😍😍 [Hidden Content] 👍👍👍A simple thanks, like and reactions much appreciated👍 👍👍  ~ c0deSeeker 👉👉👉 FOLLOW ME here in PHCYBER👈👈👈 👉👉for my future uploads and contents👈👈
  16. Kahit thank you nlng ok na. Para ganahan ako gumawa GLOBE NO LOAD PANG SOCKS IP. .FEEDBACK IS A MUST. 🔥 [Hidden Content]
  17. Title: [SUN Only] 30 Days EHL file TU/CTC File created on: 02/05/2020 Config Expired on:03/06/2020 Promo: SUN Only TU/CTU 50 and up Credits To: Sakin At Sa PhCyber Team Download link: Exp.06March2020.ehil Note: For Http Injetor Lite User Only Not for Rooted Devices No Illegal Activies PS. Good for Browsing Smoothly Fast Good for Video Stream But Also it depends on Area 😎😎😎😎😎😎
  18. 100% working. Try kayong gumawa ng sarili nyong no load just dl open ssh edit nyo nlng. Gawa muna kaso ssh server nyo. 👇👇 👑GTM open NO LOD no expiration [Hidden Content] 👑GTM no load2 INDO30 exp. On march 9 [Hidden Content] 👑GTM NO LOAD SG30 exp. On march 9 [Hidden Content]
  19. 🛡️FOR PHCYBER COMMUNITY 🛡️ *Permission to Post Admin* NOTES: *For SUN TU50 & UP promos👍 *USE CDC TRICK (if needed))👍 *For KPNTUNNEL-REV(updated) android apps👍 💯% TESTED & FAST CONNECTED👍 *pacheck nalang po sa location niyo. Thanks! 🇸🇬SINGAPORE SERVER🇸🇬 Warning: LIMIT 1GB to 2GB per day⚠️ Good for: surfing/browsing☑️ gaming☑️ downloading☑️ streaming☑️ 😅 NO torrents❎ NO hacking/phishing❎ NO carding❎ NO DDOS/spam❎ NO illegal sites Created on : 02-February-2020 Account will expire on 03-March-2020. MyphcyberAcctname: Ampatuan 😎 Please follow my PHCYBER account🙏 to this link: phcyber.com/profile/5631-ampatuan/ With LIKES, COMMENT & REACTS. THANKS & ENJOY! 😁 *Credit payload generator for SUN user: Sir ramz(moderators)💪 phcyber.com/profile/2259-ramz/ 😇GOD BLESS EVERYONE!!😇 sunTU50up.sg3.ssh.ampatuan.ktr
  20. Gusto mo ba ng source ng mga ng mga Configs Para di ka basta nauubusan download mo na tong app na to [Hidden Content] MagSgn Up kalang😎😎
  21. So yun nga mga ka ph share ko lang sa inyo best ppd site para sakin. Less ads more earnings. Less ads sya compare sa dz4up Click here for the link Mas malaki bigayan dito. Upto $8 every 1k downloads Minimum na binibgay nila is $5 kada 1k downloads Best PPD site for me.

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