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  1. Guest

    11$ / Day

    It's time to make money and be successful! There are many ways to profit from the Internet today, becoming one of the main sources of income for a wide segment of people! If you are not one of them yet, you are not using one of the most powerful profit tools of our time. So if you're going to make an extra income If you master and master a particular skill in one of the following areas: writing, design, translation, drawing, designing Facebook pages, reviews, videos or any talent you have, there is definitely someone who needs it. You can start making money from a small service economy. I will teach you the method of profit from the Internet at least $ 100 per month from doing some simple tasks and tasks for other people who need and pay you for it and receive your earnings in your country's currency against the dollar in the parallel market (black market) at today's price. SEE more GO to site
  2. Pano po ayusin yung laptop ko. black screen po sya.
  3. TIPS: HOW TO ADD INPUT SERVER CONFIG MESSAGE IN LOG PANEL? ☯️》》》STEP 1 Download the Payload Template below: 🏷HTTP INJECTOR EHI TEMPLATE [Hidden Content] 🏷KPN TUNNEL KTR TEMPLATE [Hidden Content] ☯️》》》STEP2 Copy the payload to your clipboard (because these files were locked and you cannot export it) ☯️》》》STEP 3 Reset the injector (ALL) ☯️》》》STEP 4 Paste the Payload and EDIT the server message with your desired message (see the attached screen shots) ☯️》》》STEP 5 Paste your SSH or SSL account details in SSH SETTINGS (because this is only a template) ☯️》》》STEP 6 Click START and you're good to go! Enjoy ℹNOTES: ✅1. This is a template only, there is no ssh account being inserted in this EHI/KTR file, so you have to create ur account in our beloved VPN PANEL. Proceed to this link to create account: [Hidden Content] ✅2. The payload inserted in this EHI/KTR file was for SUN TU50 UP only, if you want to create other payloads that suits to your Network and Promo, please proceed to this link: [Hidden Content] ☎️For further informations and updates please follow my profile: [Hidden Content]
  4. Tulungan tayo mas marami mas madali makaipon. Pwede mag cashout kahit saan pwedeng thru gcash or via load,madami options. Minimum of 100 maximum of 50000 per day. Yan yung link tulungan tayo wala kang babayadan, ikaw ang babayadan. ”comment done and paste your link on comment box para mahelpback ko kayo happy earnings [Hidden Content]
  5. Take advantage of our new Redeem Account Feature this Christmas! Every Rank will have limitation on how many account you can redeem. They are as follows: NEWBIE : 1 Account per day MEMBER : 2 Accounts per day PIONEER MEMBER : 3 Accounts per day PHCYBER RESELLER : 3 Accounts per day ADVANCE MEMBER : 3 Accounts per day ELITE MEMBER : 4 Accounts per day NOBILITY : 5 Accounts per day ROYALTY : 6 Accounts per day BONAFIDE : 7 Accounts per day VIP : 7 Accounts per day To Redeem an account go here: [Hidden Content] To Check your own account's user code, check My Accounts here: [Hidden Content] If you want to give an account to someone they need to be logged in the forum. All you have to do is send them the Account's User Code Then for the Account Holder it will need to be your Forum's Username. Example: User Code : e34eqe6y Account Holder : Cyber The User Code e34eqe6y is one of my accounts user code found in My Accounts, My Forum's username is Cyber, therefore the Account Holder is also Cyber.
  6. Warning to all Pioneer Members and Bona Fide Members. Your rank will be demoted to Members only if you become inactive for two months. We want to make sure that our community is striving to grow by being as active as possible. To all honorary Bona Fide Members, you have been given that title because you have been our active contributors during our first year of existence and your helpful topic is what led our users enjoy our forum giving us the glory of what it is today, however if you have slacked off and become inactive for 2 months or 60 days, your account will be demoted to just Members (established). This is due to the fact that we require continuous activity from Bona Fide Members. Once you reached this title you are required to be as active as possible, slacking off will demote you from your current rank. To Pioneer Members, you have been given that title because you were the first to enjoy our forum, building this community is your pride and joy, your activity and appreciation to our contributors have led this forum to where it is now. However, if you will become inactive for 2 months or 60 days your account will also be demoted to just Members(established). This is due to the fact that we want to keep activity to our pioneer members as well. Thank you and God bless! Happy Browsing! PhCyber
  7. CZVPN ---------------------- SUN (TUpromo|FixPlan) TNT (ML10promo) SMART (AT10promo) GTM (Gosurfpromo|A20promo) ---------------------- Watch Full Tutorial & Download Apps [Hidden Content] ---------------------- Taposin Ang Video Para Connected Ka Basahin Po Ang Nilalaman Ng Discription
  8. So guys, May isheshare lang ako tungkol sa mga load na libre Eto guys malaking load ang ibibigay sayo dito [ not GCASH, FREENET, COINS.PH, etc. ] Pa iba iba kasi yung bigay nya, minsan ang bigay nya sayo is 150 pero minsan 300 pesos pwede mo gawing pera so sorry guys ayoko mag sulat ng mag sulat kaya ginawa ko na lng na tutorial, Click nyo na lng ang link sa baba [pa SUBSCRIBE narin] thanks