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Found 26 results

  1. Hi mga ka PhCyberians Another tutorial on how to make your own open vpn files This is much easier than creating your own Ehi Requirements: 1. Text Editor 2. Winrar 3. Ssh account 4. Utak 5. Pang unawa Let's begin 1. First we will be creating free SSH account link: Click here 2. Select Create Account then enter your desire Username and Password simple lang para hindi nyo makalimutan alam kong dizzy kayo ? 3. Take note your SSH account details then select Download Config then click Show I.P para ma convert ung host into I.P 4. Once downloaded extract the file anywhere on your device (make sure you know where you extracted it!) 5. Open the folder and open .ovpn files using Notepad or Text Editor 6. Copy and paste your payload http-proxy 8080 http-proxy-option CUSTOM-HEADER CONNECT HTTP/1.1 http-proxy-option CUSTOM-HEADER Host http-proxy-option CUSTOM-HEADER X-Forward-Host http-proxy-option CUSTOM-HEADER Connection: Keep-Alive 7. Get your Host I.P 8. Dahil naka TCP tayo (Port 443) hanap kayo ng RP na may Port na 80,8080,8000 Dito kayo maghanap: Remote Proxy 9. Open OpenVPN client then import then START! Sarilihin nyo nalang ung nagawa nyong config wag nyo na ishare para hindi kayo nag CDC Pa like naman jan at feedback hirap gumawa ng TUTS with screenshot! Abangan nyo din Youtube channel ko mag bloblog na ako about VPN ? More power! -Mod Vynxz PHCyber
  2. 👸 " AUG.3 OVPN CONFIG UPDATE " 👸 ---10 days--- 🔰🔰🔰SUN🔰🔰🔰 🔰 NEED PROMOLOAD 🔰 💲SINGAPORE Server 💲 💙️FOLLOW ME & PLEASE FEEDBACK💙 ♡ [Hidden Content] ♡ 💋Thank You💋 💘 SUN (CTC / TU 50 PROMO AND UP)💘 Download Link: [Hidden Content] #PHCyberFamily #PHCyberConfigMaster #PHCyberElmay05 #PHCyberMomshiePayatPeroSexy👄
  3. View File SAMPLE VPN SOURCE Hi Admins at Members Sa mga gusto pong mag start na matuto mag moderate ng VPN APP, narito po ang isang sample ng SOURCE CODE ng isang vpn na pwede nyo gamitin para sa want magpractice at matuto. Ang file po na ito ay galing din sa ibang forums. Thanks po Submitter ramz Submitted 11/14/2019 Category Source Codes  
  4. Truecaller Premium APK 11.11.6 (MOD, Gold Pro Unlocked) Download With Truecaller Premium, all features in the application are unlocked. You can make free calls to any country in the world, or manage calls ... Mod Features: Premium Gold Unlocked Latest Version: 10.66.6 Download
  5. Youtube Channel Link 1: [Hidden Content] Link 2: [Hidden Content]V2 1. FREENET TRICKS 2. GAME BOOSTER 3. LEGIT APPLICATION 4. VPN 5. FREE LOAD ✔EXTRA INCOME ✔ANDROID TUTORIAL ✔EHI MAKER ✔AND MANY OTHERS BASTA MAKAKATULONG PO SA INYO Thank you for supporting us.
  6. Lifetime Sg1 TCP Ovpn Config good for downloading For Sun Tu50&up Open For Android, Ios, Pc (exp: Unknown) LIFETIME_SUNTU_TCP 1194 SG1 LIFETIME_SUNTU_TCP 1194 (SG1).ovpn LIFETIME_SUNTU_TCP 443 SG1 LIFETIME_SUNTU_TCP 443 (SG1).ovpn good luck 😇😇😇 injoy 😊😊😊 keep safe 👍👍👍
  7. Lifetime Sg5 TCP Ovpn Config good for downloading For Sun Tu50&up Open For Android, Ios, Pc (exp: Unknown)  LIFETIME_SUNTU_TCP 1194 SG5 LIFETIME_SUNTU_TCP 1194 (SG5).ovpn LIFETIME_SUNTU_TCP 443 SG5 LIFETIME_SUNTU_TCP 443 (SG5).ovpn good luck 😇😇😇 injoy 😊😊😊 keep safe 👍👍👍
  8. Lifetime Udp Ovpn Gaming Lowping Config For Sun Tu Open For Android, Ios, Pc (Exp: UNKNOWN) SG10_UDP_53 GAMING_SUNTU_UDP 53 (SG10).ovpn SG10_UDP_25000 GAMING_SUNTU_UDP 25000 (SG10).ovpn injoy 😊😊😊 keep safe👍👍👍
  9. Udp Ovpn Gaming Lowping Config For Sun Tu Open For Android, Ios, Pc Exp:04/13/2020 UPD SG7 53 GAMING_SUNTU_UDP 53 (SG7).ovpn UDP SG7 2500 GAMING_SUNTU_UDP 2500 (SG7).ovpn UDP SG8 53 GAMING_SUNTU_UDP 53 (SG8).ovpn UDP SG8 2500 GAMING_SUNTU_UDP 2500 (SG8).ovpn injoy have a nice sunday 😊😊😊 [Hidden Content]
  11. 🍎" ₥₳Ɽ₵Ⱨ 29 OPEN VPN Ɔσиғιɢ Ʋρ∂αтɛ"🍎 ---5 days-- FOR ANDROID AND IOS PHONES 🌍📡 ⓈⓊⓃ / ⒼⓁⓄⒷⒺ / ⓉⓂ 🌍📡 🎯 5 days 🎯 🔰 NEED PROMOLOAD 🔰 💥 SINGAPORE Server 💥 🚀 STILL Uploaded to MEDIAFIRE kaya EASY TO DOWNLOAD 🚀 ⭕️Just Click The Link ✔️✔️✔️ ⭕️PLEASE FEEDBACK 🍎🍎🍎 Thank You 🍎🍎🍎 -applesweet- #PHCyberFamily #PHCyberTeam #PHCyberApplesweet 📣SUN (CTC / TU 50 PROMO AND UP)📣 📣GLOBE/TM ( ANY PROMO WITH WNP OR SNS FREEBIE)📣 [Hidden Content] 📣SUN (CTC / TU 50 PROMO AND UP)📣 [Hidden Content]
  12. OVPN CONFIG FOR SUN TU&UP TRY CTC AND CTU.. VALID FOR 20DAYS.. THIS IS 2 PROTOCOL CONFIG UDP AND TCP NO PAYLOAD OPEN FOR IOS, ANDROID, WINDOWS DATA LIMIT 20GB PER DAY AS MY EXPERIENCE... 👇 UDP CONFIG 👇 25000 (SG).ovpn 53 (SG).ovpn 25000 (SG).ovpn 53 (SG).ovpn 25000 (SG).ovpn 53 (SG).ovpn 25000 (SG).ovpn 53 (SG).ovpn 25000 (SG).ovpn 53 (SG).ovpn 25000 (SG).ovpn 53 (SG).ovpn 👇TCP CONFIG 👇 1194 (SG).ovpn 443 (SG).ovpn 1194 (SG).ovpn 443 (SG).ovpn 1194 (SG).ovpn 443 (SG).ovpn 1194 (SG).ovpn 443 (SG).ovpn 1194 (SG).ovpn 443 (SG).ovpn 1194 (SG).ovpn 443 (SG).ovpn GOODLUCK AND INJOY 😆😆😆😆😆 @ChardChie
  13. Version 2.0.0


    VL Channel VPN app powered by: PhCyber Server Premium, VIP, and Multi SSH server Free account: Premium: VIP: Multi1: Happy browsing!
  14. AOS TV is another great IPTV Android application giving a lot of value to the users. The special thing about this is that it takes and streams content internationally. That is, you get access to the majority of the content available as TV channels worldwide. You can stream channels among categories such as News, Entertainment, Movies, Cartoons, and so much more. IPTV services are different from Netflix and Amazon Prime Video like services. These are TV streaming services, working like D2H via the internet. Whereas, Netflix and other services are more like on-demand libraries. AOS_TV_16.2.4_-_Mod.apk
  15. Requirements: PC/LAPTOP 64bit Click here PC/LAPTOP 32bit Click here Android Click here IOS Click here Config File: Click here 1. Instruction para sa PC/LAPTOP Install nyo ung WireGuard. click Add Tunnel. Select nyo ung Random.conf tapos click Activate mag coconnect na yan. 2. Instruction para sa Android Download and install wireguard link sa taas pag ka install nyo open then ganito Click "+" pag ka click nyo ng "+". Select Create from file or archive then iselect nyo ung random.conf (config link sa taas) wala na kayong babaguhin iconnect nyo lang. Note: pwede nyo palitan ung DNS sa or (take note mas ok ung para ma access nyo ung playstore) Proof na Working: I do not owned the tutorial. This tutorial is from different forum. Credit to the owner of the original author. Kapag may error na lumbas make sure na mag install ng tap driver: Tap Driver (Click here) Enjoy!
  16. Hi guys, Proof and Legitimate review please watch my Youtube: [Hidden Content] Please do not forget to Subscribe :) and comment on the video with your forum name to win C-Coins :) Download and Install ClipClaps: [Hidden Content] Use my referral code: 5V0J8SBC Steps: 1. Download ClipClaps 2. Open ClipClaps 3. Register ClipClaps 4. Go to Rewards 5. Tap on Redeem on upper right corner 6. Enter my Referral code to earn $1 Withdrawal via Paypal/Bank to Bank
  17. iTunnel VPN VERSION 1.1.1 (RELEASED) FEATURES: 🔥(LITE 6.95MB ) Magaan kahit low memory device 🔥Fix Bug 🔥Friendly UI 🔥Fix Configs Update 🔥Fix bug of downloading config 🔥Pannel inside the app WHATS NEW ? ☑️Added Free Server ☑️Added Premium Server ☑️Added Vip Server ☑️Optimized fore gaming mode HOW TO CONNECT ? 1.DOWNLOAD THE APP HERE Download link 1 (Mediafire) -Download Now Download link 2 (Gdrive) -Download Now 2.UPDATE THE CONFIGS via online update by clicking UPDATE BUTTON > CONFIG UPDATE > CHECK UPDATE. (need internet connection.v 3.Go to VPN PANNEL INSIDE THE APP and create a server (need internet connection) 4.Select server/payload and provide USERNAME and password then hit CONNECT BUTTON. NOTE: ALL FREE SERVER IS FREE WAG IBENTA !!☺️ PWEDE NYU I SHARE SA IBA NG LIBRE. WAG TAYONG MADAMOT. KEEP the APP INSTALLED FOR FUTURE UPDATES ☑️
  18. FBReader is a popular (20+ millions installs) multi-platform ebook reader. Supports popular ebook formats: ePub, fb2, mobi, rtf, html, plain text, and a lot of other formats. Provides access to popular network libraries that contain a large set of ebooks. Download books for free or for a fee. Add your own catalog. Highly customizable. Choose colors, fonts, page turning animations, dictionaries, bookmarks, etc. to make reading as convenient as you want. FBReader TTS Optional: TTS Plugin - Tamad ka bang magbasa? Eto may magbabasa na para sayo.
  19. antivirus for android mobile phone click here--->>> antivirus premium
  20. Share your Android http injector internet connection to other Android smartphone. Kelangan meron ka nito: 1) http injector yung pinaka latest 2) May load o wala basta may net 3) WIFI nyo or WIFI ng kapit bahay na connected ka. 4) OR Data connection ng hotspot. 5) utak. Hotspot Your HTTP INJECTOR, Android to Android NET share (no need root) Next: Sa ikokonect na android phone. Done... enjoy your sharing. Sa mag copy paste nitong post...Paki ayos ng post mo sa ibang site. ?
  21. Version 1.0.0


    Hi Admins at Members Sa mga gusto pong mag start na matuto mag moderate ng VPN APP, narito po ang isang sample ng SOURCE CODE ng isang vpn na pwede nyo gamitin para sa want magpractice at matuto. Ang file po na ito ay galing din sa ibang forums. Thanks po
  22. Mga paps kung mhina signal nyo ito na ang sagot try nyoto mga paps click nyo ung activated or keep Alive pra gumana mga paps so hito na mga paps ? [Hidden Content] Like lang paps ok na skin un... My proof ?
  23. Description: Payload Generator • Can Generate payload for EHI configs • Can Generate payload for KTR configs • Can Generate payload for Spark VPN • or any VPN that needs payload to work. Features: ♦ Added thousand of bughost for making of payload ♦ Create EHI payload with your own rules ♦ Use Auto mode for instant payload making. ♦ Multiple payload Generator - You can input multiple bughost. ♦ Experimental Payload Generator - In this feature.. you can generate multi-status payload - Double request - Multiple bughost Note : This app is not affiliated with any VPN apps, it is help the VPN users to make payload in easiest way and working payloads. Additional Information Category: Free Tools APP Publish Date: 2019-08-07 Latest Version: 7.3 Download: Payload_Generator.ashkenazv7.3.apk Requirements: Android 4.4+ Payload Finder: Payload_Finder.ashv7.1.apk
  24. Hello po sa mga masters dyan.. newbie lang po. Pwede po ba gamitin yung mga free proxies online sa paggawa ng apn para sa better conncetions? If yes, paano po? May tamang timpla po ba? Ex. Ano apn ilalagay etc. Maraming salamat po.
  25. Share Files OFFLINE! No Cloud. No Servers. No Limits. The Flash (Super Speed) Transfer large files in record time. Feem is 50 times faster than Bluetooth. And around twice as fast as Dropbox. Superman (Unlimited File Transfers) Transfer large files without breaking the bank. Feem works device, directly to device. No Internet. No File Size Limits. Captain America (Unbreakable Shield) Transfer sensitive files in your LAN, without the Cloud. There are no servers to hack into. Plus, we encrypt all local transfers with TLS. com.feeperfect.airsend.android_60.apk