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  1. Config Master

    Be One of PhCyber Official Configs Master:
    Can Participate in group meetings. Can Be Trusted. Active to post useful configurations at least once every 2 days. Active to answer own topics' replies and inquiries.   
    Note: If you are interested let me know and send me a message.
    Monthly 150 C-Coins will be provided for own use. Can request more C-Coins for giveaways. Enhanced Privileges in the forum  
    Note: To avoid deactivation of account please follow the rules, be active and post regularly. 

    Position: Configs Maker

    Number of places: Unlimited

    Applicants: 52


  2. Junior Moderator

    Be One of PhCyber Forum Moderators:
    Can Spend time to moderate the forum daily or weekly. With experience in forum moderation or willing to be trained. Can Participate in group meetings. Honest and Loyal. Willing to accept role in the forum. Active to post useful topics in the forum.  
    Note: If you are interested let me know and send me a message.
    Monthly 150 C-Coins Stock will be provided. Enhanced Privileges in the forum  

    Position: Junior Moderator

    Number of places: 5

    Applicants: 24


  3. PhCyber Reseller

    We are looking for VPN account Resellers. Requirements are as follows:
    User must be active. User must have real Facebook Profile (no dummy account) connected to your account. Willing to buy reseller account with 50 vouchers for P1100.   
    A Reseller must be active, this means buying vouchers at least once a month. Minimum of 10 Vouchers: P240.00 Failure to be active will result to removal of the reseller account. A reseller must be active in the forum for VPN Account inquiries. A reseller must open a store in our Classified System Section. A reseller must not sell accounts more than the equivalent price we put on our store. 1 Month VIP = P75 1 Month Premium = P30 A Reseller must not be a current reseller from another VPN provider.  

    Position: VPN Reseller

    Number of places: 20

    Applicants: 16