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Covid19 Tracker App [Android]

Live Update from WHO and DOH about the latest Covid19 Cases in the Philippines and around the world.
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TextBin is a website where you can store any text online for easy sharing.
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DOH launches COVID-19 Hotlines: 1555 (PLDT, Smart, Sun, and TNT subscribers) and (02) 894-26843 (894-COVID).

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Server IP Category Status Users
FREE 1159.65.12.215freeONLINE27
FREE 2178.128.219.85freeONLINE52
FREE 3157.230.42.248freeONLINE34
FREE 4157.230.46.53freeONLINE18
FREE 5157.230.33.156freeONLINE21
PREMIUM 1157.230.241.71premiumONLINE4
PREMIUM 2128.199.241.9premiumONLINE1
PREMIUM 3157.230.241.148premiumONLINE2
PREMIUM 4157.230.249.98premiumONLINE0
PREMIUM 5128.199.231.85premiumONLINE2
VIP 1157.230.45.95vipONLINE16
VIP 2167.99.74.50vipONLINE3
VIP 3178.128.119.80vipONLINE2
VIP 468.183.227.214vipONLINE2
VIP 568.183.191.43vipONLINE3
PRIVATE 1167.71.212.36privateONLINE2
PRIVATE 2167.71.212.29privateONLINE1
PRIVATE 3167.71.212.32privateONLINE2
T O T A L - - - 207

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