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  1. VPN2Share Share VPN (No root) You want to share your VPN access to your friends, family, etc. but you are not root, because you no longer just install the application on your phone share the WIFI I have started the server, and then install on your friend's cell phone and put the IP address and the port, CONNECT it. Features: -No ROOT required -Compatible with VPN diversity -Easy to use -Free Automatic search does not always work, so try to manually configure the address.
  2. Payload for Globe and TM Recommended payloads for Globe Switch @ Payload for GoWatch or EasyWatch Other payloads for Globe/TM Payload for TNT using TP10 to 3545 + T2 to 4545 using SNAP10 to 4545 using IG10 to 4545 using ML10 to 4545 using COC10 to 4545 using TNT Viber Payload for Smart Luzon Smart No Load No Promo using Smart AT10 or AT60 to 9999 using AOC20 to 9999 Payload for Sun Cellular using Sun Free YouTube using Sun TU Promos like TU20, TU50, TU60 to 247 using EMAIL10 to 247 Status 200 payload Payload for all network - Globe, TM, Smart, TNT and Sun (trial and error procedure) Other payloads including freebasics, facebook, opera, internet.org, youtube and google. International payload Follow adn support me. Ty
  3. Payload ssl/tsl cache.googlevideo.com Line.me Sorry. Im newbie
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