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  1. Paano po pag sun fix load 300 ang na block..pano po i unblock?
  2. Pano po yun di kc ako marunong cenxa na new lang kasi ako sa ganito.. San po yung vpn tunnel?
  3. Gamit ko po kasi is ovpn sa modem na globe at home prepaid wifi na openline gamit ko sun sim what username and password po gamit nyo? Thanks
  4. What po username and password nito. i am using ovpn po na modem yung globe at home prepaid wifi na openline at ovpn ready. Thank you..
  5. Sir OVPN modem gamit ko. may simcard gamit ko now is Smart LTE reg sa giga video meron din me Sun na naka reg sa TU50 TnT sim na walang load meron po ba kau config sa mga simcard.. salamat po
  6. Gamit ko now is smart LTE nakareg sa giga video meron din me sun sim naka reg sa TU50 and TnT sim na no load.. thank you po
  7. sir ovpn modem gamit ko. globe at home prepaid wifi na openline. pano po ba to gamitin? sun sim gamit ko TU50 nkaregister. what config and user/psswrd

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