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    Guys, temporary not working po lahat ng servers ng ibang website para Kay SUN TU. ah maintenance kasi kagabi ang sun. Binago ang scripts nila.


    Ang gumagana lng po for sun ngaun Ay PHCyber Servers. Gawa muna kayo account nyo dito sa Phcyber guys. 

    For SUN

    - Free Servers
          *Server 3

    - Premium Servers
          *Server 4

    - VIP Servers
          *Server 1
          *Server 2

    - Private
          *Server 1
          *Server 3

    eto mga working sakin. Thanks

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    2. silverareskira


      boss paano pag ovpn?salamat po

    3. xCAS9


      Hope it'll go back in the future. 

    4. kylekier


      Wait sa ovpn bro. Check ko po kung Anu server natin sa phcyber ang pwede. Mag back thread ako sa GC. Mdyo bz din kasi ako maghunt ng ibang website na pwede sa sun para may maishare po sa lahat.




      Dont worry bro. It will get back soon. The makers of server will have their update so that it will work again to other networks. The only surviving server are the servers of phcyber. 


      Thanks to our brilliant developers for making PHcyber unique. And the developers are active. And also the staff. Hoping the members are active too. Hehehe

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