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  1. Well, may point ka doon sir. Tama nga naman hehehehe salamat
  2. Sir, Ang RP ba random talagang nawawala? hindi ako makahanap nang stable na RP yung tipong tatagal ng 1 month, meron bang ganoon?
  3. Kahit ano...to make sure after ma create ng domain name mo check it online if its active minsan kasi hindi nareredirect and that means hindi sya gagana
  4. Guys eto bagong website to convert your ssh's ip to dns working and tested just now. [Hidden Content] Good luck
  5. Halos lahat ng site sa dns converter di nag tatagal Edit: Napagana ko Smart no load using same tutorial pero dito ako nag create ng dns ko Try nyo na lang po [Hidden Content] Note:Luzon Makati Area working
  6. Guys here's how you can create your own config for sun, tnt smart for free youtube. Sun 1. SSH - create your ssh account and then just simply use any of the following payload using ssh port 22. Isinama ko na rin yung timpla; SSH (Front Inject) yt3.ggpht.com watch.nba.com iwantv.com.ph cignalplay.com data.iflix.com (get/front or put/back) 2. SSL - create your ssl account and then just use any of the following payload using whatever ssl port that comes with your account; SSL youtube.com x.ytimg.com x.googlevideo.co x.iflix.com Smart & TNT 1. Create your SSH account and go to inputdns(.)com to convert your SSH's ip into dns. input the ip of your SSH account and make a hostname base on this payload; iwantv.com.ph just add something at the beginning and choose your domain (ex. kairi.iwantv.com.ph.zxc.yt). I would suggest that when you convert, it would be better if the ip has a corresponding squid port just like what you get here in PhCyber (ex. 8080, 8008) otherwise the converted dns won't work. Next, use the converted dns as remote proxy and use the above mentioned payload and generate. Hope I get everything covered. Thanks guys