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  1. Ok man sa akin.. Minsan 1.5mpbs max nya.. Bka dpende rin sa area.
  2. [Hidden Content] Yan try mo yan.. Import and connect na lg yan.
  3. Same lg.. Sorry ngaun lg nka bisita
  4. Try mo ung new config ni ovpn.. Nka set na un palitan mo lg ng hostname na ginawan mo ng account
  5. 10-08-2019 SunNoLoad Config for ovpn modem/andriod [Hidden Content] accounts username: phcyber password: phcyber.com username: phcyber1 password: phcyber.com userename: phcyber2 password: phcyber.com pm nyu na lg ako sa solo account..
  6. sa mga nag hahanap ng SSR jan ito na enjoy.. palitan nyu lg ng payload for free YT/or GoWatch = m.youtube.com for SUN TU/CTC/FLP = viber.com ssr://MTY3LjcxLjIxNy4xMTQ6MTA0NDM6b3JpZ2luOmFlcy0xMjgtY2ZiOnRsczEuMl90aWNrZXRfYXV0aDpVR2hEZVdKbGNnLz9vYmZzcGFyYW09YlM1NWIzVjBkV0psTG1OdmJRJnByb3RvcGFyYW09JnJlbWFya3M9TVRZM0xqY3hMakl4Tnk0eE1UUSZncm91cD0 Your Server IP : Your Server Port : 10443 Your Password : PhCyber Your Protocol : origin Your obfs : tls1.2_ticket_auth Your Encryption Method: aes-128-cfb ssr://MTY1LjIyLjEwNi44MzoxMDQ0MzpvcmlnaW46YWVzLTEyOC1jZmI6dGxzMS4yX3RpY2tldF9hdXRoOlVHaERlV0psY2cvP29iZnNwYXJhbT1iUzU1YjNWMGRXSmxMbU52YlEmcHJvdG9wYXJhbT0mcmVtYXJrcz1NVFkxTGpJeUxqRXdOaTQ0TXcmZ3JvdXA9 Your Server IP : Your Server Port : 10443 Your Password : PhCyber Your Protocol : origin Your obfs : tls1.2_ticket_auth Your Encryption Method: aes-128-cfb if connected no browse off/on mo lg device ok na yan peace out pa follow like and share salamat:)
  7. Simple lg gagawin ntin Coment a number from 1 to 200 1st prize 1k c coins Then 5 winners of 500 c coins each If kung cn.o mauna mag post ng number sya ung prio check nyu muna ung eh post nyu na number bka may na una.. 1 number per member lg Good luck guys.. October 15, 2019 ung draw..
  8. Double check nyu na mga bro connected na ung iba
  9. YOW!, back at it again mga ka cyber new server for Sun no load recommended for sun modem vpn users working on android pero hindi sya masyadong stable kung baga pang back up lg good for streaming and dowload lalo na kung modem gamit mo simple lg gagawin na ntin if may Private,Vip,Premium at Free account kau gamitin mo lg ung username at pass nyu and your good to go if wla pa kaung account create lg kau dito [Hidden Content] khit free server gagana yan.. dolwnload and import the ovpn file for sun no load SunNoLoad.ovpn [Hidden Content] Beta Test d ko sure if working pa din to Smart and Tnt no load not working Visayas area Smart and Tnt No Load [Hidden Content] use ovpn for andriod if gusto nyu gamitin ung sun no load sa andriod sa mga nkaka alam na ng trick pki tulongan nmn ung iba tulongan lg tau dito mga bro anyway kakapagod tlaga mag type pa Follow ,like and share na lg ok na ko dun peace out ! \m/
  10. japan ung premium sg ung Vip
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