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  1. GOCTCOMBOAFC34- 10 mins call/250 allnet txts/ 34 pesosGOTSCOMBOAFC98- unli data -800 cap/3 days 98 pesosGOCSCOMBOAFB73- 10 mins call/ unli data-800 cap / 2 daysGOTSCOMBOKEA37- 1 gb / 20 txts 1 dayGOSURFBE34- 15 days /2mb(siningit ko lang po ang kea at be34 para sa di nakakaalam)GOCOMBOAKFA31- 1 DAY unli data/ 20 txtx/ 10 mins callGOTSCOMBOKAA11- 11 pesos /1 day/20 txts/10mbGOCTCOMBOAKA9- 10 mins call/20 txts /1 day/9 pesosGOCALLIC41- 41pesos 3 days/ unli callGOCALLIA15- 15 pesos /1day unli callGOTEXTALLKB9- 2 days /9 pesos/20 all net textGOTEXTKB9- 9 pesos 20 allnet txts/2 daysGOTEXTAB9- 50 txts/ 9 pesos/2 daysGOTSCOMBOFBD48- 48 pesos/250 txts /20 mb/ 1 weekGOTSCOMBOBFA39- 39 pesos/ 50 all net txts/ unli data 1day
  2. Default Wifi Trick. How to hack manually without the need of apps ------------------------------------- HomeBro Ultera HomeBro_last 6 digit ng mac address Example: HomeBro_983E58 ------------------------------------- PLDTmyDSL/PLDTHOMEDSL PLDTWIFI last 5 mac character Password : PLDTWIFI5C4C9 myBROWIFI last 5 mac character Password: myBROWIFI5C4C9 ------------------------------------- Huawei (not yet tested try niyo nalang) HUAWEI-B593-2B05-S1 -F5A4NRYM8TR HUAWEI-B593-2B05-S2 -TYR59DR7525 HUAWEI-B593-2B05-S3 -QA554T0R5H4 --------------------------------------- PLDT HOME FIBER 0=f 1=e 2=d 3=c 4=b 5=a 6=9 7=8 8=7 9=6 c=3 d=2 e=1 f=0 SAMPLE :You Scan SSID like PLDTFIBR_c5c4c9 or PLDTHOMEDSL c5c4c9 is base on your router WiFi last 6 MAC Address , PLDT firmware auto convert this as DEFAULT WiFi password. On old Firmware we needonly last 5 mac Use the code above to crack the password [ wlan "generated Mac address" ] c = 3 5 = a c = 3 4 = b c = 3 9 = 6 So you get 3a3b36 outcome will be wlan3a3b36 [ wlan "generated Macaddress" ] Default WiFi Password is wlan3a3b36 ---------------------------------------
  3. How to Hack PLDT WiFi on Computer Shop Depende sa IP Adress ng PLDT. - 2 Ex: basic IP address (PLDTMDSL) ip add: user: adminpldt pass: 1234567890 (HOME_Bro_ULTERA) ip add: user: homebro pass: homebro How To Know Pldt ip Address Step: 1. Go to Menu , search /type : cmd 2. Hit Enter then Type mo sa cmd "ipconfig" 3. Tapos lalabas ang IP Address , Gateway Adress Ex: Kahit like lang uk na???
  4. Bago mo eseset sa 2G data mo paps..make sure nerestart mo muna phone mo.
  5. Bago mo eseset sa 2G data mo paps..make sure nerestart mo muna phone mo.
  6. Share ko lng po sa inyo Andro Hackbar - [Hidden Content] • AIDE Premium - [Hidden Content] • SMS Sniffer - [Hidden Content] • PLDT WiFi Hacker – [Hidden Content] • Facebook Phishing App – [Hidden Content] • Hackers Keylogger – [Hidden Content] • USB Password Stealer – [Hidden Content] • ZRAT (prank) – [Hidden Content] • ES File Manager Pro – [Hidden Content] • Drastic DS Emulator – [Hidden Content] • Google (prank) - [Hidden Content] •••••••••• TUTORIALS AND REFERENCES •••••••••• • Websites to learn Hacking • www.cybrary.it/ www.hackthissite.org [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] www.securehacking.org www.errorplanet.in [Hidden Content] .org [Hidden Content] null-byte.wonderhowto.com/ [Hidden Content] garageforhackers.com Securityidiots.com [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] www.itsecgames.com/ • Website To Learn Programming • www.w3schools.com/ [Hidden Content] • Ebooks/PDFs • Photoshop [Hidden Content] C Language [Hidden Content] C++ [Hidden Content] Python [Hidden Content] .com/z6sze9x Visual Basic .NET [Hidden Content].com/j2a7nez C# [Hidden Content].com/grpfzox HTML5 and CSS3 [Hidden Content].com/j8a2apj JAVA [Hidden Content].com/hyvwz9h SQL [Hidden Content].com/jouumbl Ruby [Hidden Content].com/hffb7p3 PERL [Hidden Content].com/hec6jyo PHP, MySQL, HTML5 & JavaScript All in One [Hidden Content].com/j5rx7gj Assembly Language [Hidden Content].com/zq2fbrq AJAX [Hidden Content].com/jpq4l7n Computer Hardware [Hidden Content].com/j3pfozl Networking [Hidden Content].com/hptfujm TCP/IP [Hidden Content].com/hwelwmj Linux [Hidden Content].com/nw9xpzy Hacking For Dummies [Hidden Content].com/htjtfvy Hacking Xposed [Hidden Content].com/jan5sdr Social Engineering [Hidden Content].com/j869sg7 Metasploit [Hidden Content].com/hokwce6 Cross Site Scripting XSS [Hidden Content].com/zx4cglm Advanced SQL Injection [Hidden Content].com/ze5fztq • Tools • Kali Linux www.kali.org/downloads/ Tails Linux tails.boum.org/install/index.en.html Metasploit [Hidden Content].com/hrnzm99 Havij [Hidden Content].com/zr6l6uh SQL Map [Hidden Content].com/zp836na Acunetix [Hidden Content].com/l8y4e4m Nessus [Hidden Content].com/bqo5zz9 Terminal for Android [Hidden Content].com/jscwtbq Hydra [Hidden Content] Ophcrack Live CD [Hidden Content] John The Ripper [Hidden Content].com/hqebjdp TOR Browser [Hidden Content].com/jdmc5rr Firesheep [Hidden Content].com/zfq6ag2 NMap [Hidden Content].com/htojx4w Wireshark [Hidden Content].com/zeuyqjh Angry IP Scanner [Hidden Content].com/k3et97x Notepad++ [Hidden Content].com/zo4qfkz VMWare [Hidden Content].com/ju2u435 Aircrack-ng [Hidden Content].com/h7e86gp Technitium MAC Address Changer [Hidden Content].com/jns7z6o Faceniff Seesion Hijacker Android [Hidden Content].com/jtkfyzn • Useful Links • Admin Page Finder [Hidden Content] Open A website with fake IP newipnow .com Working Proxies proxynova.com aliveproxy.com freeproxylists.net Anonymous Search Engine duckduckgo.com Whoislookup by Domain [Hidden Content] Whooslookup by Domain/IP [Hidden Content] Reverse image search ctrlq.org/google/images/ [Hidden Content] URL Shortner [Hidden Content] IP Grabber [Hidden Content] TraceRoute [Hidden Content]
  7. Ehi Opener (Xposed Module App) Halata nman sa pangalan kung ano yan. Sa mga Http Injector User jan at hindi pa marunong gumawa ng ehi. Pwede nyo nang makita at malaman ang payload o info na ginamit sa eh. Example: may lifetime ehi pero ibang network lng pwede ung ehi. pwede mong magamit yung ssh account na lifetime at pwede ka nang gumawa ng pang network mo. May mga madadamot at mapagsarili kasing mga marunong gumawa kaya ngayon kuha na info ng ehi nya.... Tools Needed: 1. Ehi Opener (Link: [Hidden Content] ) 2. Http Injector Apk 3. Any Ehi File 4. Xposed Installer Note: Kailangan ng Xposed Installer Para gumana ang app na ito. Tumingin nlng kayo kay google ng tut kung pano installan ng Xposed Installer ang cp nyo. 1.Pag may nakainstall na Xposed Installer jan wla kanang problema. Install mo yang Ehi Opener.(sa phone storage dapat nakainstall) 2. Go to Xposed Installer> Modules> Check mo ung Ehi Opener> Reboot. 3. Pagkabukas open nyo ung Ehi Opener then home 4. Open nyo nman ung Http Injector tapos mag import kyo ng any ehi file. 5. Pag ka import ng ehi Press and Hold nyo ung "Start" button the copy all info na lalabas.(Payload, Remote Proxy, Host, Username and Password) Madali lng nman at simple kung iintindihin. Gud Luck!
  8. Subukan mo paps..ilang beses ku nang na try yan.100% gagana yan.
  9. Paano ba mag unblock sa kahit anung sim!! Sa andriod or modemTested kuna to. No need 100 load para ma unblock..kahit zero load ka pa! Pag na block yung sim mo.ito lang ang gagawin.. Off mo muna data mo. Punta ka sa settings.click mo yung preferred network type.den set mo sa 2G only... Den open muna yung data connection mo..tararan!! May data kana ulit... Pagnaka data kana sa 2G ! Pwede mo na ulit ibalik sa 4G/3G/2G.. Kahit sa modem.same process lang den.. Kahit simple Thank you lang! Sapat na???
  10. Paano ba ang tamang set up ng pag gawa ng config.sa ovpn para makakunek paps!

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