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  1. Guys, habol na sa airdrop. Wala namang mawawala kung itatry, UNiX airdrop. Wala kang ilalabas na pera. Try niyo at sabay sabay tayong kumita. 3 steps lang.. Boom, may $500 ka na at $50 kada referral kaya join na. Install lang ang telegram. [Hidden Content] 🚀 Airdrop: Uniswap X 💰 Value: $ 500 👥 Referral: $ 50 💸 500 + 50 UNIX ⏰ 2 minutes 📖 Step-by-step guide: 1. Talk with the bot: [Hidden Content] 2. Join the telegram channel 3. Follow on Twitter 📃 Information Uniswap X is an upgrade to the native uniswap project, giving it the scalability and security it needs to serve all of humanity and implementation of proof-of-stake (POS). Pre-sale na sila ngayon.. Sali na sa airdrop... Iclick lang ito sa telegram. [Hidden Content] 🌟PRE-SALE LIVE NOW Uniswap X pre-sale is live now, you will receive your airdrop balance instantly with the pre-sale token. Pre-sale Bonus: 1 ETH = 1,000 UNIX + Your Airdrop Balance JOIN PRESALE HOW TO JOIN Exchange opening price: $1 Uniswap listing: October 28th Smart contract: [Hidden Content] Proof na nakakuha ng unix. Sali na.. [Hidden Content]
  2. Ethereum price as of writing this 1 ETH = 201.59 USDT (Binance) Crypto experts predicts that ethereum value might go up to $2000 by the next 12-24 months So ano pa hinihintay mo, magipon na ng ethereum habang maaga. [Hidden Content] 1803679065.mp4 A newly designed Smart Contract technology that is decentralized where all members can personally captivate their transactions. This project is publicly and will run continuously on the Ethereum Blockchain. This project has started in 2017 but started working with tens of thousands members in February 2020. Forsage is also the first-ever cryptocurrency matrix project to the market. This matrix will use an automatic smart contract transaction on the Ethereum Blockchain. No risks included Forsage will execute any transaction made from your personal wallet to the Ethereum Blockchain. These transaction will all include hash codes for yourself to verify. Easy to understand project Forsage works with smart contracts that allow every member to earn Ethereum in our matrix project. Instant transactions The Forsage smart contract is very easy to understand, payments going from and to Forsage will be paid directly to your personal wallet, you don’t have to wait days to receive your Ethereum. For the new and experienced ones This newly designed project is focused for the members who never used crypto before but also for those who are already experienced with it. If you message me I will personally give you the needed information on what it is and video’s to make you understand it even better. We have a dedicated group for all of them. Transparent system For every transaction made, you will be able to verify it for yourself. You will be able to see the transaction for your own account under the ‘statistics’ tab but also for your partners or any other member. How to Join FoRSagE [Hidden Content] Ang aming 2 team ay handa tumulong sa inyo. [Hidden Content] PM me i will assist you and join you in the groups. [Hidden Content]
  3. Earn while watching movie trailers from youtube Proof of Payment: My first payout... Join na... [Hidden Content]
  4. Latest update: As of March31,2020 PI NETWORK CORE TEAM from STANDFORD UNIVERSITY As of this time, October 18, 2019 800K Engaged Pioneers Pag nag 1Million miners na ay mangyayari ang halving na meaning, yung mina mine mo ngayon ay mahahati na. Year 2008 Bitcoin has no value at all, well same as Pi, this time wala pa value pero dumarami ang nagma-mine so ibig sabihin maaring maging katulad ng bitcoin ang Pi... You need hardwares to mine bitcoin, but mining Pi is so easy, you just need your cellphone, become a pioneer, install the app and start mining. You need to have an invitation code: spynx spynx spynx DOWNLOAD THE APP HERE [Hidden Content] You dont need to open the app for the whole day means, no draining of battery, just visit the app PI Network every 24 hours and it automatically mine for you... SIMPLE. Why not try, wala naman mawawala pag susubukan. 800k engaged pioneers. Mine at a higher rate while you can. The mining rate will halve when Pi reaches 1M engaged Pioneers. Don’t miss out! We are still very early.