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  1. PI NETWORK CORE TEAM from STANDFORD UNIVERSITY As of this time, October 18, 2019 800K Engaged Pioneers Pag nag 1Million miners na ay mangyayari ang halving na meaning, yung mina mine mo ngayon ay mahahati na. Year 2008 Bitcoin has no value at all, well same as Pi, this time wala pa value pero dumarami ang nagma-mine so ibig sabihin maaring maging katulad ng bitcoin ang Pi... You need hardwares to mine bitcoin, but mining Pi is so easy, you just need your cellphone, become a pioneer, install the app and start mining. You need to have an invitation code: spynx spynx spynx DOWNLOAD THE APP HERE [Hidden Content] You dont need to open the app for the whole day means, no draining of battery, just visit the app PI Network every 24 hours and it automatically mine for you... SIMPLE. Why not try, wala naman mawawala pag susubukan. 800k engaged pioneers. Mine at a higher rate while you can. The mining rate will halve when Pi reaches 1M engaged Pioneers. Don’t miss out! We are still very early.
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