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  1. Lets support my friend ragnarok server. thank you..
  2. i like to read manga also, manga rock is down :( thanks for this.
  3. 1st Game Team Brb vs Team Dragons Winner: Team Dragons 2nd Game Team Monay vs Team Hunt RP Winner: Team Monay Final Game Team Monay - 3 Wins Team Dragons - 1 Wins Congratulations Team Monay for winning the 1st Place.. thank you for joining our 1st ML tournament. congratulations also to all the participants you are all winners.. Godbless us all and keep us safe.. [Hidden Content]
  4. - hi guys, this is mystery very first streaming channel to play mobile legend. Please : my channel. - Join me and be my team mate in mobile legend. Post your ID below so I can add you. or you can join our PhCyber Official Mobile Legend Group, to join just search this, in your mobile legend ingame go to group search and search for this (ID: 919238)
  5. Sites with Links [Hidden Content] by oldchippy (08/02/07) [Hidden Content] ...contributed by VBA Noob [Hidden Content] ...contributed by VBA Noob [Hidden Content] ...contributed by VBA Noob [Hidden Content] ...contributed by VBA Noob [Hidden Content] ...contributed by oldchippy [Hidden Content] ...contributed by VBA Noob Link to Excel Links on various topics by starguy (14-02-2007) Microsoft website [Hidden Content] ...contributed by VBA Noob [Hidden Content]).aspx ...contributed by VBA Noob VBA - E-mailling code and Copy/Filters [Hidden Content] ...contributed by VBA Noob [Hidden Content] ...contributed by VBA Noob VBA - Help on optimising Speed, Memory help [Hidden Content] ...contributed by VBA Noob VBA - General [Hidden Content] ...contributed by VBA Noob [Hidden Content] ...contributed by MSP77079 [Hidden Content] ...contributed by MSP77079 [Hidden Content] ...contributed by VBA Noob [Hidden Content] ...contributed by VBA Noob [Hidden Content] ...contributed by VBA Noob [Hidden Content] ...contributed by VBA Noob [Hidden Content] ...contributed by VBA Noob [Hidden Content] ...contributed by VBA Noob [Hidden Content] ...contributed by VBA Noob [Hidden Content] ...contributed by VBA Noob [Hidden Content] ...contributed by VBA Noob [Hidden Content] ...contributed by VBA Noob [Hidden Content] ...contributed by VBA Noob [Hidden Content] ...contributed by MSP77079 [Hidden Content] ...contributed by oldchippy VBA - Add-in's [Hidden Content] ...contributed by VBA Noob [Hidden Content] by VBA Noob [Hidden Content] by oldchippy 08 February 2007 [Hidden Content] ...contributed by VBA Noob added (13th Jan 07) [Hidden Content] ...contributed by VBA Noob added (13th Jan 07) [Hidden Content] ...contributed by VBA Noob added (13th Jan 07) [Hidden Content] ...contributed by VBA Noob [Hidden Content] ....contributed by VBA Noob [Hidden Content] ...contributed by VBA Noob VBA - Bit and pieces [Hidden Content] ... contributed by DominicB Really scary stuff [Hidden Content] ...contributed by DominicB (...and this is where the really scary routines live!) [Hidden Content] by oldchippy SEARCH EXCEL Sites for uploading files [Hidden Content] ....... [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] ...... [Hidden Content] Excel Games [Hidden Content] ...contributed by VBA Noob [Hidden Content] ...contributed by VBA Noob (added 13th Jan 07) Excel for Scientists [Hidden Content] ... contributed by Carim Excel functions for PDA's [Hidden Content] by VBA Noob (added 1st Feb) Excel Password Protection [Hidden Content] .......contributed by oldchippy (09/03/2007) thanks to [Hidden Content]
  6. DNS Changer (no root 3G/WiFi) Adfree-Pro 1188r Apk ★★★World’s first Mobile Data DNS CHANGER (without root) ★★ Unlimited acess to restricted Web Pages ► No root required ► WiFi / Mobile Data Network (2G/3G/4G) support ► Tablet and smartphone support ► Unblock the restricted web content ► Browse faster on the net DNS Changer is the easiest way to Change DNS. Works without root and works for both WiFi and Mobile Network Data Connection. WHAT’S NEW We work hard to give you a good experience. Download Here
  7. Gamers GLTool Pro with Game Turbo & Game Tuner 0.0.9 Apk Developer of PUB Gfx+ Tool presenting another most advanced GFX optimizer tool This app is developed for testing game graphics and benchmarking game performance at different settings. It is useful tool for the game developers. This app will tweak your game graphics configuration. Features of this app: 👉 Auto Gaming Mode:Automatically configures all the settings of Game Turbo & Game Tuner. Game Turbo 👉 CPU & GPU Boost: Drastically improves your gaming performance. 👉 RAM & SD Card Booster:Boost system RAM which will result in the smoother game play. 👉 System Performance Tuner:Monitors the system performance, check for system stability and fixes various issue Game Tuner 👉 1080 Resolution: Change the resolution of the game.✔️ 👉 HDR Game Graphic: Unlock the HDR graphics on low end devices.✔️ 👉 Extreme FPS: Unlock the Extreme FPS level. ✔️ 👉 Shadow:.Enable and disable shadow.✔️ 👉 4xMSAA: Enable and disable Anti Aliasing.✔️ 👉 Style: Change graphics style setting.✔️ 👉 Shadow Quality: Select the shadow quality.✔️ 👉 MSAA Level: Select the MSAA Level.✔️ 👉 Anisotropy Level: Select the Anisotropic filtering(AF) level.✔️ 👉 Extra Effects: Enable/disable extra effects like light effect etc in game.✔️ Zero Lag Mode: Optimized game configuration with Performance & Battery saver.✔️ 👉 Potato Graphics: Minimal texture quality. Useful if your game lags.✔️ 👉 Hardware-Accelerated Rendering: Enable support for VULKAN and OPENGL 3.1+.✔️ 👉 Graphics Rendering Level: Enhance the quality of graphics.✔️ 👉 Color Rendering Level: Enable 32 Bit / 64 Bit colors.✔️ 👉 GPU Optimization: Custom OpenGL shaders.✔️ Ping Booster 👉 Ping Booster : Optimize your ping by speeding. 👉 Ping Speed Test : Find the real time ping speed test.. 👉 Best settings : Now you can apply the graphics settings of high end devices (like Pixel 3/S10/OnePlus 7 pro/Poco/Note 9/Razer/Xperia XZ3/Moto Z2/OppoF9/Vivo NEX etc) on your device. Simply, Look for your favourite settings and import it. Other Features 👉 Gaming Settings: System wide settings.✔️. 👉 Quick Boost: Boost you game.✔️. 👉 Quick Launch: Quickly launch your game.✔️ 👉 Smart widget: Show off you app stats & launch game again.✔️ Permission : Storage (Photos/Media files) for modifying graphics settings. Permission : Internet for loading settings from our server. Permission : Kill background app for boosting memory. DISCLAIMER: Before using this app Please make sure that you have read & accepted out Privacy policy & Terms of service. Privacy Policy: [Hidden Content] Terms of Service: [Hidden Content] All trademarked names and images are only used as references and we do not intend to violate or take ownership of these names and images.. Thanks WHAT’S NEW You may not be able to *see* the changes, but we’ve made a few to keep your favorite app running at 100%. *Major update is just around the corner* Thanks for your feedback DOWNLOAD HERE
  8. Advanced Download Manager Pro 8.5 Apk Features: – download up to three files simultaneously; – accelerated download by using multithreading (9 parts) – interception of links from the browser and clipboard; – icon of the program and downloading progress in the notification panel; – backup list of downloads and settings on SD card; – completion notification by sound and vibration; – resume after reconnection or program restart; – save different file types in different folders; – built-in browser for sites with registration; – plan files download on a schedule; – widget on your home screen; – site manager; – and many more… Add links from browser: – press on link and from the window “Complete action using” select ADM (supported by Stock Browser, Dolphin, Boat Browser, Chrome) – long press on a link to display the context menu, press “Share link” and from the window “Share via” select ADM (supported by Firefox, Skyfire, Stock Browser, Dolphin, Boat Browser) – copy the link and the service will intercept the link (supported by Maxthon) Controls: – press on the download to start/stop the process; – press on the completed download to open the file; – long press on download to display the context menu. YouTube is not supported under the rules of Google. WHAT’S NEW Updated interface. Fixed sending downloads and links. Improved file naming during Auto-add downloads. Adaptation for Android 10 (auto switch to Dark theme, fixed button Insert links from clipboard in Editor; removed Auto-interception links from clipboard and Turn off Wi-Fi after finishing in Automation, Turn on/off Wi-Fi in Scheduler) DOWNLOAD HERE