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  1. Fast and Secured Connection Alam na kung ano ang mga bawal. Enjoy! SSLSG.ehi
  2. 1 Month SSL Config for SUN TU Promo Expiration: Sept. 6, 2019. SGSSL8619.ehi
  3. Do you know you can update your Android Operating System? Yes! Uu, for example your phone was Lollipop (6) and you want to upgrade to Nougat (7) - Android version. Some manufacturers have an OTA or Over-The-Air some have a System Update Button or an App. But what if your phone manufacturer stop supporting your phone model or currently no update for your phone for a lifetime? (Iniwan ka na beshy).. Some are, especially those generic manufacturer.. But wait there's more (miracle sounds), the truth is Android OS is basically an open source thing that's why Android Open Source Project - AOSP is there. Bago i-release or make it officially release the next letter of UPdated Android OS in the market (from A - to currently working P).
  4. kung 4g na yung sim baka di na paps
  5. thanks paps
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