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  1. ayos. nagte-trade ka ba sa mga exchanges?
  2. good for you paps kung kumikita ka pero bantay lang din
  3. malware detected paps and parang beetv yung app.
  4. doon ka na paps sa mga established na or check the integrity of founder/creator dapat may roadmap din sila 1k+ na ang mga crypto so far iilan lang naman talaga ang may real solutions.
  5. Turn your PC, Laptop or Netbook into Android OS (not emulated) x86 * Bliss OS * x86 Ideal for Laptop/Netbook much better kung touchscreen. Pwede din sa Multi-Boot.
  6. Nasa play store lang mga paps
  7. gumagana na ba paps yung downloader?
  8. y angry?
  9. Dami nahahack recently so here's the guide to secure your account. For added security: Go to settings -> Security and Login -> E nable the Two-Factor Authentication -> Get Started sa Authentication steps.. Active mobile number at siyempre apps like : Google Authenticator -> [Hidden Content] Authy -> [Hidden Content] Scan the QR Code then save. If ever that someone is trying to open your account need nila ang code to totally open it. Now you know, better to secure or else alamnathis.. Baka maagaw pa yung crush or jowa mo, balaka.
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