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  1. Thanks boss

  2. How? Newbie po.. Pa spoon feed po master.. ??

  3. Wow ang dami ngaun palang thank you sa pag share 

  4. Wow grats sa na nalo di ako na pili haha next time ?
  5. Good for: *Gaming *Streaming *Youtube *Downlad *Browsing Etc.. WARNING!! *WAG GAMITIN SA BAWAL P ALL CTC-TU50UP [Hidden Content] P FLP300 [Hidden Content] P FREE YOUTUBE [Hidden Content] P GOWATCH & PLAY [Hidden Content] P FIX PLAN SOCIAL [Hidden Content] P SMART AT ALL PROMO [Hidden Content] P TU200 [Hidden Content] P ML 10 [Hidden Content] P SMART TNT NO LOAD [Hidden Content] Account Expiry: 16 Jan 2020 Credits to: Radz Credits to: Boss Ace
  6. Good morning!!

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