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  1. Pag hindi ma redeem ibig sbhin may nka redeem na
  2. Unahan nalang sa pag redeem! Redeem here: [Hidden Content] Username : phcyberfree Password : adminvynxz User Code : 5419336c Duration : 30 day/s Expiring on : Aug 03, 2020 Cost : 240 Good day sa lahat! This thread is official tambayan for giveaways of Private accounts!
  3. Boss pano mag claim?

  4. Congratulations to Monay Esports Team for winning our PhCyber Gaming Mobile Legends Tournament Monay Esports IGN Leader: KA RL IGN Members/ IGN ID: 1. shroud | ID: 37970557 2. (BIG BOSS) | ID: 51328646 3. @kihiro | ID: 328870599 4. Jherald Prado| ID: 180371255 They've already received their prizes: - 1,000 Php - 30 Days private account (each players) - 500 C-Coins (each players) Congratulations as well to their supporter who vote for them @radskie63 - will received 500 C-Coins and 30 days Premium account please kindly PM me to claim your prizes Thank you everyone! Stay tuned for next tournament! Live replay will be posted by @Madpro PhCyner Admin Vynxz
  5. The await is over. It is time to decide who will be the first PhCyber Gaming Champion. Who will get the first place is it: Monay Esports Brbs2k20 Hunt RP Hucker Kami Dragon Warriors Vote via Poll now and get a chance to win up to 500 C-Coins and we will pick user randomly for 30 Days private account! Note: Poll will close at May 15, 2020 8:30 PM (Forum Time) In-Game Rules: 1. Disregard whether the players use VPN or Legit internet it is player responsibility to find a good signal that won't affect its game play performance. 2. The players must join the game host 10 minutes before the schedule game 3. The game will start exactly 9:00 PM 4. Map hack or one hit hack or any hack is not allowed to use on the event 5. A team that is not on game host within call hours means surrendered. 6. Draft Game 7. Best of 1 game 1st place - 1,000 Php - 30 Days private account (each players) - 500 C-Coins (each players) 2nd place - 30 Days private account (each players) -250 C-Coins (each players) 3rd place - 150 C-Coins (each players) Regards, PhCyber Admin Vynxz
  6. Thanks bro wait for me to contact you via messenger pwede naman sumali kahit hindi taga dito
  7. To all team leader of the tem please fill up this info and let your team member join [Hidden Content]
  8. PhCyber Gaming Mobile Legends Tournament Mechanics: 1. All participants need to be a member on PhCyber Community: [Hidden Content] 2. Form a team of 5 man 3. Fill up the registration team form 4. Like, and Share PhCyber Official Page Rules: 1. Players need to have legit or vpn network connection 2. Disregard whether you are lag or lagless - It is your responsibility to be in a place wherein you have strong connection 3. By bracket game best of 1 only (Bracket will be send to the leaders of the parties 4. Game will be stream live by assignated PhCyber Administrator - Players can also live streams just credit PhCyber Community 5. Prizes will be send to Team Leaders Schedule: Date: May 16, 2020 Time: Will set a week before the game start Prizes: 1st place - 1,000 Php - 30 Days private account - 500 C-Coins 2nd place - 30 Days private account -250 C-Coins 3rd place - 150 C-Coins #Note: Php may higher depend on the budget collected from the staffs #No Entrée fee Registration Team Form: IGN Leader: FB Messenger link: IGN Members/ IGN ID: 1. 2. 3. 4. Example: IGN Leader: Vynxz FB Messenger link: m.me/vynxz IGN Members/ IGN ID: 1. Ramz | ID: 1231231 2. VashTheStampede | ID: 0000123 3. Ivan03 | ID: 12352000 4. Mr.Decker | ID: 6514320 Comment down your team on this thread! then please create a team here: [Hidden Content] and let your team member join the team! Thank you.
  9. nice basta timplahan ng payload ikaw ang master heheheh thanks sa share bro :)
  10. Congratulation to @c0deSeeker for winning our Monthly Top Contributor Contest for this Month of April. Prize : Php 500 To Claim Please Message @Cyber and @Kenzzz then send your GCash Number. Please Reply and Give Feedback below when your prize is claimed. You can also join on Monthly Top Contributor: Unfortunately for some reason @kylekier has been lifted on the April Top Contributor winner, by default the number 2 on our Top Contributor will be the winner. 
  11. nice Salamat sa share paps, keep it up bigyan kita 500 coins :)
  12. Basi sa aking analysis 22th of this month 162 cases 23th of this month 112 cases today, bumaba ang mga daily cases as per covid-19 government report however upon checking todays cases 24th of this month 260+. So tama lang talaga na mag total lock down tayo not a week but a month or two pa ang kelangan need ma totally eliminate ang corona virus to 0 cases dahil pag meron jan 1 cases lang malamang mag spread yan ulit and there would be 2nd wave..... As long as walang lunas sa virus hindi matatapos ito….
  13. no prob meron din bago PLDT_HOME_XXXX pass: pldthome