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  1. Hi guys this is not from me but to a friend of mine Nakahingi na din ako ng permiso i post dito kaya share ko na din visit: [Hidden Content] Just Click generate wait na mag generate ng config at e download ang config file.after ma download paki extract nalang at e import sa wireguard or tunsafe. client niyo. happy surfing mga ka phcyber Credits: PisoVPN owner and developers
  2. Hi bro, I understand and We staff thank you for sharing your configs without any hesitation. However, to be fair to everyone this post is lack of information and against one of our rule regards to posting Reference: [Hidden Content] This feedback is a verbal warning. You will be given warning points with expiration. Thank you for your deep understanding. Keep sharing and be active you are always welcome to staff member again in the future :)
  3. Salamat dito bro. Keep active sa forum, learn how to create config and i'll consider you as a config master basta share lang ng share ng mga config dito. I'll monitor your account how active you are.
  4. keep sharing boss, and keep active ?
  5. HIndi, dahil sa mga sumusunod: 1. Changed payload 2. Change server 3. RP not working anymore Kaya kelangan i update pra ma update yan 3 na yan
  6. By default, may bug si Warp no need invite unlimited bandwidth na si warp and also. We already have post similar to this post how to farm bandwidth kay WARP. But anyways thanks for sharing!
  7. Ang speed ay naka base sa server at sa remote proxy.
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