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  1. Cyber


    clikc mo lng sa baba ung Settings (gear icon) lalabas na yan
  2. I have already approved the payment, you should get the email and notification about your succesful purchase.
  3. By going to this link: https://phcyber.com/vpn-panel you will be directed to our VPN Panel. Here you can create your VPN Accounts. This is the Create Account Form On the Username box, please input your desired unique username. On the Password box, please input your password for this account. Click the How many days? drop down menu to select the duration of your account. Remember that your maximum duration is dependent to your ranking. Then after choosing your desired duration, Click the Choose Server dropdown menu to select which Category/Server you would like to create your account. Free - Account is Free. This account will have a 'free' prefix to the username you created. Premium - Account will cost you 3 C-Coins per day VIP - Account will cost you 6 C-COins per day Then finally Click Create Button. This will initiate the creation of your account, if successful you will then see the account information below the Create Account Form. As you can see below, the username I have now have the 'free' prefix since this is a free account. This is to prevent the selling of our free accounts as some have been doing. Information: Username: this is the unique username you chose Password: this is the account password User Code: this is a unique code used for sending this account to other users. To send it to other user, just send this user code together with your forum name to other users then they should go to https://phcyber.com/redeem-accounts and enter these information to redeem this account and make it as their own account. After redemption the account will appear to the user who redeemed it making it possible for him to edit the account however he wants it. Duration: this is how many days the account is active. Expiring on: the date of the expiration of the account. Cost: this is to show how much it cost the user to create this account.
  4. In creating VPN Accounts make sure to use unique usernames and also remember to check if you have enough C-Coins to create Premium or VIP accounts. Before creating any account please be reminded that the duration of your vpn account is dependent to your rank. DURATION LIMIT Rank Free Premium VIP Guest N/A N/A N/A Newbie 7 days 7 days 7 days Member 15 days 15 days 15 days Pioneer 30 days 30 days 30 days Advance 30 days 20 days 20 days Elite 30 days 25 days 25 days Nobility 30 days 30 days 30 days Royalty 30 days 30 days 30 days BonaFide 30 days 30 days 30 days MORE INFO
  5. C-Coins or Cyber Coins is the Official Digital Currency of PhCyber. This currency is only usable inside PhCyber. Our goal is to make it usable like any other digital currency around the world. Use C-Coin primary use is to create VPN and SSH Accounts from VPN Panel and Public SSH Panel. To check your C-Coins, simply go to your Profile. To Donate or Send C-Coins to other members, simply Go to Menu and Click C-Coins Donation or go to this link: https://phcyber.com/membersshop/?do=donatepoints You will then see a pop or be redirected to a page and you will see this picture below: Input the Member's Username as you see it in the forum, a list of members will then appear and click the right member you want to send the C-Coins to. Then finally input how many C-Coins you would like to donate. and click Send.
  6. Hide Code is used if you want to hide the content until the user gives reaction or replies to your topic or comment. Use: To use the hide code just put your content inside the code like this: all content inside these codes will be hidden. Alternatively all links and images will be automatically hidden from all members until they reacted or commented to your topic or reply.
  7. Spoiler Button is located on the Editor Bar. This is the Spoiler Button Use: To hide content from Non-Established Members. Established members are members that have more than 30 Contents created, either topics or comments. Click the Spoiler Button and this will appear all contents inside the spoiler will be hidden to all non-established members.(Newbies and Guests)
  8. If you like to upload some pictures or other files, you may do so by dragging the file or image into the text area or by clicking this: or this Either insert image from url or upload the files. When your done with your content, scroll down a little bit and click the Submit Button. This will submit your topic and will save it to the forum. You will then be redirected where you posted your topic.
  9. If you are now familiar with the reactions and how what they do then we you may now proceed and choose the topic you want to give reaction to. Just remember to give the appropriate reaction. Below every content or topic you will see the reaction button. See the picture below. This picture is a topic created by one of our Config Master, as you can see it already have a few reactions from our users. Click the Reaction Button: as you can see it is still greyed, this means that you have not reacted to this topic yet. This selection of reaction will then appear after clicking the reaction button. Choose from the list of reaction whichever you prefer. Then click it to give reaction. and now the reaction you chose will appear as the reaction button. To remove the reaction simply click the x on the upper right side of the Reaction Button.
  10. First of all reactions must only be given if the topic has impacted the user in a positive or negative way. There are many reactions you may choose from. Reactions: Positive Reaction - these reactions will give 1 point reputation to the Topic Author or Comment Author. Negative Reaction - this reaction will subtract 1 point reputation from the Topic Author or Comment Author. Neutral Reaction - this will not do anything to the reputation point of the Topic Author or Comment Author.
  11. Here you will now input your topic content or body. You will notice that you will have a Editor Bar above the Text Area. This Editor Bar will be explained in a different tutorial. Let's continue, all you have to do now is put your content inside the text Area. If you like to upload some pictures or other files, you may do so by dragging the file or image into the text area or by clicking this: or this Either insert image from url or upload the files. When your done with your content, scroll down a little bit and click the Submit Button. This will submit your topic and will save it to the forum. You will then be redirected where you posted your topic.
  12. After Selecting the right section you will then be directed to the Create New Topic Page. Here you will be required to fill in few information for your topic. Title - name of your topic which will appear to all users. Tags - any word that will summarize your topic, you may enter a few words, this tags will be clickable to appear like a search option for all the topics with the same tags. Example Here shadowsocks is an example of a tag. noload is what we call a prefix tag, it appears right before the title. To make a prefix tag take a look at this picture. Here we have test as a tag. Below it you may choose which of the tags will become a prefix.
  13. Click Start New Topic Select the right forum for your topic. Then Click Continue
  14. There are a few ways how to create a topic, but always remember to choose the right section where you want your topic appears. It's best to be familiar with all the section before deciding which section is best for your topic. Sections: General Topic Announcement/News Introduction Suggestions/Inquiries Official Tutorials Rules and Regulations VPN Section Mobile Version Config Zone Payload List Tips/Tricks Modders/Tutorial Only Lounge Shadowsocks Apps/Tutorials Remote Proxy Request/Feedback Expired Config Apps/Modded Apps PC Version Injector Apps/Tutorials Config Zone Request/Feedback Payload List Remote Proxy Expired Config PhCyber Lounge VPN Section Mobile Pc/Linux General Topics and Chat Premium Accounts World Wide Web Programming and Web Development HTML, CSS & Javascripts PHP Scripts Java C#, C & C++ Python VB.NET Source Codes Collection Scripts Inquiries Online Courses Digital Currency Referrals Section Game Section Mobile Version Official Games Modded Games Request/Feedback PC Version Official Games Modded Games Request/Feedback Entertainment Section Music Lounge Music Apps Music Share Request/Feedback Movie Lounge Movie Apps Movie Share Request/Feedback Photo Lounge Photo Apps Photo Share Request/Feedback Youtuber Lounge Youtubers' Channel Youtuber Tutorials/Video Your Own Lounge Others E-Books Premium Accounts Official Links Telegram Group Discord Group PhCyber PRO Version Download PhCyber Tunnel Download Panel for PhCyber VPN Panel for Any Injectors Official Facebook Group
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