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    Good day everyone Madami na suguro marunong gumawa dito ng ehi This thread will guide all newbie or to those vpn users who are willing to learn how to create there own ehi Make this as your stepping stone ? Welcome to VPN world where everything is free Let's start Requirements: Http injector: search sa playstore Ssh account: [Hidden Content] Host to i.p: [Hidden Content] 1. Open Http Injector 2. Tap on 3 dot sign located on upper right side pane 3. Tap clear setting/data 4. Then tap on Yes 5. Create SSH account: link above 6. Once on page tap on Create account now 7. Select server (recom. Singapore) 8. Log in to facebook if you want to have 30 days active server 9. Tale note of your account details after 10. Convert host to i.p (link above) 11. Copy server: id1.sshmax.net and paste it to host name on converter website then tap on find ip adress 12. Take down note IP address ( 13. Go back to Http Injector 14. Tap on menu or the 3 horizontal line located at the upper left part of the screen then select SSH setting 15. Enter SSH host ( 16. Enter SSH port (442) 17. Enter your SSH username and Password 18. Go back to main screen tap the menu or 3 horizontal line then select payload generator 19. Check back, online, forward, keep alive 20. Enter this payload [Hidden Content] on host/url 21. Tap generate payload 22. Pwede nyo gayahin payload ko see pic below 23. Edit remote proxy to your i.p port is 8080 24. Click start button 25. Done! Questions? Comment lang sa baba Sorry guys kung hindi na ako nakakapag update ng ehi medyo busy sa pag moderator ng forum naten hehehe Wait nyo din tutorial ko for ovpn, ktr, and ssr. Don't forget to react, follow and feed back!
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    Ito po tutorial kung pano gumawa ng ssh account na No Load connection sa http injector for smart at tnt users - [Hidden Content]
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    Due to her personal belief that sex is a sacred act, Peng's friends dared her to MOMOL (Make Out Make Out Lang) with a complete stranger. In a fateful encounter, she meets Marco and decided that he is the perfect guy she needs for her MOMOL journey. Will Peng and Marco's MOMOL escapades eventually lead to romantic love, or will it just be another MOMOL? DOWNLOAD
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    ONE PIECE: STAMPEDE (2019) CAM [1080P] - JAPANESE ANIMATED FANTASY ACTION ADVENTURE MOVIE 【NO ENGLISH SUB】 Source: Hong Kong IMDB RATING: 9.2/10 DOWNLOAD URL - [Hidden Content] SAMPLE VIDEO (Check it first) - [Hidden Content] credit to the owner
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    Experience the most epic survival zombie game with a new map, fetures and weapons. Cogret In the year 2020 a deadly virus spread through the globe killing 80% of humanity and turning them into “zombies”, the remaining humans were force to seek shelter in space while they figure out how to stop the deadly virus. In the year 3000 the humans decided to send to Earth a special unit called Cogret to kill and clean the remaining humans that wear infected with the virus to restore the Earth. This game delivers jaw dropping HD graphics and sound design. Requires : Android 5.0 and up DOWNLOAD: APK DATA/OBB Instructions: Install Apk Copy ‘com.ashnellanimations.cogret’ Folder to sdcard/Android/obb Launch the Game
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    PhCyber Ranking Guest - Non-Established Non registered users and non verified users Newbie- Non-Established Newly Registered users Leecher- Established Members with more than 30 posts Addict - Established Members with more than 200 posts Members with more than 50 reputations. Veteran - Established Advance Members with more than 400 posts Members with more than 100 reputations. Expert - Established Elite Members with more than 800 posts Members with more than 200 reputations. Legend - Established Nobility Members with more than 1000 posts Members with more than 400 reputations. Bona Fide Members - Established Access to PhCyber Lounge Royal Members with more than 2000 posts Members with more than 1000 reputations. Note: Each rank have additional privileges in the forum, the Bona Fide Members having the highest Member privilege. Established Members have the ability to see content inside SPOILERS . Special Ranks Pioneer Members - Established Members that have been actively participating during the first year of PhCyber existence. PhCyber Supporter - Established, Secondary User Group Members that have donated to the cause of PhCyber. PhCyber Resellers - Full Forum Privileges Bought a PhCyber Reseller Package Config Masters - Full Forum Privileges Selected users that specializes in making VPN/Injector Configurations VIP Members - Full Forum Privileges + Monthly C-Coins + Access to Website even when website Maintenance Bought A VIP Forum Membership
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    *credits to Balong INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Open your preferred internet browser (Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera). Create your own SSH Account first, choose one of the following Free Tunnel websites: www.tcpvpn.com www.fastssh.com www.sshdropbear.com www.mytunneling.com create.sshgoogle.com www.dynamicssh.com 2. Take note on the ssh account you've created (host, username, password) 3. Open Http Injector for PC 4. Go to “SSH” setting Then copy/paste your created account and SSH host(profile) SSH Port: 443 Take note: standard ssh port is always 22 but it depends on the ssh provider The SSH Port is not always 443 otherwise it can be 442,22,80,1194,1080,443,54,444 etc. Check for TUNNELIER: “Bitvise”/”Plink” Mode: “PF Portable” Then check “Auto Reconnect 5. After in SSH setting, Go to “INJECT” You need to search for the fast and legit PROXY with PORT Go to [Hidden Content] or [Hidden Content] Then choose working PROXY TIPs: choose high latency and fast speed like the photo above You must prefer to choose Latency is 0.808 and speed is long color blue than the other then the Uptime is color blue-green always starts with 100% for the fast proxy If you want to know how fast is the PROXY you have chosen, Go to [Hidden Content] Then copy paste, proxy port is 8080 and this is common and always using In other proxy port: 3128,1080 etc. and It depends on the proxy See the photo below how fast and legit the PROXY 6. Copy/paste the proxy and port Check always for “Tunnel” “Log” (optional) is if you wanted to see your connection is working 7. Go to “TOOL” Then click payload generator For SUN TU50, TU60, TU150, TU200 Host / Domain: cdn.line-apps.com Method: connect Injection: normal Header (optional): Check for Online, forward, keep alive After that all click the green button 8. Then you may click the “START” button
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    Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy The flightless birds and scheming green pigs take their feud to the next level. 480pHC HDRip (506MB) [Hidden Content] 720pHC HDRip (919MB) [Hidden Content] 1080pHC HDRip (917MB) [Hidden Content]
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    Fresh site na pede kayo mag hunt ng Squid proxy Try nyo baka maka kiha kayo dito Labas ko na [Hidden Content] -BluePanther
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