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    Promo: Free Youtube Everyday & TU/CTC TU/CTC 43mbps [Hidden Content] Free Youtube Everyday 31.5mbps [Hidden Content] Disclaimer: TU/CTC & Free Youtube Promo only. Kapag ayaw ng mag connect ng ehi magpalit lang ng Evozi Server na gamit. Proof:
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    Good morning share ko Lang ehi ko sa may Noload po to kyo na Bahala...DOWNLOAD
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    Share ku lang tung gamit kung paid server guys. Sun sim with tu promos Needed ➡️➡️➡️http injector And brain ? Expiry 10/21/2019 Link;➡️[Hidden Content] Just follow me for more updates Thank you Mrdimple?
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    ___PTPTA__ __SUN EHI FILES__ __USE TU OR CTC PROMO__ __15 days ehi___ [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
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    TU/CTC/FLP/AT10/60/SAKTO20/30 Pwede sa modem/pc/Loptop User/Pass= Gibo SUN&SMART TU-CTC-FLP-AT-SAKTO.ovpn
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    SINGAPORE SERVER ?? Valid for 30 days HIGH SPEED s flp300 [Hidden Content] s all ctc-tu50up [Hidden Content] s smart all promo [Hidden Content] s free youtube [Hidden Content] s ml 10 [Hidden Content] s gtm gowatch & play [Hidden Content] s fix plan social [Hidden Content] s tu200 [Hidden Content] Created date: 16 Oct 2019 Expired date: 15 Nov 2019
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    VIP SINGAPORE ?? SERVER Validfor: 30 Days sg gtm gowatch&play [Hidden Content] sg free youtube [Hidden Content] sg flp300 [Hidden Content] sg all ctc-tu50up [Hidden Content] sg ml 10 [Hidden Content] sg smart all promo [Hidden Content] sg tu200 [Hidden Content] sg sun fix social [Hidden Content] CREATE DATE14 Oct 2019EXPIRED DATE13 Nov 2019
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    PHILIPPINES ?? Valid for 3 days *Good for streaming, browsing, downloading. * Unblock in Netflix, iFlix, HOOQ, iWanTV and others philippines streaming content. a flp300 [Hidden Content] a all ctc-tu50up [Hidden Content] a fix plan social [Hidden Content] a tu200 [Hidden Content] a free youtube [Hidden Content] a gtm gowatch & play [Hidden Content] a ml 10 [Hidden Content] a smart all promo [Hidden Content] Date Created: 10-15-19 Date Expiry: 10-18-19
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    ? 30 DAYS - ALLNETWORK - CONFIG ? ?? EHI - OVPN CONFIGURATION ?? ? Fast Connect ? Online Games ( Lowping ) ? Downloading & Streaming ? Open For Pocket Wifi / Modem ? Non Rooted & Rooted - Phone EHI & OVPN CONFIG DOWNLOAD LINK: ➡️[Hidden Content] SUN SIM - CU30 - TA30 - TU50 & UP - CTC30 & UP - CTU30 & UP - FIXED LOAD PLAN 300 GLOBE SIM - GOSURF - SUFERFB 10/15/50/199 - GOWATCH [all YOUTUBE promos] - FB1D [all FB promos] - ANY PROMO [with MB] TM SIM - FB10/15/30/50/199 - A20FB - A20YT - EASYSURF 30/50 [all FB promos] - ANY PROMO [with MB] TNT/SMART/SUN - GIGASURF PROMOS - ANY PROMOS [all YOUTUBE promos] TNT - ML10 [bypass 20MB limit] - IG10 - VIBER10 - TC20 - U20 - SUFERSAYA ML20/30 - OR ANY GAANSURF PROMOS SMART PREPAID - ANY PROMO [all FB & VIBER promos] - AT10/AT60/SAKTO20/SAKTO30 ___________________________ Created By: Kenneth Meñoza?
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    Congrats sa lhat ng na nalo..
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    Try nyo nalg mga lods na try ko kaso nag ddc sken baka sa inyo working thanks [Hidden Content]
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    Kong cdc tas nka tu promo malamang yan ginawan ng account na yan bawal dual log in kaya cdc na aagawan kc niyan ng network kong kokonek ang isa mag dc rin yong isa kong e connect niya nmn dc nmn sayu..
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    Pldt20days-tupromo DOWNLOAD
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    30days Giga Video 100% ✓ Working sa Sun Giga video DOWNLOAD
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    Good day everyone Madami na suguro marunong gumawa dito ng ehi This thread will guide all newbie or to those vpn users who are willing to learn how to create there own ehi Make this as your stepping stone ? Welcome to VPN world where everything is free Let's start Requirements: Http injector: search sa playstore Ssh account: [Hidden Content] Host to i.p: [Hidden Content] 1. Open Http Injector 2. Tap on 3 dot sign located on upper right side pane 3. Tap clear setting/data 4. Then tap on Yes 5. Create SSH account: link above 6. Once on page tap on Create account now 7. Select server (recom. Singapore) 8. Log in to facebook if you want to have 30 days active server 9. Tale note of your account details after 10. Convert host to i.p (link above) 11. Copy server: id1.sshmax.net and paste it to host name on converter website then tap on find ip adress 12. Take down note IP address ( 13. Go back to Http Injector 14. Tap on menu or the 3 horizontal line located at the upper left part of the screen then select SSH setting 15. Enter SSH host ( 16. Enter SSH port (442) 17. Enter your SSH username and Password 18. Go back to main screen tap the menu or 3 horizontal line then select payload generator 19. Check back, online, forward, keep alive 20. Enter this payload [Hidden Content] on host/url 21. Tap generate payload 22. Pwede nyo gayahin payload ko see pic below 23. Edit remote proxy to your i.p port is 8080 24. Click start button 25. Done! Questions? Comment lang sa baba Sorry guys kung hindi na ako nakakapag update ng ehi medyo busy sa pag moderator ng forum naten hehehe Wait nyo din tutorial ko for ovpn, ktr, and ssr. Don't forget to react, follow and feed back!
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    Tutorial Link: [Hidden Content] Please dont forget to LIKE our videos and SUBSCRIBE to our channel. Thank you
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    SINGAPORE ?? SERVER GOOD FOR GAMING b all ctc-tu50up [Hidden Content] b fix plan social [Hidden Content] b flp300 [Hidden Content] b ml 10 [Hidden Content] b free youtube [Hidden Content] b gtm gowatch & play [Hidden Content] b tu200 [Hidden Content] b smart all promo [Hidden Content] Valid for 3 days Date Created: 2019-10-15 Expire Date: 2019-10-18
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    JAPAN VULTR SERVER [Hidden Content] User and pass : TokyoVultr SINGAPORE VULTR SERVER [Hidden Content] User and pass : noload Credits to the owner
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    For Sun Users Only!!! Create Date: 2019-10-13 Expiration Date: 2019-10-16 •Tu/Ctc/Flp Promo Download Here: [Hidden Content] •YouTube Promo Download Here: [Hidden Content]
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    Congrats po sa mga nanalo
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    Wow grats sa na nalo di ako na pili haha next time ?
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    sir salamat ng marami kung inyong papayagan
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    New Ehi & KTR config Mabagal mag connect ang 30Days na KTR at Ehi.. Ang 20 Days mabilis Block Rooted Device Disallow Torrent Browsing strêâmïng, etc. (Not Sure for Gaming) 30 days ehi DOWNLOAD 30 days ktr DOWNLOAD 20 days ehi Download Kindly feedback po kung working.. Enjoy
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    video everyday 30 days US server Download
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    TNT/SMART only iwan ko sa SUN network kung gagana pero sa globe/tm hindi gagana. Guys ito matagal ko na tong gamit na browser downloader kahit no data ma kaka browse at download.. Ito gamit ko pag download ng music at video sa youtube. Opera handler follow the settings Proxy type: HTTP proxyserver: server4.operamini.com SAVE! Then go to opera setting Advanced Protocol then select HTTP SAVE! If mag download kayo big files copy nyo direct download link ng files nyo then punta kayo sa site nato. ➡ [Hidden Content] Paste nyo jan link ng files nyo Link ng apps ➡[Hidden Content] Credit pala to kay onze modder of the app Feedback naman guys masaya nako.. If working
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    SUN POSTPAID -FIXED LOAD PLAN SUN -TU50-200 -CTC30 & UP [Hidden Content] GTM -GOWATCH OR ANY PROMO W/MB SMART PREPAID -AT10 / AT60/SAKTO20 / SAKTO30 SMARTBRO -AT10 / AT60 9999 [Hidden Content] SMART/TNT NO NEED LOAD/PROMO [Hidden Content] TNT ML10 [Hidden Content] OPENVPN 2.4.6 v INSTALLER(PC/LAPTOP) [Hidden Content] OPENVPN FOR IOS [Hidden Content] Expiration: Oct 13 2019
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    PhCyber OpenVPN Server Public Script Script Password: Information OpenVPN :1194 TCP SSL-OVPN : 444 Dropbear : 442 Stunnel : 443 Squid Proxy : 8080, 8008 OVPN File: serverip/configs.zip This script includes: Stunnel4, Dropbear, OpenVPN, Fail2ban Basic Anti D-DoS Attack, Squid Proxy, OpenSSH SSH for Http Injector and the likes Anti RooKit, Web Server (Apache2) and BadVPN Download PhCyberDeb9 or use this shell command wget [Hidden Content] && chmod +x PhCyberDeb9 && ./PhCyberDeb9 Waiver: This script is given for educational use only. PhCyber is not responsible for any harm or damage this script will cause to your server.
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    Free 50 C-Coins with this Coupon Code: PhCyberFreeCoins This code can only be used once per user. First 100 users only. The code will not work after 100 redemptions. To claim go to this link and check out then use the Coupon Code to make it free of charge: Link: [Hidden Content] Feedback lang dito pag naredeem nyo na ung coupon. Maraming Salamat That's it. Check your C-Coins.
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    DOWNLOAD BasicGowatch-SG.ehi BasicGowatch-NL.ehi
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    1st paloadan mo ng 60 regular load yong number mo 2nd text GIVE TU50 09xxxxxxxxx sa sarili mong number send to 2292 3rd antay ka ng text confirmation then connect to anay vpn that supports tu promos. Thanks and GOD BLESS.. Hope it will help.
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    PREMIUM SG ?? SERVER LOWPING GOOD FOR GAMING VALID FOR 30 DAYS d free youtube [Hidden Content] d smart all promo [Hidden Content] d gtm gowatch & play [Hidden Content] d ml 10 [Hidden Content] d tu200 [Hidden Content] d all ctc-tu50up [Hidden Content] d fix plan social [Hidden Content] d flp300 [Hidden Content] Date Created : 13-October-2019 Date Expired : 12-November-2019
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    Good day, please put expiration date or validity of your config. Read the rules HERE.
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    papa pogi 2019 link--->>> papa pogi
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    PHCyber Freeserver CTC•TU-GTM-SMART TNT NO LOAD 15Days Username: PHcyberFree Password: PHcyberFree SUN•GTM•TNT SMART NOLOAD.ovpn Pwede po kayung gumawa nang sariling account niyo mga boss sa PHcyber. Sa Freeserver lang po ito. Sana maka tulong din sa inyo mga boss.
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    Free Video Promo ================== ☀️SUN ?TNT ?SMART ================== This Payload is No Cap For Sun and No Block ================== Download Config [Hidden Content] ================== Always Feedback
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    Salamat po sa inyo God bless
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    Salamat po bossing.. God Bless po sa inyong lahat
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    wow pa try po thanks
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    naka redeem na ako. maraming salamat
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