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    Get 1 C-Coin for every positive reaction +1 C-Coin Like Drools Lol Halo Wow Haha Heart Neutral *Angry Sad Whatever Keep Posting for more positive reactions. * Getting Angry Reaction will subtract a point on your reputation point.
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    PhCyber OpenVPN Server Public Script Script Password: Information OpenVPN :1194 TCP SSL-OVPN : 444 Dropbear : 442 Stunnel : 443 Squid Proxy : 8080, 8008 OVPN File: serverip/configs.zip This script includes: Stunnel4, Dropbear, OpenVPN, Fail2ban Basic Anti D-DoS Attack, Squid Proxy, OpenSSH SSH for Http Injector and the likes Anti RooKit, Web Server (Apache2) and BadVPN Download PhCyberDeb9 or use this shell command wget [Hidden Content] && chmod +x PhCyberDeb9 && ./PhCyberDeb9 Waiver: This script is given for educational use only. PhCyber is not responsible for any harm or damage this script will cause to your server.
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    Use openvpn for andriod app app check lg sa playstore Pls take note for modem openvpn at pc openvpn lg to... Download mo lg ang config [Hidden Content] If may account kau sa phcyber vpn pd nyu gamitin ung username at password See pic pra sa settings Kung eh share man sa ibang furom to pls credit na lg salamat.. Eh share wag eh benta Pls feed back thx ?
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    Moble Legends Bang Bang New UI Doenload link: ?????????????? [Hidden Content]
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    Congrats sa lhat ng na nalo..
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    Update September 14, 2019 RadzVPN Gaming Pro is Back !!! Server: Private Price: Free How to connect? 1. Press Direct button 2. User and pass: radz 3. Press Connect Validity: till servers down Hosted by Digital Ocean Note! Clear data your VPN First before you Update. Happy surfing. [Hidden Content]
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    Share ko lng po sa inyo Andro Hackbar - [Hidden Content] • AIDE Premium - [Hidden Content] • SMS Sniffer - [Hidden Content] • PLDT WiFi Hacker – [Hidden Content] • Facebook Phishing App – [Hidden Content] • Hackers Keylogger – [Hidden Content] • USB Password Stealer – [Hidden Content] • ZRAT (prank) – [Hidden Content] • ES File Manager Pro – [Hidden Content] • Drastic DS Emulator – [Hidden Content] • Google (prank) - [Hidden Content] •••••••••• TUTORIALS AND REFERENCES •••••••••• • Websites to learn Hacking • www.cybrary.it/ www.hackthissite.org [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] www.securehacking.org www.errorplanet.in [Hidden Content] .org [Hidden Content] null-byte.wonderhowto.com/ [Hidden Content] garageforhackers.com Securityidiots.com [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] www.itsecgames.com/ • Website To Learn Programming • www.w3schools.com/ [Hidden Content] • Ebooks/PDFs • Photoshop [Hidden Content] C Language [Hidden Content] C++ [Hidden Content] Python [Hidden Content] .com/z6sze9x Visual Basic .NET [Hidden Content].com/j2a7nez C# [Hidden Content].com/grpfzox HTML5 and CSS3 [Hidden Content].com/j8a2apj JAVA [Hidden Content].com/hyvwz9h SQL [Hidden Content].com/jouumbl Ruby [Hidden Content].com/hffb7p3 PERL [Hidden Content].com/hec6jyo PHP, MySQL, HTML5 & JavaScript All in One [Hidden Content].com/j5rx7gj Assembly Language [Hidden Content].com/zq2fbrq AJAX [Hidden Content].com/jpq4l7n Computer Hardware [Hidden Content].com/j3pfozl Networking [Hidden Content].com/hptfujm TCP/IP [Hidden Content].com/hwelwmj Linux [Hidden Content].com/nw9xpzy Hacking For Dummies [Hidden Content].com/htjtfvy Hacking Xposed [Hidden Content].com/jan5sdr Social Engineering [Hidden Content].com/j869sg7 Metasploit [Hidden Content].com/hokwce6 Cross Site Scripting XSS [Hidden Content].com/zx4cglm Advanced SQL Injection [Hidden Content].com/ze5fztq • Tools • Kali Linux www.kali.org/downloads/ Tails Linux tails.boum.org/install/index.en.html Metasploit [Hidden Content].com/hrnzm99 Havij [Hidden Content].com/zr6l6uh SQL Map [Hidden Content].com/zp836na Acunetix [Hidden Content].com/l8y4e4m Nessus [Hidden Content].com/bqo5zz9 Terminal for Android [Hidden Content].com/jscwtbq Hydra [Hidden Content] Ophcrack Live CD [Hidden Content] John The Ripper [Hidden Content].com/hqebjdp TOR Browser [Hidden Content].com/jdmc5rr Firesheep [Hidden Content].com/zfq6ag2 NMap [Hidden Content].com/htojx4w Wireshark [Hidden Content].com/zeuyqjh Angry IP Scanner [Hidden Content].com/k3et97x Notepad++ [Hidden Content].com/zo4qfkz VMWare [Hidden Content].com/ju2u435 Aircrack-ng [Hidden Content].com/h7e86gp Technitium MAC Address Changer [Hidden Content].com/jns7z6o Faceniff Seesion Hijacker Android [Hidden Content].com/jtkfyzn • Useful Links • Admin Page Finder [Hidden Content] Open A website with fake IP newipnow .com Working Proxies proxynova.com aliveproxy.com freeproxylists.net Anonymous Search Engine duckduckgo.com Whoislookup by Domain [Hidden Content] Whooslookup by Domain/IP [Hidden Content] Reverse image search ctrlq.org/google/images/ [Hidden Content] URL Shortner [Hidden Content] IP Grabber [Hidden Content] TraceRoute [Hidden Content]
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    uunahan ko na kayo hindi to 100% working sa lahat. siguro mga 80% lang haha. may nakapag sabi lang din sakin nito. at ngayon na test ko na masasabi ko na working sya. simple lang ang trick kelangan lang mag palit ka ng WAN IP mo every 1hr or 1GB data usage. again, every 1hour or 1GB data usage=palit WAN IP. kelangan lang dito maging alisto ka. watch mo lagi data usage at time mo. kasi pag lumampas ka mabablock ka. ganun lang. ang logic ng trick is wag mo palalakihin ang data usage record sa ip na nakaset sa sim mo. kaya need natin magpalit ng wap in para makapag set ng new IP sa sim natin, at para mareset na rin yung data usage record ng sim nyo. observe ko din muna. as of now ang alam ko lang is kaya kumain ng 3-4gb/day using this trick. I'll make future updates kung safe pa sa 5-10gb/day na usage 2 days lang yung nalakagay sa screenshot pero actually 4 days ko na sya gamit at nakaka 3-4gb ako per day kasi stream lang naman ginagawa ko.
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    May problema po ba server ngayon for sun network? Ang bagal po kasi ng connection ngayon e
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    Step 1 Update System and install UFW sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade sudo apt-get insall ufw -y Open required ports sudo ufw allow 22 sudo ufw allow 80 sudo ufw allow 443 Enable the firewall sudo ufw enable To verify firewall rules are set correctly use this command sudo ufw status Step 2 Download installation file Follow the instruction given by the script Then finally add the iptables to rc.local mv /etc/rc.local /etc/rc.local.bak cat > /etc/rc.local <<-END #!/bin/sh -e iptables -I FORWARD -m state --state RELATED,ESTABLISHED -j ACCEPT iptables -I FORWARD -s -j ACCEPT iptables -I INPUT -p udp --dport 1194 -j ACCEPT iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -s ! -d -j SNAT --to exit 0 END View your openvpn server config file generated by the script as follows (do not edit this file by hand): sudo more /etc/openvpn/server.conf sudo vi -M /etc/openvpn/server.conf Start/Stop/Restart OpenVPN server on Debian 9 & 8 sudo service openvpn stop sudo service openvpn start sudo service openvpn restart Step 3 Download Client Configuration Go to browser and type : Server IP/client.ovpn Step 4 Add users useradd yourUserName passwd yourUserName then enter your password twice. Credits to: Nyr
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    Sa mga connected no browse jan mali lg ung set up ng config nyu sensya na d nka update ia agad... PhCyber freeyt [Hidden Content] PhCyber [Hidden Content] PhCyberSunNoLoad [Hidden Content] Change nyu ung host at proxy kung anung server gusto nyu Netflix1 Premium server Netflix2 Vip server Sa d mkita ung link pm nyu ko pra ma send ko free1.phcyber-online.com free2.phcyber-online.com free3.phcyber-online.com free4.phcyber-online.com free5.phcyber-online.com netflix1.phcyber-online.com netflix2.phcyber-online.com prem1.phcyber-online.com prem2.phcyber-online.com vip1.phcyber-online.com vip2.phcyber-online.com vip3.phcyber-online.com
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    The best choice for mobile video editing! Premium video editor, KineMaster ! KineMaster – Pro Video Editor KineMaster is the first and only video editor on Android to surpass the features offered in iMovie on iOS. With KineMaster’s diverse themes, make professional quality movies from any videos, images, and music directly on your phone with a flick of your finger. Edit and share video directly to Facebook and other social networks at any desired resolution up to Full HD (1080p) in a snap! The mobile video editor you’ve been waiting for is finally available on Android – try it out today! Features: A variety of easy-to-use Themes A selected Theme’s music and visual effects can be applied automatically to the images and videos being edited to create a more complete package. Romance, Travel, Nature, and Wedding Themes are provided. Additional Themes (selection continuously expanding) can be easily downloaded Use of multiple media sources supported Video, images, music, text and even instantly recorded video and audio can all easily be added. During editing video, use audio tracks at a time in addition to the audio track built in with each theme. All editing interfaces provided Adjust the length of the timeline or a clip’s color/saturation/brightness/volume and delete or rearrange media clips Add eye-catching visual effects: Use transition effects such as 3D transition and PIP (Picture in Picture), rotate a video, or pan and zoom in an image Handwriting, stickers, and changing the font style are other ways to individualize a project. The project in progress will continuously be saved automatically and can be re-edited at any time. Export and share on SNS Exporting in resolutions up until 1080p (Full HD) is supported. Even lengthy videos can be exported in high-definition at high speed Easy SNS sharing as well as direct uploading to Cloud is supported. Supported Devices Available for Samsung Galaxy S3 / S4 / Note 2 / Note 3, LG Optimus G / Optimus G Pro / G2, Sharp SH-01F, Nexus 4 / Nexus 5 (Continuously added [Supported Formats] Video formats: MP4 (H.264 Baseline/Main/High Profile + AAC LC), 3GP (H.264 Baseline/Main/High Profile + AAC LC) Audio formats: MP3, M4A, AAC Image formats: JPG, PNG Real-time video and audio recording What’s in this version : Bug fixes and performance improvements Requires Android:4.1 and Up DOWNLOAD
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    Discover a new dimension of Minecraft as you create, explore, and survive in the real world. Minecraft Earth Join a community of builders and explorers spanning the planet, collect resources for your builds, craft in augmented reality and then place them at life-size. You can even team up with others for mini-adventures! Minecraft Earth features: BUILD amazing creations in tabletop mode and place them in the real world at life size. COLLABORATE with other builders and create communal masterpieces together. EXPLORE a whole new side to your local neighborhood, and watch it evolve over time. DISCOVER unique mobs like the muddy pig and moobloom, and use them to populate your builds! What’s New Various bug fixes Requires : Android 4.0 and up DOWNLOAD
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    ONE PIECE: STAMPEDE (2019) CAM [1080P] - JAPANESE ANIMATED FANTASY ACTION ADVENTURE MOVIE 【NO ENGLISH SUB】 Source: Hong Kong IMDB RATING: 9.2/10 DOWNLOAD URL - [Hidden Content] SAMPLE VIDEO (Check it first) - [Hidden Content] credit to the owner
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    Share your Android http injector internet connection to other Android smartphone. Kelangan meron ka nito: 1) http injector yung pinaka latest 2) may load o wala basta may net 3) utak Hotspot Your HTTP INJECTOR, Android to Android NET share (no need root) Next: Other Android Phone: Done.. enjoy sharing your net. PS: I do not own this tutorial. Nakita ko lang sa kabilang bakod at gusto ko i share dito dahil sharing is caring ? Kudos sa owner ng tutorial
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    TNT/SMART only iwan ko sa SUN network kung gagana pero sa globe/tm hindi gagana. Guys ito matagal ko na tong gamit na browser downloader kahit no data ma kaka browse at download.. Ito gamit ko pag download ng music at video sa youtube. Opera handler follow the settings Proxy type: HTTP proxyserver: server4.operamini.com SAVE! Then go to opera setting Advanced Protocol then select HTTP SAVE! If mag download kayo big files copy nyo direct download link ng files nyo then punta kayo sa site nato. ➡ [Hidden Content] Paste nyo jan link ng files nyo Link ng apps ➡[Hidden Content] Credit pala to kay onze modder of the app Feedback naman guys masaya nako.. If working
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    Remote Proxy kau jan??? for http injector and kpn tunnel Rev. Seen or likes? If, Likes : May updates pa about RP Seen : stop updating ? goodluck 100% working tested by me promo sun tu50 Mr.dimple?
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    VPN2Share Share VPN (No root) You want to share your VPN access to your friends, family, etc. but you are not root, because you no longer just install the application on your phone share the WIFI I have started the server, and then install on your friend's cell phone and put the IP address and the port, CONNECT it. Features: -No ROOT required -Compatible with VPN diversity -Easy to use -Free Automatic search does not always work, so try to manually configure the address.
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    Sa mga gustong malaman kung pano maka panood ng live ang GMA at ABS CBN visit - [Hidden Content]
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    Panoorin nyo po muna yung trailer para pangpagana? Link:Here
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    Hello guys. Jack here, newbie po. Nice to meet you all.
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    Itama mo naman yung pic sa huli.. ito yung tama
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    wala naman bro baka sa area mo lng.
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    [Hidden Content] please subscribe nalang din guys para matulongan niyo po ako salamat
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    Good job sir my release na! Thank you! ????
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