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    Sa mga connected no browse jan mali lg ung set up ng config nyu sensya na d nka update ia agad... PhCyber freeyt [Hidden Content] PhCyber [Hidden Content] PhCyberSunNoLoad [Hidden Content] Change nyu ung host at proxy kung anung server gusto nyu Netflix1 Premium server Netflix2 Vip server Sa d mkita ung link pm nyu ko pra ma send ko free1.phcyber-online.com free2.phcyber-online.com free3.phcyber-online.com free4.phcyber-online.com free5.phcyber-online.com netflix1.phcyber-online.com netflix2.phcyber-online.com prem1.phcyber-online.com prem2.phcyber-online.com vip1.phcyber-online.com vip2.phcyber-online.com vip3.phcyber-online.com
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    Update September 14, 2019 RadzVPN Gaming Pro is Back !!! Server: Private Price: Free How to connect? 1. Press Direct button 2. User and pass: radz 3. Press Connect Validity: till servers down Hosted by Digital Ocean Note! Clear data your VPN First before you Update. Happy surfing. [Hidden Content]
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    Hi guys, dahil sa bago lang ako dito sisimulan ko ang aking introduction sa pamamagitan ng pag shashare ng movie ? Anna 2019 The Rise of Hero - 2019 The knight of shadows - 2019 Play or Die Alladin movie - 2019 Tokyo living dead idol - 2018 Toy Story 4 X-Men Dark Phoenix Just Stranger Tall Girl Step Up 6 Shaft Tigers are not afraid It ends chapter two Angel has fallen Aqua Man Enjoy! Wag hit and run ? isang pindot lang ang like button :like: hehehehe
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    Boss tip naman kung paano to paganahin, ung username and password ba depende sa account na gnwa mo gamit ung coins?
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    So Guys, Yung spoiler po jan sa taas wag nyo po pansinin kasi nag kamali ako ng pindot so itong tricks ko na to is WORKING na WORKING. So kung ang cp mo ay may adjust-san ng DATA LIMIT OR DAILY DATA REMINDER, Punta lang kayo dun then lagay nyo ang pinaka minimum na GB dun example hanggang 100 GB lang yung abot ng DATA REMINDER nyo, So yung iba kaya mabilis silang ma block dahil dun sa DATA LIMIT NILA yung iba panga jan 1GB lang naka lagay pero nag tataka sila kung bakit block agad, So yung akin ginawa kong 100 GB para tumagal ako dito sa EHI na ginagamit ko na NO LOAD so mahigit 4 na araw ko na to gamit pero di parin ako block, Promise guys Working to ... So yung akin yung sa setting lang ng OPPO ko is nasa [ settings/Dual Sim & Cellular/Daily Data Reminder ] so ayan yung akin ... So guys Share nyo rin to sa FB or Youtube channel nyo, Wag nyong kakalimutan mag Sub sa Channel ko Enjoy ... www.youtube.com/c/AnonymousPH
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    Requirements:100 Pesos loadBlocked Sun Cellular Prepaid SIMSmartphone 3G/4G LTE capableProcedure:1. Find Sim Menu/Toolkit in your phone. And navigate the following (menus may vary):- Customer Support- Text Roaming- Activate2. Wait for the text confirmation.(If in case, you didn't receive any text confirmation, try again or switch airplane mode on/off)3. Go to your messaging app, and text ROAM OFF to 222. Wait for text confirmation.4. Switch airplane mode on/off or restart your phone.5. Now, turn on your mobile data and open your browser to check if you can connect to the internet again.Alternative Procedure:1. text ROAM ON to 222 and wait for SMS confirmation.2. text ROAM OFF to 222 and wait for SMS confirmation.3. Switch airplane mode on/off or restart your phone.4. Turn on your mobile data and open your browser to verify if you're now able to connect to the internet again.Note:- Doing this ROAM OFF method will not deduct any amount from your 100 Pesos load.Alternative methods: If the unblocking sim methods doesn't really worked for you, choose one of these three (3) alternative ways.(1) Load 20 Pesos or above, and avail 20 Pesos and above price of Sun Internet Promos.(2) Buy another Sun LTE SIM for 35-40 Pesos depending on the store price.(3) Upgrade Sun SIM to LTE.REMEMBER: To avoid being blocked again by Sun:* Avoid downloading large files. As much as possible, your download limit must be 1GB below only.* If you're using USB dongle on PC, try Netcut and set limit to automatically disconnect your connection when you reach the limit.* If you're using android, you can set a limit for mobile data usage, just go to Settings > Data Usage(Under Wireless and Networks) > Tap on "Set mobile data limit" > Adjust the red line to set a hard data-usage limit or Adjust the orange line to set an alert data-usage amount.* Have an extra sim card and make a cycle of sim card replacements in your modem/phone at a timely manner.If you have any concerns in this unblocking Sun sim tutorial, you can leave your comment below.
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    Ito po tutorial kung pano gumawa ng ssh account na No Load connection sa http injector for smart at tnt users - [Hidden Content]
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    ?? Korea Lifetime SSH Servers IP: Port:22 Username: record Password: record Find Working Remote Proxy here: ??? [Hidden Content] Choose HTTPS not HTTP Enjoy!
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    ONE PIECE: STAMPEDE (2019) CAM [1080P] - JAPANESE ANIMATED FANTASY ACTION ADVENTURE MOVIE 【NO ENGLISH SUB】 Source: Hong Kong IMDB RATING: 9.2/10 DOWNLOAD URL - [Hidden Content] SAMPLE VIDEO (Check it first) - [Hidden Content] credit to the owner
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    Pang low ping app pero naka dipende padin po sa signal mo kung mahina signal lag po talaga X4ping.apk
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    TNT/SMART only iwan ko sa SUN network kung gagana pero sa globe/tm hindi gagana. Guys ito matagal ko na tong gamit na browser downloader kahit no data ma kaka browse at download.. Ito gamit ko pag download ng music at video sa youtube. Opera handler follow the settings Proxy type: HTTP proxyserver: server4.operamini.com SAVE! Then go to opera setting Advanced Protocol then select HTTP SAVE! If mag download kayo big files copy nyo direct download link ng files nyo then punta kayo sa site nato. ➡ [Hidden Content] Paste nyo jan link ng files nyo Link ng apps ➡[Hidden Content] Credit pala to kay onze modder of the app Feedback naman guys masaya nako.. If working
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    Naruto: Slugfest is an officially licensed mobile game created under the supervision of Shueisha, Studio Pierrot and TV Tokyo. Naruto: Slugfest It is also the world’s first 3DMMO open world game adapted from Naruto. The cinematic 3D visuals, 100% restore the world of Naruto and new characters drawn by official animators will take players to experience the classic plot, return to the Leaf Village and rekindle the will of fire that never goes out deep inside. A wide variety of original ninjutsu can be freely matched according to the preferences of players. The original combo system, which combines both exciting actions and magnificent secret techniques, will bring players an ultimate ninja combat experience. Return to where the bond begins and rekindle enthusiasm. Play the game with friends and fight intense battles! Naruto Slugfest APK Latest Features Fully Restored Plot under the Supervision of the License Holder An authentic Naruto world is created with the cartoon rendering technology of the next generation and cinematography light and shadow effects. The classic plot is restored to let players grow with Squad 7. In addition, such elements as day and night alternation and weather change have been added to the game, allowing players to experience the real Naruto world. Dive into the Naruto World Freely with the Unique Sandbox The original Naruto sandbox gameplay allows players to explore the game world freely and experience various real-time interactive events. Players can also determine how the story goes according to their own preferences and experience different endings. Set Yourself Free and Customize Your Own Character New ninjutsu and skills are ready to be created! As long as players collect the corresponding skills, they can own different ninjutsu. Moreover, players can also customize their characters’ hair and clothes. Match freely and create your best ninja! Break the Dimension Wall with Various Gameplay The various quests, gameplay and modes will never let players have a dull moment in the game, ranging from easy and delightful solo quests to difficult trial challenges that test players’ operations and 1v1 ninja competitions to group and guild confrontations. Requires : Android 4.1 and up DOWNLOAD: APK OBB/DATA Instructions: Install Apk Copy ‘com.sininm.naruto’ Folder to sdcard/Android/obb Launch the Game
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    Eto ay HPI config for Sun kailangan naka avail kayo ng freevideo enjoy julio1.hpi
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    ALTunnel v2.2 --------------------- oVPN / SSL/|SNI / SSH ---------------------- iSang Bagong Pang Malakasan Nnmn Na VPN May Pa Give Away Pang Private Account Siguradohin Natataposin Mo Ang Video Para Matotu Ka ? ---------------------- watch Full Tutorial [Hidden Content] ---------------------- SUN | TUpromo | CTCpromo | SunFixPlan SMART | AOC30 | AT10 | GigaSurf | FreeYoutube TNT | FreeYoutube | Noload GLobe | Tm | Gosurf / Gowatch | Noload Beta ---------------------- Give Away GOLD Account Subscribe & Share youtube.com/c/LaizaMarieSamson Join @ Fbgroup & GroupChat [Hidden Content] --------------------- Thankyou ? ALTunnelv2.2.apk
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    ser gagana lahat ng remote servers na to sa config na nilagay mo? basta papalitan na lang ng remote at proxy yung config?
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    Hello share lang nako setup for TNTNOLOAD So Mao rato .. Ayaw Dagan Like pud ? tntnoload®™.ehi
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    beta p lng ba to boss? pa update nmn po ganda nito gamitin
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    All bugs fixed! Free is free by RadzVPN Release date asap! Follow my FB page for latest updates.
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    Name: SoulCollect Age: 32 Sex: Male Experience: Administrator in Forums, Developer/Scripter in Ragnarok, Nurse, Script Kiddie, New in VPN Modding. Testimonials: PhCyber Community welcome you all to help you for free, Make this as your home and one of your family, Join us and be a Bonafide PhCyber. Please Invite your friends here
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    sana magkaroon ng update nito. daming errors eh.
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