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    hi mga ka phcyber share ko lg ung npansin ko about sa tropa nating c ARAW tested ko na to sa modem d ko lg sure if ok din sya sa data must read: TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK yung tipong may nkahanda kang lte upgrade sim anyway lets start requirments: free yt + TU promo 1st step if mag papaload wag mag pa load ng direct pra sure need mo eh gift ung promo text mo Example: GIVE TU50 09221234567 send to 2292 at syempre na claim mo na din ung free YT mo 2nd step convert your ip and proxy to DNS go to [Hidden Content] lagay nyu HOSTNAME: datanoblock.iflix.com [please take note ikaw na bhala if anu trip mo eh lagay bago ung .iflix.com] IP Address: ip address ng server nyu Domain: pili ka lg ng isang domain khit anu click submit IP = for hostname = datanoblock.iflix.com.pointdns.pw see pics below for more details 3rd step use your hostname as your ip host and proxy see pics below for more details 4step use viber base payload like viber.com mas ok na wag eh airplane mode ung data mo on off mo lg kasi ung sakin sa modem wlang patayan yun nag change wan ip lg ako if mhina ung signal again sa modem ko lg to tested pero may nka pag test na din na sa sim nka 5gb nmn cla.. use at your own risk enjoy ? sa http injector lg exmple ko pero pd sa lhat ng vpn yan as long tama ung host at proxy mo.. good luck
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    Hi Guys, Download nyo na habang maaga pa ? Joy is the quintessential OFW, working hard in Hong Kong to provide for her family in the Philippines, with aspirations of migrating to Canada. Ethan is less driven, working as a bartender as he waits for his residency to push through. Joy has shied away from relationships, but is unable to resist Ethan. When they fall in love, they both agree that the relationship would be temporary. But as their bond deepens, would they be able to keep to their agreement? Initial release: 8 August 2019 (New Zealand) Director: Cathy Garcia-Molina Screenplay: Cathy Garcia-Molina Production company: Star Cinema Producers: Carlo Katigbak, Olivia Lamasan link: textbin pass: SupportPhcyber -ThisIsNotTrue11231991
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    dito mga bossing dito nio idownload. Password: gmabs [Hidden Content]
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    Link here: [Hidden Content] password: a-dev1412 Paano eset-up ang Http Injector sa PC, link here:
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    CONNECT [host_port]@viber.com HTTP/1.1[crlf][crlf]PUT [Hidden Content] [protocol][crlf]Host: viber.com[crlf]X-Online-Host: viber.com[crlf]X-Forward-Host: viber.com[crlf]Connection: Keep-Alive[crlf][crlf] Paste mo yan sa payload ng injector .
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    Use openvpn for andriod app app check lg sa playstore Pls take note for modem openvpn at pc openvpn lg to... Download mo lg ang config [Hidden Content] If may account kau sa phcyber vpn pd nyu gamitin ung username at password See pic pra sa settings Kung eh share man sa ibang furom to pls credit na lg salamat.. Eh share wag eh benta Pls feed back thx ?
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    *credits to Balong INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Open your preferred internet browser (Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera). Create your own SSH Account first, choose one of the following Free Tunnel websites: www.tcpvpn.com www.fastssh.com www.sshdropbear.com www.mytunneling.com create.sshgoogle.com www.dynamicssh.com 2. Take note on the ssh account you've created (host, username, password) 3. Open Http Injector for PC 4. Go to “SSH” setting Then copy/paste your created account and SSH host(profile) SSH Port: 443 Take note: standard ssh port is always 22 but it depends on the ssh provider The SSH Port is not always 443 otherwise it can be 442,22,80,1194,1080,443,54,444 etc. Check for TUNNELIER: “Bitvise”/”Plink” Mode: “PF Portable” Then check “Auto Reconnect 5. After in SSH setting, Go to “INJECT” You need to search for the fast and legit PROXY with PORT Go to [Hidden Content] or [Hidden Content] Then choose working PROXY TIPs: choose high latency and fast speed like the photo above You must prefer to choose Latency is 0.808 and speed is long color blue than the other then the Uptime is color blue-green always starts with 100% for the fast proxy If you want to know how fast is the PROXY you have chosen, Go to [Hidden Content] Then copy paste, proxy port is 8080 and this is common and always using In other proxy port: 3128,1080 etc. and It depends on the proxy See the photo below how fast and legit the PROXY 6. Copy/paste the proxy and port Check always for “Tunnel” “Log” (optional) is if you wanted to see your connection is working 7. Go to “TOOL” Then click payload generator For SUN TU50, TU60, TU150, TU200 Host / Domain: cdn.line-apps.com Method: connect Injection: normal Header (optional): Check for Online, forward, keep alive After that all click the green button 8. Then you may click the “START” button
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    ITO YUNG APPS FOR THE ACCOUNT DOWNLOAD NYO NALANG MGA BOSS DarkGundam2.0 OVPN APK... NEW UPDATE ... ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ ?? [Hidden Content] ??APK Pa feedback nalang tnx
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    Want to text from your PC using your Smartphone? Now you can with Airdroid. Follow the instruction below to setup your PC. You need to download Airdroid on your Android Smartphone first. After you download the app on your smartphone, go to web.airdroid.comfrom your computer browser. Now scan the QR Code Given on your computer screen with the help of your Android mobile app.
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    Share ko lang etoh guys NAPULOT LANG. Wala kasi akong nakita pa so far na nagpost neto sa PHCYBER FORUM pero mukhang madami na gumagawa neto kaya para nalang ito sa mga di pa nakaka-alam hehe. (CREDIT SA OWNER SYEMPRE.) INTRODUCING CLIQQ APP by 7ELEVEN. LEGIT NA LEGIT Here's what the app goes around. Araw-araw yung CLIQQ app ay merong free points at free MB data sa CLIQQ wifi. so need mo lang magbukas ng app once a day para maka-ipon ng points. pero syempre kung isang app lang gagamitin mo mabagal makaipon ng points kaya jan na papasok ang APP CLONING. madaming app cloner na available sa playstore pero ang ginamit ko na app cloner ay SUPER CLONE unli Cloning sya guys no need ng mga settings settings para mag clone ng app just click the "+" button then 3 lang yung iseset mo whether i-On mo yung notification ng app, privacy locker at create shortcut. sa case ko nakaturn-off yung 2 yung naka-On lang ay yung Enable Nortification para makita ko lang kung nasent talaga yung points ko na sinend. yun lang cloning. tandaan nyu guys MORE CLIQQ CLONE APPS MORE POINTS EVERY DAY! And in terms naman sa pagcreate ng ACCOUNT na ilologin mo sa CLIQQ app need mo sympre ng LEGIT na Mobile Phone Number kasi sa pag-Login hihingin ang Verification Code na nasent thru SMS. NOTE guys LEGIT na Mobile Phone Number bawal yung mga temp mobile number. kaya hingi hingi nalang kayo sa relatives and friends nyu ng mobile number once lang naman magsesend ng Verification Code upon Loging-In lang kaya di magiging Hassel sa hihingian nyu ng Verification Code. Note ulit guys Wag na Wag nyu ILO-ILOGOUT yung ACC sa mga App Cloned Ahh. kasi once na malog-out need nyu ulit hingi yung number at verification code dun sa mga hiningian nyu ng number. EVERYDAY FREE POINTS VARIATIONS 1 POINT UPTO 50 POINTS (swertihan dito hehe yung iba nakakakuha ng 50points kainggit pero ako hangga 5points lang nakukuha ko) FOR PROOFS SEE ATTACHMENTS nasa mga screenshots yung Proof of points na nakukuha ko every day. sa kasalukuyan yung CLIQQ app ko may 9 na CLONES + 1 Original na APP edi bale 10 na yung app ko ng CLIQQ which is every day points. Pati yung mga Na-CLAIM ko. di ko na inattach lahat ng mga screenshots ko ng na-CLAIM ko nung last MONTH. I just started doing this last Month yata ehh. **** IMPORTANT NOTE **** In terms naman ng technique sa pag-iipon ng points ang ginagawa ko kasi ay sending ng point from CLONED CLIQQ APPS papunta sa main kong CLIQQ APP ACCOUNT. may limit ang sender ng points per day. base on my experience 7 sender lang yata per day ang pwedeng magsend ng points sa isang ACCOUNT kaya dati simula noong dumami na CLONES ko di ko masend lahat ng points agad agad sa MAIN ACC ko kaya ang ginawa ko ganito guys DI KO MUNA SINEND SA MAIN ACCOUNT KO YUNG POINTS KASI MAY LIMIT NGA DOON KO MUNA SINEND YUNG MGA POINTS KO SA IBANG ACCOUNT TAPOS SAKA KO PALANG IPAPASA SA MAIN ACCOUNT KO YUNG POINTS. sa ganyang paraan di mo marereached agad yung limit ng Sender ng POINTS mo. AT YUN NA NGA GUYSSSSS. MULI I AM JUST SHARING THISSSSS. ITS UP TO YOU KUNG GAGAWIN NYU OR HINDI HEHE. LEGIT NA LEGIT NO SCAM NO LOTS OF EFFORT NEEDED. JUST LOGIN ONCE A DAY AND YOU CAN NOW ENJOY FREE FOODS SA 7ELEVEN. KUNG NAKATULONG WAG NYU SHARE SA FRIENDS NYU HAHA HINGIN NYU NALANG YUNG NUMBER NILA PARA MADAMI KAYO MA CLONE. DON'T FORGET TO HIT THANKS !!! Super Clone Pro Multiple Accounts App Cloner_v3.1.34.1224.apk
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    Paunahan nalang. Link: Textbin: KillTheJoy -ThisIsNotTrue112391
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    FOR PHCYBER ACCOUNT By:DarkGundamEmmay * PROMO RECOMENDED * -SUN- *tu50 up *ctc/ctu30 &up -SMART & TNT- *gigasurf promos *all youtube promos -GLOBE AND TM- *a20fb a20ml a20yt *fb1d/ go watch *globeswitch *go surf *any mb promo Those who break the rules are scum, that's true, but those who abandon their friends are worse than scum FOLLOW NYO AKO DITO BOSS PARA SA MGA BAGUNG USER AND PASS.. AT MAY ROON DIN TAYO PH SERVER AND SINGAPORE... PROMISE DI KAYO MAPAPAHIYA SA MGA GAWA KO.... TNX...... [Hidden Content] ITO YUNG APPS FOR THE ACCOUNT DOWNLOAD NYO NALANG MGA BOSS [Hidden Content] Server: GundamSingapore8 User: 000008 Pass: 000008 Server: GundamSingapore7 User: 000007 Pass: 000007 Server: GundamSingapore6 User: 000006 Pass: 000006 [Hidden Content] Please, avoid Torrent, Phising, DDOS, and Any Illegal activities! Para di ma katay ang server.... Kung gusto nyo may server pa kayo na magagamit.... Down na kc 4 na server kaya kunti nalang magagamit ko.... Pa feedback nalang ako mga boss
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    sa mga hindi pa nakaka alam... How to hack PLDT wifi default password? Pano mang hack ng PLDT wifi na hindi pa napapalitan yung password? Ito po yung Hex Code/Mac Table 0=f 1=e 2=d 3=c 4=b 5=a 6=9 7=8 8=7 9=6 c=3 d=2 e=1 f=0 For example ang pangalan ng wifi is PLDTHOMEFIBRcc3e0 so ang magiging password po nyan ay PLDTWIFI33c1f ©Raicy
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    malinaw ba? pero salamat na din!
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    may inapload akong video sa site na ito. lahat yon pang PC baka makatulong.
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    [Hidden Content] download mo muna to. anu promo gamit mo?
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    sayang bro hindi pwede sim ko hehehe
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    Version 1.0.0


    OpenVPN Connect is the official OpenVPN app which was developed by OpenVPN Technologies in order to allow you to use all of the features provided by the original open source program on Android devices.


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