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    Vip servers account User & pass : VIPs Premium servers account User & pass : PREMMIUM SGDO servers account User & pass : SGDO ALL SERVER EXP : 30 days No torrent no fraud no ddos no hacking [email protected] Config.zip Download this Config.zip Link above and extract it using ZArchiver nasa playstore Hit. ??
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    "Tnt No load & ML10 (Linode Server)" note: Kung ayaw komonek cdc tricks lang or off/on data then start...boom connected! enjoy hehehe.... Direct Download: [Hidden Content] ©GIBO
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    The PIGASUS ehi file: Need promo to allnetworks! 30days ehi. -online-game,✓✓✓ -fast & reliable private server,✓✓✓ -live stream,✓✓✓ -open wifi✓✓✓ -rooted/non-rooted✓✓✓ -downloading not movie,✓✓✓ -unblocked site,✓✓✓ -youtube/facebook.etc...,✓✓✓ -low ping.✓✓✓ Tested&proven 101%✓✓✓✓connected 19_Pigasus_config.ehi
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    Due to her personal belief that sex is a sacred act, Peng's friends dared her to MOMOL (Make Out Make Out Lang) with a complete stranger. In a fateful encounter, she meets Marco and decided that he is the perfect guy she needs for her MOMOL journey. Will Peng and Marco's MOMOL escapades eventually lead to romantic love, or will it just be another MOMOL? DOWNLOAD
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    Watch latest movies and tv series Pinoy Movies ? Local Indie Movies ? Foreign/Hollywood Movies ? Netflix Movies/TV Series ? Anime Movie/TV Series ? K-Movie/K-Series Stream ? Download ? ALL FOR FREE! Visit: www.phflix.ml
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    SG premium server expiry date: 12/5/2019 open for rooted torrent NOT allowed DOWNLOAD
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    Ehi Opener (Xposed Module App) Halata nman sa pangalan kung ano yan. Sa mga Http Injector User jan at hindi pa marunong gumawa ng ehi. Pwede nyo nang makita at malaman ang payload o info na ginamit sa eh. Example: may lifetime ehi pero ibang network lng pwede ung ehi. pwede mong magamit yung ssh account na lifetime at pwede ka nang gumawa ng pang network mo. May mga madadamot at mapagsarili kasing mga marunong gumawa kaya ngayon kuha na info ng ehi nya.... Tools Needed: 1. Ehi Opener (Link: [Hidden Content] ) 2. Http Injector Apk 3. Any Ehi File 4. Xposed Installer Note: Kailangan ng Xposed Installer Para gumana ang app na ito. Tumingin nlng kayo kay google ng tut kung pano installan ng Xposed Installer ang cp nyo. 1.Pag may nakainstall na Xposed Installer jan wla kanang problema. Install mo yang Ehi Opener.(sa phone storage dapat nakainstall) 2. Go to Xposed Installer> Modules> Check mo ung Ehi Opener> Reboot. 3. Pagkabukas open nyo ung Ehi Opener then home 4. Open nyo nman ung Http Injector tapos mag import kyo ng any ehi file. 5. Pag ka import ng ehi Press and Hold nyo ung "Start" button the copy all info na lalabas.(Payload, Remote Proxy, Host, Username and Password) Madali lng nman at simple kung iintindihin. Gud Luck!
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    SUN NO LOAD VIS MIN TEST ns1.smartbro.net ns2.smartbro.net. ns3.smartbro.net IP: SMART AND TNT NO LOAD PAYLOAD ns01.smart.com.ph ns02.smart.com.ph ns03.smart.com.ph ns04.smart.com.ph SMART TNT NO LOAD 101% VIS MIN SELECTED NLNG PO YAN NGYUN ... IM PHGenerationTV From YT Good Luck
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    sa mga gustong mag test ng sariling squid at payloads. pwede po sa site na to.. credit sa mga naunang naka diskubre. all in na po from connect, get, post at iba pa [Hidden Content]??
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    The PIGASUS ehi file: Need promo to allnetworks! 30days ehi. -online-game,✓✓✓ -fast & reliable private server,✓✓✓ -live stream,✓✓✓ -open wifi✓✓✓ -rooted/non-rooted✓✓✓ -downloading not movie,✓✓✓ -unblocked site,✓✓✓ -youtube/facebook.etc...,✓✓✓ -low ping.✓✓✓ Tested&proven 101%✓✓✓✓connected 19_Pigasus_config.ehi
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    SUN All TU/CTC/CTU Promo OpenVpn Config (07/12/19) Expiration Date : 10Days Server : Digital Ocean SG (Low Ping) ?For Streaming ?For Downloading (2-3gb Only) ?For Gaming (Ros,Pubg,Mobile Legends Or Etc) ?Private Server ? (By SerroC) ❤?Open For Android & Ios?❤ •For SUN• TML-Update-44 (SUN) Link : [Hidden Content] TML-Update-45 (SUN) Link : [Hidden Content] TML-Update-MODEM-5 Link : [Hidden Content] For Modem User/Pass USER: TML45 PASS: TML45 TML-Update-PC-3 Link : [Hidden Content] For Pc User/Pass USER: TML45 PASS: TML45 Group Page : [Hidden Content] Credits To My Team •Team Limitless• •Team Epiphany• •Team PHCyber• •PH-SerroC•
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    Need downlad this app IGEN NET ? to connect this all config files .. IGEN NET APP: [Hidden Content] Tu50 up: [Hidden Content] TntNoLoad: [Hidden Content] Sun Free1gb Youtube: [Hidden Content] PhCyber-SABU
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    ? tested on Sun TU50 promo ? fast connect US premium 1 expiry: June 29, 2019 FRANCE premium 1 expiry: June 29, 2019 Singapore 1 - VIP expiry: June 29, 2019
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    So palitan nyo lang yung * ng tuldok (.) kayo na bahala sa VIP na gagawin nyo Meron rin syang pang SSL/SSH syempre para makita nyo ang VIP, Click nyo lng yung 3 lines sa kanan
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