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    This is the list and the official PhCyber Staff/Organizational Chart, any transaction to unregistered staff is prohibited to avoid scam. Founder - @Cyber/ @phcyber Co-Founder - @Kenz - @MushRoom - @SoulCollect - @kentoylovesyou Server Side - @Kenz Developer Team - @MushRoom - @Isaac HR Team - @SoulCollect - @mikelak - @sk3llum - @PHSerroC - @Djet - @acesuuu Configs/Payload/RP/Setup - @kentoylovesyou - @Kabaliktaran - @J-P1OS Thank you for your support. If you want to be part of our Team let us know by sending message to one of the staff.
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    Gumagana po ito sa iba hindi po ito credits sa akin nkita ko lang po sa other site kayo na po ulit bahala sa timpla global-4-lvs-hopper.opera-mini.net Palike nalang at p folow ndin pra sa mga ibang update
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