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    Official Language Policy Members can only speak in English or Tagalog language. General Rules Usernames with malicious or illicit words must not be used. Usernames containing foul words are prohibited and will be deleted at once. No Spamming. Posts containing racism, foul words, bullying or threatening other members are not allowed. Use of avatars, signatures, profile pictures and screenshots containing any name or initials that resembles the name of other forum site(s) is considered as advertising and should be avoided. Giving credits shows respect. It’s known to us all that most if not all forum members go from one forum to another in search of knowledge. If your share came from another person, give proper credits to the original author of your share, do not claim it as your own. Be honest. Any member found “stealing” other people’s idea or discovery will be given a warning. Three warnings of the same nature / 10 points of warning will get you banned. We strictly do not allow Fullz, Carding, & Credit Card numbers from BIN. Data with individual's name, security number, birth date, account numbers and other data. Thread, Profile Post, Conversation, & Avoid SMS / All Caps Lock post Avoid Adult or Mature content TITLES AND CONTENT Config post title and content must have 1. Type of config ( ex: ehi, ovpn, ktr ) 2. Network and promos supported 3. Expiry date Upload your config files with same expiry date For unknown config expiry date , the creator must assume expiry date from 3 days upto 30 days. The creator must test again his config after the given expiry date if working. (Revision 1: Aug. 09, 2020: c0deSeeker >add titles and post format)
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    Na down na po ang server sad naman .. Sorry talaga mga bossing
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    Ok this is it u can edit all viber..ehi
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