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Collection of Electronic Books of different types and genre.

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  1. All About History: Book of Scandals – Third Edition 2019

    All About History: Book of Scandals – Third Edition 2019
    Mga bossing hindi eto scandal na inisip ninyo. Scandal ito sa mga pangyayayri sa buhay ng isang tao o mataas na tao sa lipunan. Kwento ito ng buhay nila at mga nagawa nilang pagkakamali .
    Kung gusto ninyo malaman at curious kayo sa mga kinaharap nilang problema subukan mung idownload at basahin ang nilalaman nito upang mas lalong mong maintidihan kung bakit nila nagawa ito.
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  2. The Secret Life of Programs: Understand Computers — Craft Better Code

    The Secret Life of Programs: Understand Computers — Craft Better Code
    by Jon Steinhart

    No Starch Press | English | 2019 | ISBN: 1593279701 | 458 Pages | PDF (conv) | 19 MB 

    A primer on the underlying technologies that allow computer programs to work. Covers topics like computer hardware, combinatorial logic, sequential logic, computer architecture, computer anatomy, and Input/Output.

    Many coders are unfamiliar with the underlying technologies that make their programs run. But why should you care when your code appears to work? Because you want it to run well and not be riddled with hard-to-find bugs. You don't want to be in the news because your code had a security problem.

    Lots of technical detail is available online but it's not organized or collected into a convenient place. In The Secret Life of Programs, veteran engineer Jonathan E. Steinhart explores—in depth—the foundational concepts that underlie the machine. Subjects like computer hardware, how software behaves on hardware, as well as how people have solved problems using technology over time.

    You'll learn:

    • How the real world is converted into a form that computers understand, like bits, logic, numbers, text, and colors

    • The fundamental building blocks that make up a computer including logic gates, adders, decoders, registers, and memory

    • Why designing programs to match computer hardware, especially memory, improves performance

    • How programs are converted into machine language that computers understand

    • How software building blocks are combined to create programs like web browsers

    • Clever tricks for making programs more efficient, like loop in-variance, strength reduction, and recursive subdivision

    • The fundamentals of computer security and machine intelligence

    • Project design, documentation, scheduling, portability, maintenance, and other practical programming realities.

    Learn what really happens when your code runs on the machine and you'll learn to craft better, more efficient code.


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  3. Jumpstarting C: Learn the All-Purpose Programming Language

    Make - Jumpstarting ? Learn the All-Purpose Programming Language for Microcontrollers and Computers
    by Wolfram Donat

    2018 | ISBN: 1680454986 | English | 52 pages | PDF | 1.5 MB

    Jumpstarting books provide an avenue for makers to quickly master topical knowledge!

    Each book starts with instructions on how to install or initialize the hardware or software needed to reach the "Hello, World" stage of getting started!

    The second project in the book builds on the first to use more of the hardware or software's capabilities. Later projects expand the user's knowledge into lesser-known aspects of the topic.

    All Jumpstarting projects are for Makers -- they provide hands-on, real-world experience in making the hardware or software do what you want it to do!


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