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PhCyber Tunnel Announcement Please Read

This announcement is no longer active


PhCyber Tunnel News


Recently we have updated our servers' setup. The testing period was good and stable, however during the public release a bug on dns proxy had risen, making it impossible for some of the users to connect. This has forced us to revert back to the former setup, to make it up to everyone we have released another Update on playstore just last night, Nov 7. We have added a few more servers for you to connect. 


Server List

5 Free servers
5 Premium Servers
5 Vip Servers
3 Private Servers


To make sure you have the latest app, I recommend uninstall your copy of PhCyber Tunnel and then reinstall it again from Playstore.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused to everyone. We are trying to keep everything smooth and simple for all our users and we will keep on trying our best to give you the best connection. 

Check your C-Coins. I have given everyone free 50 C-Coins.